Kill la Kill Episode 15 – A disappointing climax

Kill la Kill Satsuki and Ryuuko

Quite anticlimactic.
Kill la Kill Episode 15 Review
“Don’t Stop Me Now”
“Dōnimo Tomaranai”

Kill la Kill Episode 15 Impressions


Mikisugi Aikurou


Takarada Kaneo

What a derpy note.

Oh yes. Oh yes.

Kiryuuin vs Kaneo Takarada

I’m surprised this is a thing. I thought they would just be crushed.


Then there are people like Mako.

Doutonbori Robo


No shits.

Why is this Takarada guy even here. He should just screw off.

Sanageyama Uzu


Sanageyama Blade Regalia

Dude… That’s just…






Kiryuuin Satsuki glove

Can Satsuki use that glove and turn into JUSENKETSU?
I hope that’s not a horrible pun.


Dayum. I wouldn’t mind being in Nudist Beach.
Wait, where are the nipples?
Oh shit, Aikurou absorbed all of them to make the shiniest ones possible.


That’s a strange optical illusion. It looks like a steering wheel (without the X), but it’s underwear. Huh. Interesting. My perspective on steering wheels has changed.


Gamagoori Ira shackle regalia

Jakuzure Nonon


Inumuta Houka

Kill la Kill


Nudist beach fight

This is so outrageous.

Senketsu and Ryuuko



Matoi Ryuuko senketsu back to normal


Satsuki vs Ryuuko

Dat behind.

These interventions are becoming shorter and shorter.
Is this a sign?

Gamagoori Ira

This chemistry is great.


Bitch please.

Senketsu Gale

That’s cute.

Fucking Yhwach.
Or should I say, JEBUZ YHWACH.

CGI is pretty good this time around.

Kiryuuin Satsuki kicks Matoi Ryuuko

Oh really?

Mankanshoku Mako


Kiryuuin Satsuki blood

No dirty thoughts guyz.
None of that.
This is serious business.
I probably shouldn’t have said that because that makes me the one thinking about-

Matoi Ryuuko punches Kiryuuin Satsuki


Kiryuuin Satsuki junketsu


Gamagoori Ira and Mako




NOOOOOOOOOOO… All the Nudistsuits.


Well, the shining nipples are still there so I guess it’s fine.

Also, OP 2.

Kill la Kill Episode 15 Review

If this episode does one thing better than any of the previous ones (except for episode 3) it’s the action. From the aerial combat to the clashes of the scissor sword and Bakuzan, this episode definitely does that well. But for a climax, I can’t help but feel that this episode is quite underwhelming. Yes, it’s nice to see the CGI done decently, and yes, it’s nice to see Satsuki and Ryuuko fight again, but it’s just not the same a second time around. The first major problem with having an episode like this where action is the primary focus is budget. Trigger is already scraping by as is so there’s no way the action scenes are going to be absolutely phenomenal and make my jaw drop at how magnificent it is. Don’t get me wrong, the choreography for the fight is good and the talent is there. It’s just that they don’t have enough money to make it as climactic as it could be which is why I’m a bit disappointed that they decided to take the pure action route. Comparing the duel between Satsuki and Ryuuko in this episode to the duel in episode 3 and I really can’t say that this episode is a huge step up. In fact, the fight itself feels very similar to the one in episode 3, and while this may be intended, it certainly doesn’t make this episode as exciting as it could have been because we’ve seen something like this once already. I wouldn’t blame anyone who perfers the fight in episode 3 either because in many ways it is more climactic. For example, the gentle poke that sends Ryuuko flying, the implosion, the punches and kicks, and so on. The only thing that’s a significant improvement in this episode is the usage of CGI. The more I compare the two the more disappointed I become… And dammit, the soundtracks used in the fight simply didn’t impact me like “DON’T LOSE YOUR WAAAAAY” did.

I was hoping that instead of focusing just on action that Trigger would pull a major plot twist or something completely unexpected. This episode is the perfect opportunity to let something loose and shake up the story because it is the middle climax of the entire show. Heck, if they just had a major plot twist and not even that much action I may have been more impressed. Sure, we get Nudist Beach, but all that happened when they arrived was that they got nearly annihilated.  From this episode, it’s pretty clear to me now that I really don’t want to see another duel between Satsuki and Ryuuko because I’ve seen all there is to see in that regard. The good thing is that next episode not only will we get a new opening, but there’ll also be some revelations as well which could make up for this disappointing climax. I just can’t help but feel worried though because there are only nine episodes remaining and what’s happened so far is still quite unambitious when you consider the people behind this show. Quite simply, I just want something different. The over the top action is nice, but with budget constraints like this, that alone is simply not enough to keep me excited. I’m not asking for Valvrave-esque plot twists, but there needs to be some dramatic changes in the story itself. Before, I could have dealt with the fact that Kill la Kill doesn’t have a strong overarching story because the over the top action sufficed. This is no longer the case as the monotony of the story is becoming a bit overwhelming. As this show shifts to its second phase, hopefully this will be addressed.

Kill la Kill Satsuki and Ryuuko Wallpaper

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  • DreamDrop♥

    Really wanted a new OP.

    • Entrav

      Next week you’ll get your new OP. :)

      • DreamDrop♥

        hope it’s worth listening to.

  • Flaiboy


    Nothing here to keep me interested any more. Like Magi, I hung around longer than I should have expecting things to turn around.

    • Entrav

      That’s the best course of action if you feel that nothing interests you. You can always come back if later episodes turn things around.

    • DreamDrop♥

      Why is your name an anagram of fail boy?

    • Khaos

      Episode 16, actrually comes through on its promise and gives us a shitload of answers regarding the Life Fibers, their origins, and the Kiryuin Conglomorate’s role in all od it. It’s pretty shocking.


    I wasn’t disappointed with this…
    Ok so the budget wasn’t really there for the action that displayed in this episode. But I’m not peeved about that as it’s not the most impirtant thing to. The action was still great, so I have no complaints in that department because that’s not a concern of mine. This episode had a moment of highlighting the power of fear (Satsuki) vs the power of money (Takarada) as a method of domination. And it seems to put Satsuki in a better light, as the more noble side, even though both aren’t the purest methods of ruling. So that was pretty interesting. And the moment with Ryoko telling Senketsu to use her skin as conduit shows that their friendship is even deeper now – which was also nice to see

    Now throwing a plot twist would be problematic if you look at who’s on the field, who’s not and how it would affect the pacing the pacing.

    Who’s there: Satsuki and co., Nudist Beach and Ryuko. A huge plot twist would have to come from either Satsuki or Nudist Beach. It can’t come from Nudist Beach because Mikisugi already said he’d tell her one day; and they were busy getting their butts kicked. Sure, Mikisugi could’ve given her one bit at the end of the episode, and that would’ve been great. But I guess Trigger decided to hold it, thinking that whatever it is – giving it away in the last 2 seconds is not enough. (even the preview said there’s not enough time…)

    A more likely source of a plot twist would be from Satsuki: she can reveal some new info about Ryoko’s father or something could happen to Junketsu. That last one couldn’t happen at this stage because Satsuki is very strong minded. I suspect that Junketsu turning against her will only come when she not in a stable set of mind. So it was very unlikely from the beginning, but Ryoko’s words about Satsuki being alone does hint that something will happen with Junketsu.

    And Satsuki herself revealing something about Ryoko’s father or something is not exactly something she’d do on the spot either. She had a plan from the beginning, and Ryoko wasn’t her main objective this time.

    Who’s not there: Satsuki’s mother and co., and Ryoko’s father. If he was still alive and shows up out of the blue that would be the best twist. But he’s proven dead. So that one’s off the table. (But I’m waiting…) And Satsuki’s mother showing up wouldn’t be completely off either. But, she’s got her own business and will probably get back to Satsuki once she’s done her own affairs. We’ve already seen that she knows what her daughter is up to, and she hasn’t tried to stop her in any way. And she doesn’t need to. She has more power.

    The point is: having any of these plot twists (or some other plot twist my feable mind can’t think of)
    happen in this episode would mean that it would have to be dragged out in Osaka. You can’t just have a huge plot twist then end the battle and everyone goes home. It would almost definitely end up keeping everyone in Osaka for at least one more episode. Trigger probably opted for leaving all of that to next week because you can go much further with more freedom in how to utilize the remaining episodes. And as for pacing, with 9 episodes left I can’t see why that wouldn’t be enough. Kill la Kill goes at a fast pace, but I never felt it was rushed before, so if Trigger can keep up the fast paced progress without making it feel rushed then 9 episodes should be enough.

    I’m satisfied with this episode because I just saw it as Ryoko and Satsuki getting business done. It was the end of the mini arc of the triple takeover/getting Senketsu back. Their fight wasn’t as epic as episode 3 because the objective wasn’t to take out the other. Ryoko was collecting Senketsu’s pieces, and Satsuki was doing a triple takeove/smoke out Nudist Beach. Neither one was focussed on the other this time. Which is why I didn’t see a climax in this.

    • Entrav

      I don’t think I made it too clear so it’s partially my fault, but I don’t necessarily mean just shoving in a plot twist in this episode and that’ll be better than what’s shown here. The thing is that, if Trigger is planning to have a plot twist in this episode, they wouldn’t have structured the episode in such a way and the problems that you describe would mostly not be there because Trigger would have the plot twist in mind when creating the episodes leading up to the climax. The climax is not mainly dependent on the climax episode itself; it’s dependent heavily on what transpired before. It’s just that, with this episode, I can voice my concerns about how underwhelming this climax is.

      Although I’m not sure how accurate it is, here is where I found that this episode is a climax: I mean, you even said it yourself that you didn’t see it as a climax. That’s just it though. It isn’t one when it was supposed to be one. Even if that news is false, there’s been plenty of build up to Nudist Beach and it’s a rematch between Satsuki and Ryuuko of all things! Even though Nui revealed herself to be the killer, the main conflict is still between Ryuuko and Satsuki. Of course, this episode isn’t supposed to be as climactic as the last few episodes, but it is a major point in the show.

      Think about what has transpired in the past twelve episodes from episode 3 to episode 15. Nothing mindblowing really happened. Yes, there are some nice fights and some intriguing episodic arcs that were surprisingly good, but Kill la Kill didn’t progress very far from its first few episodes story-wise when you consider how many episodes have passed. Granted, it’s not impossible for Trigger to do well in the last 9 episodes, but with how Kill la Kill has progressed so far, I am worried.

      • MACHA

        I find it hard to believe that the writers considered this episode to be the climax. Anyone can see that this is not that climax. If someone said the one from next week is the climax then that would be more logical.

        Kill la Kill will have 24 episodes, so 12 would technically be the halfway point. And episode 13 had Ryoko lose Senketsu. That counts as a major event. Everything
        after that was the follow-up (14) and closing to that arc (15). The most important thing that happened here is Ryoko changing her goal from revenge to full on opposing Satsuki’s rule and fighting to protect. That’s the major change from the first half of the series. If that was the climactic moment, then Trigger missed the mark there (I guess that may have had something to do with the tight budget…).

        If that news is true, then I can see where all the concern is coming from. Through out the series, there’s been bits of info thrown about and we get to see a little more of the world and the big players. Bit it’s not much, so in terms of plot alone it is as you say: the story hasn’t progressed very far. If 5 episodes were left then I’d be worried for sure. But I think 9 episodes left, and right before the revealing episode is a bit too early for concern. It can still go either way.
        Hopefully next week will set things straight.

        • Entrav

          It’s hard to determine whether this is the climax without the writers affirming it because plenty of episodes in this show can be considered “climactic.” If I didn’t hear of the news, I don’t think I’d even classify this as a climax in this show. The build-up has been a bit all over the place, but I suppose if we look at how much budget they put into this episode… it’s at least one of the more important episodes. And by half-way point, I don’t really mean right in between the 24 episodes. In many series the half-way point climax is not exactly in the middle. For example, Psycho-Pass’ midway climax starts at 15.

          Indeed, hopefully they set things straight.

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    This episode has made me a GamaXMako fan. Let the shipping commence!

    • Entrav


      • Drig

        THIS. Honestly, how could he NOT be a fan lol?

      • The Atomic Dwarf

        Eh.. actually RyuukoXMikisugi was my fav pairing till this episode. GamaXMako was just a tease. But that single line made me switch sides. “Not even you”. D’awwww, he truly cares in his own way.

    • Ashleigh


  • Truna

    I actually really enjoyed this episode. xD

    • Entrav

      Ah, of course, it’s totally fine if you enjoy watching this episode. I did as well. Just not as much as I hoped.

  • Chrono

    I don’t think this episode was meant to be a ‘climax’ at all. Ryuko’s fight against Nui Harime was the climax of the first half of the show – she finally finds out who killed her father and why, and she goes off the deep end, only barely making it back. Episodes 13-15 have just progressed the plot and given Ryuko some much needed character growth – her fight against Satsuki was really just to recover Senketsu, with all other reasons secondary.

    Don’t think of Kill la Kill like a traditional show with rising and falling motions – think of it in terms of a video game. I apologize in advance for my overuse of tropes, but it’s the best method of getting this across.

    After beating a few minor Boss encounters and surviving a ‘supposed to lose’ fight against Satsuki (then Big Bad), Ryuko made it to the Boss Rush that is the Elite 4, only to be interrupted to fight Nui Harime (the Dragon) and get her ass kicked in another ‘supposed to lose’ fight that also triggered Heroic Blue Screen of Death. THAT is the halfway point of the show.

    Episode 15? It’s just the Heroine regaining her superpowers and having an awesome sword fight. The Nudist Beach stuff is background material at best – at its core episodes 14 and 15 are just Ryuko getting her groove back, receiving yet another level of badass, and switching her personal goals.

    What I think the last 3 episodes revealed, at least to me, is twofold. First, Satsuki is not the Big Bad, and she never was – she’s a Villain Protagonist. She’s not on Ryuko’s side, but she’s clearly more than just an antagonist. I predict they’ll form an uneasy alliance of some kind before the show’s over, AND IT WILL BE AWESOME.

    Second, and perhaps more importantly, we’re going to find out what’s up with Life Fibers (at least partially) next episode. I’m very much in the Soylent Green is People camp on this one, and I’m pretty sure Nui Harime is Tsumugu’s old lover, and Senketsu is Ryuko’s father.