Kill la Kill Episode 7 – Greed

Kill la Kill matoi Ryuuko fireworks
Nice developments.

Wonderfully done episode.
Kill la Kill Episode 7 Review
“A Loser I Can’t Hate”
“Nikumi Kirenai Rokudenashi”

On certain occasions, there are anime that make us aware of the human condition. It may be about the structure of society, and how we view each other. Sometimes, it could be about law and order versus freedom. This time, it’s about greed.

Kill la Kill Episode 7 Impressions

Mankanshoku family


I want some D:



Stripping people all day.


She doesn’t deny that she’s a peasant. How nice.

She reminds me of some ancient roman ruler or something.

Matoi Ryuuko overwhelmed


Mankanshoku mako


Matoi Ryuuko kicked



Wow, what an upgrade.

Kill la Kill mako and Ryuuko




Matoi Ryuuko bath


It’s such a innocent desire to raise one’s family’s living standards. There are few people who don’t want to do what they can for their family, and themselves. To this end, Ryuuko sees the opportunity to repay the kindness of the Mankanshoku family while still achieving her primary objective of overthrowing Kiryuuin Satsuki’s system that is the Honnouji Academy. As the episode progresses, you begin to see that this episode is not so much about overthrowing the system as it is about the rise to the top, and the benefits, and of course the troubles that come along with it. One thing to note is that upon their entry into the one-star living standards, they still maintain the lively family atmosphere much like before. The reason is because they entered a reasonable living standard that improves upon their previous living conditions enough to make them more happy. They have not yet reached the point where they can lavishly spend as they wish which is a true test of character and willpower. Moreover, time is also on their side as we didn’t get to see the rest of the one-star living experience. Of course, upon their entry, they’d be grateful, but maybe if we got to see a bit more of this stage, we would probably notice that they are more separated than before.

All. Day.


Mankanshoku Sukuyo






She must have powered up a lot from all of that.

Mankanshoku Matarou



Don’t underestimate the MAKO POWA.


Fitting soundtrack.

Upon entering the two-star standard of living, the disparity between how they were before and how they are now is completely clear. They have separated entirely, and the most important moments that Ryuuko wanted to keep, that is, eating together with everyone, is gone. In the family, only Ryuuko and Mako are not completely overwhelmed by the new wealth. It’s actually very nice how everything fits together in the end, and this relates well to both of their characters. Ryuuko has always been a simple girl, and her attitude towards this new standard of living is extremely fitting for her character as she really doesn’t care. She wants to keep the foundation of her happiness which is the heartwarming family atmosphere. She doesn’t need new luxurious ways of obtaining her happiness. On the other hand, Mako is working hard to maintain the happiness of everyone else. In essence, their viewpoint is very similar in that all they want to do is to keep everyone happy which they were before all of this happened.

Mankanshoku mako evil laugh



Kiryuuin Satsuki smiling

That feeling when things work out.

two-star fight club mako


Kiryuuin satsuki greed

It seems like she’s not just saying it for this scene. She may have some own personal problems too.


Mako punches Matoi Ryuuko


Kiryuuin satsuki not pleased


Mankanshoku Mako crying

That is some serious crying.

Keep the uniform?

I guess not. That may have been useful though, no?


Kill la Kill mako in underwear


Hell yes.


It’s been clear since the beginning of the show that Satsuki does not only possess physical prowess, but also mental prowess. Not to mention her strength of character, more than anyone else, Satsuki does have the ability to stand on the very top. Her plan is a win win situation. Ryuuko is either defeated, which she probably didn’t expect to happen anyways, or there is a purging of ineptitude in the academy itself. Being so high up, Satsuki must have been yearning for something different in her life, and with the appearance of Ryuuko, she finally has a worthy challenger. Quite frankly, she could have crushed Ryuuko into the ground a long time ago, but she chose not to. The reason could be that Ryuuko’s role could be manipulated, like it is in this episode, to make her kingdom stronger. Moreover, she has her own pride to keep. If she just sent out her most powerful underlings all at once, Ryuuko would lose, but that wouldn’t bring her any satisfaction. It’s almost as if she’s preparing Ryuuko and letting her grow so that she can eventually have some excitement of her own. After all, an opponent like this is not going to appear anytime soon and it’s not uncommon for powerful characters to be bored of their environment and thirst for worthwhile foes. Satsuki’s smile at the end indicates that she’s actually happy that she ended up being “wrong” about greed. She’s happy that Ryuuko made something she expected to be the case actually become something different. Also, when Satsuki is talking about greed, she doesn’t include Ryuuko’s behavior. This proves, among other things, that she does acknowledge her more than many others.

Kill la Kill Episode 7 Review

I’m actually very surprised with this episode. Well, surprised and impressed by how Trigger delivers a more thought-provoking topic with such execution. I think the key with this episode is that the pacing is just right to expand on the theme of greed and the downfall one could face if not careful. The reason why just a single episode is perfect is because Trigger is taking a very simple way of approaching the topic and there’s no need to go overly in-depth. Chances are, most viewers are perfectly aware of this theme already, and stretching it on for many episodes would not strengthen the theme. The simplistic portrayal of the rise and fall in this society suffices to emphasize the theme enough, and damn am I glad that there’s no ridiculous, cliche or pretentious dialogue when a show tackles these deeper ideas. It’s easy for shows to have the characters speak their worries rather than show it, but Trigger sticks to the portrayal and the result is pretty damn good.

It’s hard for shows to take on more profound ideas about the human condition so it comes at a surprise at how well it’s done with just one episode. It may not be very in-depth, but you have to keep in mind that this is still relevant to the overarching story. Ryuuko has defeated many people and gathered some Life Fiber which probably powers up Senketsu. Satsuki is also pushing her new plan in motion which will result in more development in the future. There is also the development between Ryuuko and the family itself, and not to mention there is still the action. It gets rid of the “monster of the week” feeling by having this theme, and while I haven’t been too impressed with the usage of soundtrack in this anime so far, it’s definitely used well in this episode. Overall, this episode addresses a deeper theme on a whim in a surprisingly elegant fashion, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Great episode.

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  • Bam

    “This show is the show that will pierce the heavens” [Kamina voice]

    • Entrav

      HELL YES.

  • TriggerFanboy

    Dunno if you noticed, but Mako’s uniform is a reference to Jotaro Kujo’s outfit from Stardust Crusaders.

    • Entrav

      Sadly, I haven’t seen or read that much of Jojo. So… Don’t hate me please… >.>

      • Dycize

        Actually it’s not!
        It’s just the stereotype of the old school japanese delinquent taken to its more over the top roots. It’s kind of like the male equivalent of what inspires Ryuko’s character design, which is just fitting (sukeban for bad girls and bancho for bad guys). Jotaro just happen to have clothes based on this style too, though he definitely gets more coverage, since banchos generally aren’t main character material (they are played more often as jokes than anything else).

  • Christemo

    I guess you could call this season… the Golden Time of anime.

    • Entrav


      • The Atomic Dwarf

        Did you like the cameo appearance in the last ep?

        • Entrav

          Wait, what? CAMEO WHERE?

          • The Atomic Dwarf

            Nana dude NANA

          • Entrav

            Oh, well she was shown way before lolol. I thought you meant something else.

          • Drig

            She wasn’t shown before…….

            *Furiously goes through the rest of the episodes*

            WHERE? Ep.07? Has it even been released yet?

          • The Atomic Dwarf

            Episode 7? Yea for 3 days now.

          • Drig


            When did this happen?

            *Furiously goes through all episodes*

  • Ian Porterfield

    Well this seems to be actually well done. But nothing can ever come close to the Kuudere Goddess!

    Guess Who Entrav.

    • Entrav

      CLEARLY THE ALMIGHTY GAHARA. But comparing ERU ERUFU with GAHARA is just not even fair for both characters. They’re completely different.

  • Lim Cheng Yi

    wait… are we even supposed to discuss about the fight club? What happened to that rule?

    • Ian

      We do not talk about Fight Club.

    • Entrav


  • The Atomic Dwarf

    If a 2-star uniform makes Mako so OP, imagine what will happen if she ever wears Senketsu. Do It Trigger! I dare you!

    • Entrav


  • Drig

    Even as someone who cannot stand a show without a coherent realistic setup ( I found Gurren Lagann a bit exasperating at times ), Kill la Kill has me begging for more and more every week. That’s probably the biggest compliment I can give the show.

    Best show of the season so far?? For me, very much up there with Golden Time.

    • Entrav

      I’m liking the pacing of this show quite a bit now. The first two episodes had me hesitating to praise it because it was just a bit too hectic without expanding on some of the core aspects of a show, but now that they have kind of done that, I am really enjoying the show now. This one is just a real nice surprise with how it handles a deeper idea.

      One of my favorite shows this season for sure, but there are just so many nice shows this season. Well, of course, VALVRAAAAAAAVE is #1 for me. Always.


    A solid episode. I really enjoyed this one a lot.
    Satsuki has even bigger plans in store~ can’t wait to see how that goes. But I want to see the development with her Junketsu. I don’t think it’s happy to be pinned in a glass box for a long time. (Ironing is just what it needs!!)

    On an unrelated note:
    Entrav, do you watch Legend of Korra? The season finale of book 2 finale played. And… and… I’m not pleased. Not 100%. It had some great moments but… Deus Ex Machina man… there just wasn’t any foreshadowing and there was no explanation for any of it..

  • Ian Porterfield
  • Blurarara

    someone please tell me what’s the name of the song that plays when they are in the 2nd house and everyone is happy

  • Edz

    I hope I’d get to see someone cosplay MAKO’s Fight Club 2-star Goku Uniform. I think it’s WAY awesome! :)