Jormungand 2: Perfect Order Episode 9

Jormungand Koko with her serious face

Quantum Computing.
Jormungand 2: Perfect Order Episode 9: New World Phase.2

And so everything that was previously hidden is now out for all with the proper intel to witness. Koko will now flesh out her plan in full as she proceeds to gather people in order to create a quantum computer.

Elena Baburin

Let’s go.

Jormungand: Perfect Order Schokolade Jormungand Koko net worth

Kidnapping is normally not Koko’s objective but now, with the change in pace, the team must adapt and capture valuable people for Koko’s plans. Not only has she begun liquidating her assets, she also begins using her funds rapidly, investing in various engineering companies. And the toy factory from last episode? Well, it’s clear that it’s not just a toy factory but what could she possibly be building that requires so much funding?

George Black


Jonah and Koko


Koko Hekmatyar

In a way, the Hekmatyar-GG is an excellent way for Koko to avoid getting the spotlight and to move to her liking. Of course, Bookman and Hinoki aren’t so dense as to not realize the true “threat.”

What exactly are you protecting, Bookman? What if everything in this world is slanted? What is order then? If, for example, the sun were to rise on a new world tomorrow, you wouldn’t be able to rejoice at its arrival. That’s because you believe order is protecting everything as it is, and that who threaten it are the enemy. You’re a criminal who threatens and tricks your family, neighbors, countrymen, and others.

Normally, Koko plays it cool and pretends not to know what they’re talking about. In this case, however, she talks about creating a new world and how the current world might be slanted. This is fairly basic philosophy but an important one; indeed, the world we are so used to and what we call order may not be order in a different perspective. Who is to say that the order now is the “correct” one? Koko is probably sick of her world’s so called “order” and, instead of adhering to it, wants to change it to her world. Though I can’t say the society we live in is moral, the establishment of a new one does not guarantee it.

Quantum computing. Currently, we have made several breakthroughs but nothing that solidifies something which Koko wishes to create. To think that Koko and Dr. Miami met at the age of eighteen and shortly after told each other of this grand plan. Quantum computers will be at least thousands of times faster than ordinary computes and qubits are the reason why that is. Science fiction? I mean, looking back one hundred years, I guess we are living in a world where science fiction is everywhere. For someone to hold a quantum computer while the rest of the world holds none will be disastrous.

Jormungand Perfect Order Kasper

What a boss.

Ah, Kasper. He’s always been interesting; he loves his job as an arms dealer and is malicious in his own right not caring about whether he brings peace or war as long as it brings in the most profit. They are, after all, arms dealers so don’t think that just because they’re characters in an anime that they are going to be “righteous” or whatever. Besides, if we switch the perspectives, Kasper can be the antagonist and that goes double for Koko.

Koko Hekmatyar Lutz Brick Lehm Valmer Sophia Jormungand Jonah

It’s so nice to have teammates who trust you. After going through mission after mission, Koko’s team has learned quickly to trust her regardless. Their cooperation is invaluable to her success and maybe even her sanity. We all know what happened when she lost R; she went just a little nuts.


What can I say? I love plans that are thought out and have a profound impact on a large scale. This episode delivers in that it builds up the tension high so that when things finally go down, it’ll be fantastic. But now that we have a hint as to what Koko plans to build, what does she intend to do with it? Will she throw over systems to take over the government or will she seek to create an organization so large that it influences countries and potentially the world? If I had to say one word to round things up, I’d say, “interesting.”

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