Jormungand 2: Perfect Order Episode 3

Jormungand R or Renato getting shot

Jormungand 2: Perfect Order: Dance with Undershaft phase.2

A friend and an ally, R makes his final stand protecting the princess even after revealing to her that he is a spy. Koko’s plea goes unheard and he takes a bullet to the head protecting someone he truly values.

R’s comment about Koko has be interested; he states that Jonah is Koko’s way of restraining herself from completing her ambitions. Although I don’t fully agree, I understand that R is trying to convince Saw to stop Hex from killing Jonah. Koko’s ambition in the beginning is to bring world peace and in the beginning of this season, she still has her eyes firmly on her goals. Even now, we don’t know of her “secret plan” and of course we’re curious to know. Bookman is no different; he also wants to dance with the devil.

D: Shit.

Even after years of arms dealing, Koko is still frightened by the sudden ambush. But fate will not give her a break. The look on Koko’s face as R told her that he is a spy for Bookman is nothing like we’ve seen; it openly displays despair and lifelessness. Not only that, she doesn’t even care that R is a spy. Perhaps Koko’s one weakness is her deep connection with her crew. She’ll do her very best to stick by them even if it means bringing her danger in the future.

Hex vs R

Holy shit… R…

Jormungand koko hekmatyar

Shit, she’s fucking pissed.

D: Sadly it’s true.

Sadly, R’s scope isn’t as thick as Hex’s and he ends up falling in the duel. Nonetheless, his death will not be ignored by Koko. Rarely do we see Koko with such a frightening expression. Now, she’ll use her power to the fullest and eliminate Hex completely. Her eyes are that of a crazy madman and I wonder what would happen if she were to lose Jonah… Perhaps in this way, keeping Jonah is her way of limiting herself from attempting the unfathomable. This is a time of many firsts and Koko’s doubt in herself is yet another one. But she understands that R sacrificed his life for her. She must continue and do even more now that he’s gone.

What better way to finish of Hex than a bomber from her homeland? From the beginning she worked for her homeland and constantly gets betrayed by it. Hex will be destroyed by the very thing she strove to always protect.

Koko’s meeting with Bookman is really a meeting between giants. Both of them measure each other up and neither of them give way. As a way of respecting R, he now refuses anyone else to call him by the name Saw. Oh and how many rockets did she launch? 126. Koko’s lone tear falling down as he said farewell to R is an incredible touch. Instead of seeing her cry directly, we see only a glimpse of the tear. Koko’s strong enough to not cry under almost any circumstance but this time, she will let a tear fall for her beloved friend and ally in arms. Her determined look and the words “See you again” show that she’s perfectly aware that she’ll be going to hell by the time she’s done.

Even Bookman got a little bit insane after losing both of his “arms” in quick succession. But he won’t give up; he’ll continue to chase after Koko Hekmatyar and make Operation Undershaft succeed. His last talk between his two most valued soldiers ends on a high note rather than a grim one. I guess that’s his way of getting rid of grief.

What an astounding episode; not one minute gone by without something going on. One way or another, we witness the change in Koko’s character and the death of one other. WhiteFox does it again with this second season. I can’t wait to see where Koko’s loco personality will take the crew next. Sayonara, R and Hex.

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