Jormungand 2: Perfect Order Episode 4-5

Jormungand Kasper Hekmatyar and Chequita
It's Kasper's turn now.

Let the bloodbath begin.
Jormungand Perfect Order Episode 4: Kasper and Jonah
Jormungand Perfect Order Episode 5: Castle of Lies phase.1
嘘の城 phase.1

Now it’s Kasper’s turn to show his arms dealing skills.

Jormungand perfect order koko

D: He was… awesome.

After a farewell to the dead R, Koko now has to help her brother to get rid of this “phantom” SR Squad. Although episode four is mainly a buildup, episode five really starts to pick things up as the groups clash.

Kasper Hekmatyar

Hell yeah.

I don’t doubt Kasper’s aptitude in the arms dealing business but it seems as if he’s a bit weaker off than Koko. Not being able to catch the right customers and having to deal with a troublesome foe is quite daunting but maybe I expected too much from Koko’s brother. Nonetheless, he holds a personality that’s dauntingly similar to Koko; Kasper always smiles and puts up a front and no one really knows what he’s thinking.

The reason why Jonah became a bodyguard for Koko is for three orphans. In order for them to live a peaceful life, he is willing to sacrifice himself by becoming a soldier. It’s no doubt he would hate someone who locks him up and almost like a bully, stand over and torture him with cruel words. Still, Kasper does keep his word and the children are living safely in Japan where there is a large margin of safety. Sadly, Jonah may never experience the lifestyle that he gave to those three and it saddens me that such a selfless child has to kill or be killed. I must say, Kasper’s proposal of working under him after Koko is interesting. From the beginning, Kasper was interested in his skills and maybe Jonah as a person due to his selfless actions.

Tojo is a character not explored previously so it’s a good opportunity to see his background. Going against his old workplace is still rough even if he doesn’t appear to be affected by it. If you’ve spent some life or death situations with those people, most would hesitate and that’s enough to make a difference.

Underneath the friendly conversation between Tojo and Hino lies tension that go beyond ordinary foes. If the two are strangers, it would not spark the same way as if it were between two old buddies going head to head. Sure enough, the SR squad should not be underestimated. Their influence is far and it’s been built from the ground up without much, if any, government support.

Chequita and Kasper

Kasper Hekmatyar katana




WAAAAAA a WOBBLY KATANA!??!?!?! Jeez, that’s got to be the coolest weapon ever. It’s hidden in a belt too! Man, if I get jumped, just pull that out and they’ll book it. Chequita as well. She swiftly blocks a katana that surprises even Kasper and shoots the assassin with a smile on her face. The people in this anime are scary.

Kasper gets even more excited as he faces off against professionals aiming for his head. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t be walking around so casually knowing someone is firing an assault rifle in my direction. This side of Kasper is much like the monster that Koko is becoming except, instead of a grand ambition, he has a bloodthirsty side to him.

Things are really starting to pick up now as Koko will join the action next time. More firefights await and even some vehicular battle will occur next time. Also, I wonder how Tojo’s former comrades will react when they see him? Underneath the bloodbath there is always a layer of back-story, character, and development and that’s why I love this show.

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