Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi Episode 3 – A regretful goodbye

They meet.
They meet.

Sayonara, Kizuna Astin.
Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi Episode 3 Review
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“Shi no Tani III”

Originally, I was hoping to do a review of this anime earlier, but it didn’t really interest me until now. There are plenty of things to talk about from before, but I think this episode is the most affecting one both emotionally and plot-wise. Above all else, I am just a lot more interested than before. Let’s get to it.

Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi Episode 3 Impressions

Kamisama Hana

Kamisama Ai child


Nichiyoubi Ai moe kawaii


Hampnie Hambert


LOL. Straight forward.

LOL. Straight forward.



Hampnie Hambart

Personally, I’ve thought of that very notion and it’s beyond terrifying.



From getting ready to kill Ai to basically adopting her, Hamburger Hampnie Hambart’s motives remains unclear, that is, until he talks about Hana. The immortal gunslinger that no man would hope to beat turns into someone who longs for a loved one like a normal human being reminding us that he is in fact human and not as distant as his immortality may connote. Of course, the fact that he’s immortal can only lead him to yearning the opposite, death. Perhaps, in a different world where people are being born he would think a bit differently, but the fact remains that if time goes on long enough, he will be the last man on Earth. Saying that such an idea is horrific would be an understatement as I’m sure no one could bear such loneliness with only the stretch of infinity in front of him or her with no one to share it with.




Hana and Humpnie Humbert

Yep. So he is.

Kami-sama ai and hana


Ai holding panties while talking

You’re very convincing holding your panties while saying that.



Dmitriyevich Yuri Sakuma

Badass #… 3.

Kamisama scar anime

Hawt and deadly.

The fact remains that writers must make protagonists have some kind of redeeming factors in order for the character to be at least accepted by others. Otherwise, it would be too unrelatable, too understandable for people to swallow. Of course, there are exceptions, but Hampnie Hambart is no such exception. And yes, finally, we get the confirmation that Ai is indeed Hampnie’s daughter. I believe a bit of the picture was shown in a previous episode and many people noticed someone who looks like Ai in it. In fact, I’m surprised that Hampnie didn’t even realize this. They look nearly identical. Regardless, Ai is really the only person in their world that can “save” him from grief, madness, and being a “monster.”


Hampnie Hambart


Astin Kizuna


Dude. Who are you?

Dude. Who are you?

Ah, leaving behind regrets as he dies eh? Sure, it may be normal, but for many that’s enough. I don’t think there are many people in the world who wish to disappear without a trace, and without anything or anyone to remember them by. Hampnie’s wish is an extremely honest one that while some may disagree by saying, “I wouldn’t want to leave behind regrets to my loved ones,” the fact is that almost everyone wants to be remembered in some way. Who would want to disappear as if he or she were never brought into the world in the first place? That’s not to say that Hampnie wants his loved ones to continuously mourn for him in extremity, but he wants to leave a piece of himself in their hearts. It’s quite a beautiful human wish, isn’t it?

That's scary.

That’s scary.


Hana kamisama anime

She looks exactly like Ai. He should have realized a lot sooner

Oh crap. They were dead...

Oh crap. They were dead…


One revelation after another, it will only make what’s to come more tragic. The idea that the villagers were already dead didn’t even come across my mind, but it certainly makes sense now why Hampnie kills all of them. What still confuses me is why Hana left him in the first place, but it could be related with how she’s a Gravekeeper. But damn, Scar and even Ai are both damn strong. As bullets whiz by, Ai just manages to DODGE BULLETS? I can take Scar flipping a 300-pound dead man with just pressure on the wrist but a little girl dodging bullets? Right.

Dmitriyevich Julie Sakuma



Ai Astin dodges a bullet



Ai Astin crying

But she’s so fucking cute.


Ai Astin



Humpnie Humbert death buried


Ai Astin bawling her eyes out


Kami-sama no inai nichiyoubi

Gravekeeper now and forever.



After trying to end lives when they are at their happiest, he gets what he deserves by someone no other than his own daughter. Being buried beside the person he loves, being seen off by his friend, being the catalyst for his daughter’s tears, Kizuna Astin departs from this world in the best way imaginable for him. After being blessed and cursed with immortality by God. It seems that perhaps God has not completely abandoned human beings? Perhaps… there’s still something left? Anyways, it’s going to be a long road until the end of the world, but Ai Astin will move on and carry her memories of her father just like he wished even though she will never learn of such a wish from his mouth.

So, before we move on to the review, people are clearly confused with Kizuna Astin’s death. He’s immortal right? So how did he die? Well, while I don’t have the answers, I have one main hypothesis to make. It could be that because God granted his first wish, God also granted the second wish. God did, after all, bring the Gravekeepers into the world even after he left it so perhaps God listened to Astin when he wanted to die a certain way just like how he listened to humanity and how they actually wished to die? Or, it could have been that Gravekeepers were capable of burying him in the first place, but then he actually did die and he didn’t die before when being fatally wounded so it seems like the first hypothesis is much more reasonable. Well, whatever the reasons may be as that can go on, what’s more important is how good this important episode actually is.

Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi Episode 3 Review

Firstly, the animations are beautiful. Madhouse is doing a marvelous job there so I have absolutely no complaints. Ai is just completely adorable and it’s overall visually stunning. But let’s move on to the emotional ending part because that’s the most important scene so far and probably for a while. When I first watched it, I didn’t really like it that much. It felt melodramatic especially when Ai started bawling her eyes out. However, upon watching it a few more times, I actually think it’s at least decent. Hell, what twelve-year old wouldn’t cry like that while burying his or her own father? I’m surprised she was actually able to do it which shows her growth and acceptance to the inevitability of death.

Still, there remains the problem of getting rid of a pivotal character so early in the series. One of the major problems is the lack of development before death. It’s definitely not badly done as the anime focuses most of its time on Ai and Kizuna which lets us understand them better before their fateful departure. Even so, it may have been better to have a bit more time for two episodes worth of development seems too little to work with for such a parting. But even with that, I think it does a decent if not good job of portraying all of this especially with the song added on top.

There’s another problem I haven’t touched upon which is the pacing during this scene. I can’t help but feel that it’s a little bit rushed especially with how it’s basically still images when he revives until they get to the village. Maybe a bit more touching father daughter moments and a few more conversational pieces would have added a lot more to the emotional appeal. Overall, however, it’s decently done but not quite great or amazing. As for the anime in general, I have to say that I am much more interested in it now that this has happened because previously I just wasn’t into it. At first, everything felt average except for the animations and the premise, but this episode has made me a bit more hopeful of what’s to come. Some people may be worried about the main character dying, but as long as Madhouse follows the award winning Light Novel, it should be fine.

kamisama no inai nichiyoubi wallpaper hampnie hambert hana



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  • Evilnemesis

    An Incredible 3rd episode. The way the whole thing and especially daddy’s death was directed was top notch. This could of easily been a last episode with how emotionally reaching the whole thing was.

    It almost feels like I don’t want to continue. I mean there’s not going to be cute girl doing cute things with daddy anymore :( .

    And of course this means no more loli abuse, my heart is wounded really.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      It really does feel like the end of an anime doesn’t it? Certainly a very unexpected development as I wasn’t expecting it at all really. Sadly, I did get spoiled beforehand so… the effect is lessened on me. Decently done nonetheless.

      • Evilnemesis

        While this kind of development isn’t too detrimental to mangas in general.

        For an anime, peaking or climaxing like this early can be dangerous for sales. I wonder how Japan is going to treat this series in the long run.

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          Totally agree with you there about the sales. Vol. 1-2 may sell well but it may not sell well overall. I think it’ll be fine in this case because the Light Novel has been fairly successful, but then in anime format, I’m not sure either.

          • Ruide Chen

            well, fingers crossed! XD don’t know if the anime can cover all the LN till now, but if i’m not wrong, the LN is still ongoing, so hoping that this can generate enough income to produve a second season XD and hoping this series to do well in general (and hoping for a emtional and powerful final episode as powerful as this episode)

  • ai-chan

    i’d like to leave a couple of sentences but i can’t coz i’m still shocked.. :( how could they do that to him??? and on the 3rd f****ing episode!!!! (pulls hair)

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      >.> If only I didn’t get spoiled… It is a huge surprise though I have to admit when I came across the spoiler. Yeah…

    • Ruide Chen

      well, his death was pretty meaningful, making Ai more mature and giving her a goal to work towards to (if
      god has abandoned this world, then I will save it) so epic!!!! XD anyways, although i love Hampnie’s character, i felt his death has a very powerful meaning, so I’m satisfied (although i did want him to spend more time with Ai as father and daughter, and see some D’awwww moments)

    • ai-chan

      oh well.. ep4 still got me hooked so i guess i’ll keep watching it. i’ll just expect to see more deaths in the future.. lol i might just get used to it.

  • James Du

    This is my favorite anime this season. I nearly stopped following Entravity for skipping this.

    For me, this anime has been raising many questions, non-stop.

    Why did the Ai’s mother leave HH? Why did HH finally die? Are gravekeepers really that strong? It looked like Aikido, but the opponent was a zombie…

    What did Hana attempt to accomplish with her village of the dead?

    But yeah. Bishie dad best dad. Saves loli daughter by kicking her off a cliff/bridge.

    • Ruide Chen

      as to why HH died, it’s because in ep 2, he said god didn’t abandon human, rather granted the wish no not dying anymore for human, so in this ep, we find out that he’s immortal because he wished for it (so even if he dies, he’s still alive, unlike the other, who come back as the lving dead) but his new wish was to die happily and peacefully, so when he found out that Ai was his daughter, he was at peace, with that whole slow mo scene, and then it just so happens that he’s dying at that time, so his immortality has been lifted, so he died, but since there is no death in the first place, he comse back as the living dead ,which is why Ai really loved him, because she knows that HH hates the dead even if it’s himself, but he abandoned his beliefs for one day and spent one day with Ai as the dead to fulfill Ai’s wish and give her memory of her father, and then he got buried to finally rest in peace, so sad, :”( i’m crying again… excuse me while i bawl my eyes out for like the 10th time now…

  • Jo

    Am i insane if i tought they were going to fall in love at the end ? i mean , Ai and Kizuna. so dissapointed…

    but still. i cried like a bitch.

  • Ronz

    I was already thinks that the villagers is all actually dead in the first episode when Hampnie say “i didnt kill them” Is it just me, or anyone else realize it too?