Jormungand 2: Perfect Order Episode 6

Jormungand Akihiko Tojo and Yosuke Hinoki saying goodbye
The separation.

Tojo and Hinoki’s last meeting.
Jormungand 2: Perfect Order Episode 6: Castle of Lies phase.2
嘘の城 phase.2

Tojo finally faces his past once more and makes the proper amends to move on. His final talk with Mr. Hinoki will enlighten us on several things about Tojo and his own character.

Akihiko Tojo gun

Although not much happens in the first few minutes, a firefight soon begins between Jonah and a member of the SR Squad. Okay, I know this is an anime but the realism is really starting to hurt this anime this time around. First of of all, the SR Squad is supposed to be trained and if they are, how could they miss Jonah at such a close range. No, let me fix that, how could Jonah DODGE the bullets? Jesus, shooting from the bottom of the stairs to the top. He makes gamers from the show “The Controller” look professional. What’s even worse is that Tojo and the guy are literally right next each other and unload a clip of ammo. How did they not fall back from shooting three bullets? Anyways, the guy only has like one fatal wound and Tojo only got shot in the arm… Seriously…

Jormungand perfect order

The car chase is definitely awesome though. Lehm and the others obliterate the two cars and only a trail of smoke is left of them.

Anyways, we now get a flashback from Tojo that details his attitude towards the SR Squad. Even then we see that he’s basically the only one who questions orders. Later, we hear a saying that properly describes this. Even after leaving without much trouble, Tojo soon gets picked up by Kasper and begins working for him. But soon after, he leaves and joins Koko.

The last part, which is the last interaction we’ll see from Tojo and Hinoki, will tell us of their relationship and their inner characters. At first, Tojo sees Hinoki’s actions as an abandonment of his hard work. However, it’s what the SR Squad members wanted and he merely granted them the chance to do so. Hinoki’s biggest regret is not being able to stop the change in the organization. From last episode, we know from Tojo that Hinoki doesn’t change. Of course, getting into arms dealing will only bring about change in the organization which he so dislikes. But who knows, there are many interpretations. You could also say that Hinoki wanted change but it didn’t turn out to be the change he wanted.

Lastly, we have the saying, “Birds leave the nest spotless.” Like how Tojo left, the bird takes off and confuses those around it. Those who do not know why will say that Tojo is a traitor. Those who could not fly or in this case, leave the organization hated him even more. So, in the end, everyone in the squad hated Tojo. They couldn’t accept the fact that Tojo is leaving. They couldn’t accept the fact that they wanted to leave but couldn’t and that someone else was.

So, is Hinoki a man who is fake? Who knows, what Tojo thought to be lies were true. So, in a way, Hinoki has always been doing the opposite of what Tojo thinks. A man built from lies? Haha, maybe… Anyways, Hinoki opens up the offer of giving Tojo training if he ever needs it. After all, he is the last man of the SR Squad. “Castle of Lies” is the episode title. Indeed, at the end, the sand castle crumbles which signifies the falling of the lies and the revealing of the truth.

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