Kill la Kill Episode 6 – Conviction

Sanageyama Uzu 3-star

How far can he go?
Kill la Kill Episode 6 Review
“Don’t Toy With Me on a Whim”
“Kibun Shidai de Semenaide”

From facing two-star chumps to Satsuki herself, Matoi Ryuuko faces her greatest challenge yet. Indeed, the road to her ambitions of finding out the mystery of who killed her father and the other scissor will not be so easy as partially mastering Senketsu.

Kill la Kill Episode 6 Impressions

What a coincidence.


Mikisugi Aikurou stripping


Nudist beach

Shiny thing near his crotch is probably there for a reason.


Kiryuuin satsuki draining

Hmm… is Junketsu different from Senketsu then?…

Junketsu crazy

Dude… are you okay?


Is this One Piece?

Satsuki vs Sanagekyama





Kiryuuin satsuki bathrobe



Blade Regalia three star



Matoi Ryuuko owned


More like DERPEYE.


Kill la Kill Ryuuko cuts senketsu



Sanageyama Uzu is a fighter. He seeks to fight, he wishes to fight, and he lives to fight. His will no doubt struck through as extraordinary to Satsuki which is why she asked him to join the elite who are directly below her. However, their relationship does not simply end there. Satsuki may look upon the elite four (hah), or the Four Devas as some translate it, in a more lenient way, but there seems to be a more personal connection between Satsuki and Sanageyama. Allowing him to fight is not too peculiar, but what’s important is that she did break her favorite tea cup to test his abilities. Wow, a tea cup! That’s a huge deal! However trivial it may seem, this could be the writer’s way of hinting at a deeper relationship that goes beyond veneration.

As for Satsuki herself, her control over Junketsu has been, as you’ve seen, very difficult to maintain. In fact, Junketsu almost seems to be going crazy. This may have to do with the creation of the uniform itself, but it could also have something to do with how Satsuki handles wearing the uniform. She does not view it as a “friend.” She views it just as clothing. Under normal circumstances this is the sane stance to take, but these Kamui have a mind of their own in Kill la Kill, and it’s probably wise to take that into consideration. What I find more interesting is how the Kiryuuin family is portrayed. Honnouji Academy almost feels small in comparison to the adult world that Satsuki’s mother lives in. This makes Honnouji Academy feel like a stepping stone for Matoi so that she can deal with the entire family. If Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is an indicator of anything, Matoi’s conflicts will probably not end at Honnouji Academy.


Kiryuuin satsuki smiling


Sanageyama Uzu uniform


Matoi Ryuuko stabbed



WILL WE GO OUT INTO SPACE THIS TIME TOO? Honnouji Academy is damn huge.

Not even you?


Ultimate derp.


Mako working behind the scenes.



Kiryuuin Satsuki inviting for tea


Sanageyama Uzu rejection


After Ryuuko’s defeat, it almost appears as if Sanageyama is even more confident than before rejecting Satsuki’s offer. Not only that, with the way he is now, they appear to stand on even footing more than anything else. Satsuki’s fascination with Sanageyama grows, and this could develop into something more though it appears that while she’s moving closer towards him, he’s becoming more distant. Anyways, as for the fight itself, Sanageyama’s new ability is just absurd. I’m sure he’s just exaggerating when he says he can see everything as that would make him a God and no one would be able to stand up to him. Some people had trouble taking in the fact that Ryuuko lost as she stood on almost even footing with Satsuki. However, remember that she still lost as she was the first to kneel. It’s difficult to say if her fighting is not up to snuff because against an opponent who can read your moves, it’s not as if you can even land a blow. Heck, I think Satsuki would have a great deal of trouble against him and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that she could lose. Though, this does bring in the question of how he’s going to be defeated which will be interesting to see as this will test the imagination of the writers.

Kill la Kill Episode 6 Review

The pacing in this episode reminds me of the hectic episodes of 1 and 2. Some time has passed since then, and I’m taking in the pacing a lot more than I was originally. However, it still feels a bit too hectic for me right now. With the development of another character, what I can safely say to be one of the core strengths of the show is the consistent delivery of entertaining characters. Previously it was Tsumugu, and now it’s Sanageyama who is the badass of the week. They have their own motives, and are badass in their own ways. It’s also great to see the show hinting at something beyond Honnouji Academy and the current conflicts that Ryuuko is having. The over the top action is as enjoyable as ever, but it’s the prospect of even more bombastic scenes in the future that truly keep me watching. How far will this show escalate? How far can Ryuuko go? What can this talented team do with their budget constraints? At the very least, they’ve got me captivated enough to keep continuing this crazy adventure.

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  • Aloxamax

    The OST that could be heard during Satsuki’s mother appearance was magnificent! And I also can’t help but be curious about the relationship between Satsuki and Sanageyama, so much can be assumed from reading between lines, the problem is that there might not actually be anything there. That would be a shame.

    • Entrav

      That’s Hiroyuki for you. Though, I can’t say I am overly impressed with the soundtrack shown in KlK so far like I usually am with Hiroyuki’s work. That’ll probably change with future battles though.

    • Talthain

      The Soundtrack during the appearance of Satsuki’s mother piqued my interest as well.

  • Irenesharda

    An interesting episode that had quite a dark turn to it with the sports chair and his resolve to not lose. Him having his eyes sewn shut was quite disturbing.

    However, is it just me, or did they also just reveal his fatal flaw at the end? It’s always the same, with characters like him, or like Bane, who get enhanced astronomically through artificial means. It’s such an easy flaw to exploit when you think about it: You give them too much of a good/bad thing.

    For someone like Sanageyama, who is so sensitive to the world around him, the key way of defeating him now is to over-sensitize him. Bombard his sensory organs with so much sensation, so much emotion, that his body and mind will no longer be able to take it, will not be able to comprehend it all at once. It will eventually destroy him.

    However, Matoi nicely did learn the same lesson that Sanageyama sort of learned: not to lean on only one skill, as it will eventually be your downfall. She should really go and talk with Nudist Beach and learn from them, as the fatal flaw of that school is easily their total dependence on their uniforms. If you can exploit that weakness without falling to it yourself, you’ve won.

  • James Du

    Betting that Sanageyama will achieve 50% life fibers or perhaps his own Kamui.

    • Entrav

      Yep, he’ll probably get a better uniform sometime down the line with how 30% isn’t enough anymore.

  • Dycize

    Ryuko took quite a beating today huh? Sanageyama is quite the badass. Didn’t expect him to lose the 1st round so fast though.
    Also th-


    Dang it. This guy sparkle as much as a Goku Uniform despite being half naked.

    What was I going to say? Ah yes. The 2nd round was pretty brutal huh. Typical “going blind made me awesomer(tm)” plot, except it’s the main character on the receiving end. Thank god the Goku Uniforms can overheat, though this tell us something : even if we knew uniforms weren’t the be-all end-all of the power scale, they power up the wearer, but also have their own limits.

    Meanwhile, at the Kiryuins… Junketsu is closer to some sort of berserker than a proper kamui like Senketsu. And it took a toll on Satsuki apparently. Yup, this is going to become pretty ugly down the road…
    The Elite Four 3 years ago! Sanageyama really looked like a brat. Satsuki was just smaller. Gamagori (the big guy, even with names splattered on the screen, I have troubles remembering them) didn’t have his hair slicked back (and a pretty nice mantle). The others looked similar to how they are currently. I liked the style of this flashback.

    Something between Satsuki and Sanageyama… Hmm, I don’t know. I think it may have to do that she… Maybe wasn’t going nice on him when she attacked him with the tea cup. Her silence combined with the fatigue from wearing Junketsu… Hm.

    Overall, an episode packed with action and more underlying plot. I like this development, though I wonder how Ryuko is going to power up now.

  • The Atomic Dwarf


    If Sanageyama is willing to sacrifice his eyes for a second chance, I’m curious to see how far are the other 3 willing to go. Will they turn into downright monsters?

    • Entrav