Jormungand 2: Perfect Order Episode 7

Jormungand William Nelson
He's got class.

William Nelson is scary.
Jormungand 2: Perfect Order Episode 7: Pazuzu

Now that Tojo takes a backseat it’s time for William Nelson to reveal his abilities and his past. Although he isn’t mentioned much in previous episodes, it’s clear that he’s just as capable as all the other amazing members in Koko’s team.

Before he was admitted into Koko’s team he worked as part of the army. At first, he seems to be an ordinary soldier. Using his absurd amount of concentration and knowledge, he manages to blow up a building with the lack of explosives. I mean, the guy almost got killed and he continued to concentrate on arming the bombs. Of course, like most of us, he thought the Delta Squad is amazing.

Koko Hekmatyar

So even an arms dealer needs some kind of PR. Nazar is the typical character who seems to be fairly innocent but hides something on the inside. Let’s say, the neutral character who plays any role that fits. Jesus christ, I know they’re crazy but to shoot a random person that drives by is ridiculous. Thankfully, Koko kicks them out and with facial expression like a maniac. Yep, just listen to Koko okay? That is, if you want to live.

Koko Hekmatyar and William Nelson

William Nelson is incredible in his own right. Being a demolition expert and having experience as a sapper, Nelson is not only to be feared but is also on the FBI Blacklist just like Koko. Meaning, the FBI considers him to be just as dangerous as Koko. Why? Well, when he can spot bombs and traps from miles away and is capable of leveling buildings. What’s even more impressive is that during his time with Koko he has been up against numerous demolition experts. However, Nelson is still able to protect Koko and eliminate the enemy and with great delight. Even Koko, who is hard to please, is impressed with Nelson’s skills.

I have to wonder if Nelson realizes just how amazing he is? He’s very modest about it too because he doesn’t say he’s “sure” of anything but instead says “I think” or “most likely” which is very conservative. And… Yep, Nazar is helping Excalibur to ambush Koko.

Jormungand Lutz sniper

Big mistake not shooting Nelson but it’s all for the better because we don’t want to see Koko rage yet again… The bunch of cocky bastards from Excalibur think they’re all that… Yeah, keep talking about that when you take a bullet to the face. Still, with Nelson fixing up the bombs it’ll be no problem getting rid of those pests. But man… he’s ruthless about it. Jonah is not going to be skipping his classes ever again. Haha, that’s a good way to look at it. Seriously, Nelson gets scary when he’s so into bombs and explosions. I mean, I’m interested in explosions but he’s just… the master of it.

Overall, amazing episode that displayed a lot of revealing for Nelson’s character. These are the types of stories that are entertaining to watch and the main way Jormungand gets across its plot. Next time, we’ll get closer to Koko and Dr. Miami’s secret plan. Just how things will turn out?…

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