Kill la Kill Episode 3 – DON’T LOSE YOUR WAAAY

Kill la Kill episode 3 fight

Kill la Kill Episode 3 Review

I’ve had some complaints about Kill la Kill being going on the extreme side far too quickly in the previous two episodes, and I definitely still think that they’re still valid because this is going to be 2-cours, but I that doesn’t mean I won’t give praises where they’re necessary. With this episode, the undertones regarding the difference between Matoi Ryuuko and Kiryuin Satsuki as well as the show’s relevance to the Third Reich can be more clearly discerned. And most importantly, the incredible and lengthy fight makes me wonder just what the real climax of the show has to offer.

Kill la Kill Episode 3 Impressions



Oh, okay.

Mikisugi Aikurou



Inumuta Houka

So the predictions of many people turn out to be at least partially correct. Yes, the Goku uniforms are made out of the same material as Kamui, but they only utilize a smaller percentage of these Life Fiber that somehow make wearers extremely powerful. With how difficult the process is, Kamui probably has to be specially tuned for the individual otherwise controlling it would be impossible. Moreover, it’s strange that Senketsu is a sort of living entity which makes me wonder if there’s something more behind just putting in more Life Fibers. We will probably be able to connect the dots between her father’s murder, the creation of Kamui, and the scissors that may have made such creation possible in the first place.



Junketsu Kiryuuin




The distinction between Ryuuko and Satsuki have been touched upon before, but it is even more clear now with her forceful method of subduing Junketsu. Satsuki has always viewed herself as above all else and that the masses are just fools. Ryuuko on the other hand holds a relationship with Mako who lives in the lowest slums of this academy which shows her acceptance of them. Her relationship with Senketsu also seems to be a lot less one sided than Satsuki and Junketsu’s as they both speak of their worries while Satsuki single handedly takes on everything while thinking that Kamui is just a garment which may be just the fault Ryuuko needs to exploit to win against her in the future.

Kill la Kill Junketsu


Matoi Ryuuko embarrassed

Still as embarrassed as ever.

Matoi Ryuuko bleeding

Can’t even handle that?





Kill la Kill anime


There is even more of a display of difference in character between how the two view their transformation, but here it highlights the twisted idea of purity that Satsuki holds. Her intentions are pure in that she knows exactly what she has to do and will not lose her way. Of course, her actual actions in viewing everyone else as nothing but vermin also underlines the similarity between her viewpoint and the racial policy of Nazi Germany. Conducting human experiments, and trying to take over the world allude to the Third Reich as well. You could even say that purity can also be applied in this case and not just her intentions.

Mankanshoku Mako




Matoi Ryuuko transformation start

Senketsu Kamui godrobe



Kiryuin Satsuki dodges attack

Sword Scissor decapitation mode


Kiryuin Satsuki vs Matoi Ryuuko


Kill la Kill ryuuko




Kill la Kill trigger

Mikisugi AIkurou skeptical


Accepting the embarrassing outfit and the fact that it’s a necessary measure to take is nothing out of the ordinary and serves to bridge the otherwise giant gap between the two. You could say that Ryuuko is becoming less childish as she’s not trying to be idealistic about her situation and is accepting it. I would have thought of nothing about Satsuki’s acceptance of Ryuuko’s challenge had Mikisugi not said anything about it. We may see her try and make changes to Junketsu or find some other way to go beyond her current abilities. Whatever it may be, it looks like the show will be taking the “monster of the week” approach yet again for a while.

Kill la Kill Episode 3 Review

“Is this the last episode?!” That’s probably what a lot of people are thinking as they watch the second half of this episode. I can’t help but be taken in by the action shown in the second half. Yes, there is CGI and some of it does not look good, and that’s due to the limited budget that this series has. Nonetheless, watching it the first time with the dialogue and soundtrack rolling, it didn’t take enough away from the experience for it to be a huge complaint. Then again, I am someone who is more accepting of whatever animation studios throw out than the average person which basically means I’m terrible at measuring how good or bad animations are.

Do I really need to comment any more about the fight? I mean, everyone knows that it’s pretty damn awesome even with the visuals lacking so I’ll address some of my complaints in the past and why I think they’re still valid. Firstly, they’re undoubtedly going to tone things down from this climax because otherwise their budget won’t hold. This makes me wonder why they decided to go all out right from the start when this is a 2-cour series and there is still so much left that I don’t know how the rest of the season is going to hold up budget-wise. Also, because it is 2-cour, this brings into question exactly how they’re going to pace the rest of this series. We’ve had intense episode after intense episode which makes me worried about the future of the series more than anything else.

Look, I love this episode, and it goes to show that Trigger knows what they’re doing… at least for this episode. With their budget constraints, and how they have paced this lengthy 2-cour anime with such hecticness, I can’t help but be worried about the future. I’d much rather have a slower beginning and a climax in the middle and end rather than all of it stuffed in the beginning. Nonetheless, they probably allocated their budget appropriately, but that may make for some less intense action in the future. Even so, this episode is a blast to watch, and it certainly brings back memories from the days when I watched TTGL. Hopefully, it’ll be even more incredible by the eventual end of Kill la Kill.

Kill la Kill Wallpaper

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  • MegaAnimeFreak7

    You should label this entire series as NSFW because literally all I’m seeing is boobs XDD

    • Entrav

      If you’re reading an episode 3 review of this, you probably watched the previous two so you know the boobs are coming so it seems superfluous to write it.

    • chibikiwi this why everyone thinks this series is really good…

      • The Atomic Dwarf

        Nah, I love it for the action. I find the fanservice in this anime to be a bit parodical towards all that mainsteam ecchi stuff. A great example of this is the teach who has no reason what-so-ever to get shirtless on every single occasion.

        So no not watching this anime for that. Like I said in my other comment. It’s about the Michal Bay-esque style of parody: boobs and explosions.

        • chibikiwi

          Yeah, the action looks pretty good.

      • MegaAnimeFreak7


  • Aloxamax

    I read somewhere that they would try and make each episode as if it was the last one… it seems there’s some truth to that statement.

    • Entrav

      I wouldn’t even say some truth, more like that’s the whole truth. They really are going all out.

  • gustave154

    wow this episode was crazy good.
    especially Junketsu and Senketsu transformation scenes.
    i feel sad for the other students though they were flying everywhere during the fight lol!

    • Entrav

      The transformation scenes supplement my need to see some SEXY TIME.

  • zztop

    I wonder how cosplayers worldwide will pull off the Godrobe costume, given how choking they look on one’s…lady parts.
    Also, I ship L-11 and President Satsuki. Those 2 are eerily alike in some ways.

    • Entrav

      LOL. I didn’t even think about that. COSPLAYERS WILL NOT DISAPPOINT. Hopefully.

    • Flaiboy

      Hopefully only those with the necessary “skills” will attempt such a feat.

  • zztop

    PS.I’ve seen comments describing this show as ‘over-the-top’ and ‘deranged fun’,
    similar words used to describe Valvrave. If so, would you say there is any
    defining difference in the execution and narrative between both series?

    • Entrav

      Yes, there is a huge difference in execution which mostly comes down to the fact that Valvrave is full of shocking twists while Kill la Kill has crazy portrayal of action. So Valvrave is “over the top” in terms of the story and plot developments while Kill la Kill is “over the top” in terms of action and the way they display it.

  • Flaiboy

    Ha! Boy, was I ever wrong on this one . . .

    Here I thought that the uniform would gain coverage as it gained life fibers. I guess there’s no chance of that ever happening, is there? Kill la Kill – 1, Flaiboy – 0!

    I must say I’m loving all the action, especially how it’s animated differently from other shows that I’ve seen. Take for instance during the fight: watching the students, desks, chairs, etc. flying away from the impact, then getting sucked in. Most other anime would end there or have it reversed, but Kill la Kill adds to it by taking it one step further by then blowing them away with even greater force than before. Love it.

    I think it’s good that the show is already starting to answer questions regarding the robes, uniforms, and people. It seems to fit this type of show to have a progressive revelation than spartan info drops.

    • The Atomic Dwarf

      The star rating is definetly interesting. And yea, you’re right we get bits and pieces of info and plot every episode rather than a huge 5-10 mins of info drop at the end of the season. My only wish is that the teach keeps his damn shirt on when he goes all sage mode and explains the plot.

    • Entrav

      Your theory was so promising though :/ I guess they have to show off the fanservice somewhere.

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    What the hell? Boss fight this soon? Hell yea! And that Junketsu. It’s not even trying to cover anything. I mean seriously we got 2/3rd’s of the winning recipe for a Michael Bay masterpiece here: boobs and explosions. What we miss is the product placement. Oh and perhaps some Linkin Park. Ok gotta try that one. Re-watch this ep on mute with the Transformers OST playing :))

    Guess there’s no point in trying to predict something here. This anime is too damn chaotic. I’ll just lay back, eat some popcorn and enjoy the epic show.

    • Flaiboy

      Ditto that.

  • gustave154

    Ryuuko doesn’t get embrassed already?? nooooooo
    i love blushing ryuuko more =(


    I love you’re reviews!!!
    This episode was freaking EPIC!
    Two cours of this~ definitely curious where Trigger will go with this.
    But omg boobs everywhere dude. Being a girl, that teacher randomly stripping is very much welcome! So they can keep that coming~~ :D

    • Entrav

      Thanks a lot!

      Haha, I’m sure they’ll continue to give the MANLY stripping of MUSCULAR glory.

  • Chunmeista

    Someone NEEDS to make a gif of Satsuki taking strides up that building.

  • Dycize

    …Wait it’s 2-cours?
    I didn’t know that and uh… Wow. I’m with you here : I fear that the plot will slow down to a crawl or something. A lot has been set up and we had this episode which is quite the preview of a final battle (better prepare our bodies for the ACTUAL final battle then.)
    As for the episode itself… Holee sheeeeit.
    The action really is amazing. I also thought of the Destiny Gundam when I saw Senketsu go all wings of light on Satsuki, heh.
    Simply epic.
    I still dislike Mako’s family. And Mako herself kinda, too. The frenetic pace + stupidity = augh give me a break. It’s supposed to be funny but it kinda irritates me. Oh well.
    And then the end of this episode…
    How is that even going to work? With Senketsu upgraded, she’s going to eat those 2 stars for breakfast :v Heck, technically, even the 3 stars.
    Things are going to escalate even more (considering what we got in 3 episodes and that it’s the guys who made TTGL, it’s pretty much a given) or the show will really have to get ingenious to keep interest outside of the action scenes.

    I’ll keep watching, of course, it’s still very awesome, but I hope they have proper plans for the episodes to follow.

    • Entrav

      Yeah, I’m not really liking Mako’s family either as it just makes the pace a lot more hectic than it needs to be. I really want this show to do well because Trigger has done some great work so far, but the 2-cours is really making me worry.

  • James Du

    I like Kill la Kill. But it’s not only hard to take seriously, it’s not intended to be taken seriously.

    Kinda like Monty Oum’s RWBY.

    This season, I’ve tried out (3 episodes) and rejected Galilei Donna, Golden Time & Kyoukai no Kanata.

    I’m still watching Kill la Kill, Outbreak Company (surprisingly good), Aoki Hagane (the adaptation does not do the manga justice), and, of course, I’ve always been an Valvrave partisan. However, this season, I think I’ve fallen for Tokyo Ravens.

    Firstly, the OP is the best this season, hands down, the adaptation’s art is actually pretty damn good (not as eye-candy as, say, Shingeki’s art), although the CGI/hand-drawn scenes integration seems a little off, the story of the anime stays true to the taste of the original- and that storyline seems to be pretty good.

    • Entrav

      I enjoyed reading some of the manga for Tokyo Ravens and the anime is pretty decent as well. The OP is definitely very strong with how the scenes fit in with the song and the unique style here and there.

  • Dizzard

    This series definitely leaves an impression and I can’t fault the animation.

    It’s hard for me to really care about the story or characters though…it’s compelling in a “I wonder what randomly zany thing will happen next” kind of way.

    I’m not sure if that’s the best thing in the long run…..but I can definitely see how it’ll suit people who just want to see people get beaten up repeatedly, it does that very well.

  • Kamome ID

    Satsuki is SO Gr8!!! But still, MAKO is The Greatest :P