Jormungand 2: Perfect Order Episode 8

Jormungand Koko Hekmatyar

Koko and Miami’s plan.
Jormungand 2: Perfect Order Episode 8: NEW WORLD phase.1

Jormungand. The name comes from the plan Koko and Miami are executing together. In this episode, we explore the preparation of the new world.


Jormungand perfect order

We’re the only ones who know about the plan. If anyone finds out, make sure they don’t live to tell the tale. Don’t you want to see the world I told you about… Think about the plan in your every waking moment, and dream about it for good measure. Figure out the theory. I’ll do the same.

Even now, we have can only speculate their plan. But from this episode on, the plan will be in full swing and things will begin to unravel. Is Koko trying to conquer the world? Change the world for the better? Or is it something else?

Koko and Miami Schokolade Scarecrow Jormungand

Bookman, Scarecrow and Schokolade make a return as they constantly keep their eyes on Koko’s actions. Rightfully so, such an innocent appearing opening of a “toy robot factory” must veil something in the works that is much more than what the name conveys. They don’t take Dr. Amada Miami lightly because, after all, she is a genius.

Koko Hekmatyar

Jonah, knowing since the last time Miami and Koko were together that they were planning something. However, the one question that he wants to know the answer to is the very answer Miami cannot tell. Also, during Koko’s departure, they openly speak of the plan but never specify it in detail. While leaving, Koko names the plan, “Jormungand.” Throughout the episode, we will get to see more of Miami’s character that will lead to my overall conclusion about her later on.

Now, one of the most critical components of the plan is Dr. Miami. As such, it’s only fair to analyze her character in detail. Firstly, although she portrays a very lively and energetic character who talks a lot, most of what she speak are highly specific and intelligent. She speaks what’s on her mind but never discloses too much. Like what Koko said, she takes her surroundings into account when being serious. Not only is she good at technical things like robots, she also has great interpersonal skills. Although the genius is only briefly highlighted in this series, we can already begin to see why she is the only one Koko picked for the tremendously important mission.

Mr. Curry

Mr. Curry, although interested in what Koko and Miami are planning, does not ask the obvious question that will get flat out rejected. Instead, he focuses on his career as a mid-sized arms dealer and what lies ahead for him. Shipping costs have made his dealings very impractical. As such, he thinks the business has changed and that he can’t catch up. Times have indeed changed but is it really so much? Even if the people higher-up are sipping their coffee while soldiers lay down their lives, is it really that different from before? Perhaps, the small change in doing things are what Mr. Curry is not used to. Anyways, perhaps, his time is up. It’s time for him to move on and for others to step up.

Hekmatyar Global Grid. To make things short, it basically is the ideal system for logistics. There will no longer be any excess supply or lack thereof. Supplies and others will be provided whenever you need it wherever you need it. As such, it’s in the power of private corporations and maybe not so much in the army’s. Basically, the intent of this is to strip the power away from the army and into civilian enterprises. As such, HCLI can profit more from the various conflicts that these smaller groups may need in order to succeed. However, in the end, Koko isn’t even paying attention. Perhaps, she already knows what’s going to happen. Or, this could be a minor element that’s not important in her plans. Troholvsky understands that Koko is brewing up something and wants a part in it. I mean, who wouldn’t? Koko just has a charismatic air about her that makes you want to help her in some way.

Overall, this episode is probably the most plot related this whole season. Previously, we’ve had some very interesting stories about R, Tojo and William. Now, we are proceeding to the climax of the main plot as we see Jormungand in action. If only one more step is needed, what are the steps that Koko has already taken? I just don’t know what’s going to happen at all but maybe, when it comes, it might be painfully obvious.

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