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Kill la Kill Episode 8 Review
“A Once in a Lifetime Chance”
“Chansu wa Ichido”

You want to know how to restructure something? You want to know how to change something? I doubt that any teachers or policy makers are or ever will read my reviews, but damn, they should watch Kill la Kill and witness the almighty restructuring of Honnouji Academy conducted by Satsuki-sama herself because it’s an example to live by. LET THE CHAOS BEGIN.

Kill la Kill Episode 8 Impressions


And they keep all their uniforms. Real fair.


People actually try to attack them? Lol.

Well, good luck rebuilding that.

That was a good episode.

Mankanshoku Mako and Ryuuko

How sweet.

Senketsu suffocating

Because of DEM OPPAI.

Don’t make Mako feel bad. D:

This sequence is pretty nice.

Dr. Matoi


Thanks for the foreshadowing.

That hair really looks like Satsuki’s hair. I don’t think they’re trying to make it super shocking with just that. They’ll have something else as a follow-up for sure.

So, if she didn’t run out, would she have even lived?

Matoi Ryuuko kamui



Matoi Ryuuko smile

Would you protect this smile?

An all out war to rise up in society and actually have a powerful uniform backing you up? Jeez, that sure seems fair for those who don’t have the best uniforms. But let’s be realistic, this is just Satsuki’s way of ranking the people below the three stars as it’s not as if the Four Devas will actually lose. It does also give some valuable time to build the backstory of Ryuuko that we know nothing of. Finally, we do get to see the face of that perverted geezer of a father, and that Ryuuko was quite a ruffian back in the day. It’s quite surprising seeing how she is acting now, but then you can assume that she had a soft heart from the start and was just not in the right environment. We should not take Ryuuko’s father’s warning about a “cruel fate” awaiting her lightly at all. This should affirm any suspicions that things may not end in the most ideal way for Ryuuko and that her struggle may actually end miserably. Moreover, the end is nowhere in sight as Satsuki being the final antagonist is very unlikely, and we will probably see a more clear direction when the “truth” is revealed. I am expecting nothing less than a change of scale, and a change of who the real antagonist is.


Mankanshoku Mako



Mankansoku Mako and Gamagori



Dude, I thought you had a plan.

Don’t worry. She’s fine.

That’s some manliness.

Gamagori Ira stars




Gamagoori ira




Kiryuuin Satsuki junior high


Why is she so perfect?

Kiryuuin Satsuki power

Too good.

Satsuki may be cruel. She may be Machiavellian. She may be ruthless, but she’s not completely evil. She oppresses the people, but at the same time, she seeks to get rid of corruption, and those who pull society down. She made a meritocratic state so that only the best will thrive, and she has a sense of twisted justice that you can’t exactly say is utterly evil. She manipulates, she schemes, she takes control, but ultimately, she does bring order to what would otherwise be a society where corruption is rampant. Of course, in this type of society, those who control everyone else are the ones most prone to being corrupt themselves. However, Satsuki’s resolve is stronger than that, and so far, the saying, “absolute power corrupts absolutely,” does not apply to her. Someone holding such strong willpower is rare which is probably why Gamagoori followed her in the first place. Indeed, her authority, her physical power, and her mental fortitude make her a very charismatic character that some people would be willing to work under.


“Hardness towers mighty and strong.”

Even Mako is bewildered.



Matoi Ryuuko ready

Kiryuuin Satsuki looking down

I’m so ready for them to fight together, and not just against each other.


Gamagori Ira pointing


One thing to note is that Satsuki knows exactly what’s going on with Ryuuko’s father. The least surprising revelation would be that Satsuki killed her father, and this goes in line with the Nudist Beach’s objective of weakening the Kiryuuin family with the help of Dr. Matoi. What could have also happened is that Satsuki was just a pawn in the larger scheme of things. We don’t know much about her parents, but we can guess that they hold an extraordinary amount of power themselves. Satsuki still is not completely independent and she may have needed to make sacrifices for things to work out. Whatever the case, I don’t think Ryuuko will actually face all of the Four Devas. I’m expecting a twist or something during or after the fight with Gamagoori that will change things up.

Kill la Kill Episode 8 Review

I am becoming more and more pleased with Kill la Kill with each passing episode, and this one is no exception. The one aspect I can very much appreciate is the unpredictability of this show. There are many people who share similar thoughts in that Satsuki is not really the “final antagonist,” but at the same time, we really have no clue what is around the corner. This adds quite a bit of suspense to each episode which is already in and of themselves quite enjoyable when it comes to how over the top it is. The way they portray Honnouji Academy, and most importantly, Satsuki herself makes the story just a tad bit deeper than it otherwise would be. Speaking of characters, TRIGGER never fails to bring in one amusing character after the other. It’s still on the monster of the week track, but it never really feels like it’s just that as each character has his or her own background, and the characters support the story very well. Like the other characters, Gamagoori has… interesting quirks. The innuendos, his stern attitude, and his loyalty to Satsuki all add to make for an interesting preparation episode. While nothing blew my mind, there’s also nothing that I can really complain about which makes this quite a nice set-up episode.

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  • Ian Porterfield

    I’m surprised you didn’t at least show the JFK reference…

    • Entrav

      Totally forgot about that, haha.

      • Chilungamo Ndalama

        what this reference – explain please

        • Entrav

          JFK assassination.

          • Chilungamo Ndalama

            Just remembered it was the scene with the car chase and guns xD

  • Verathrogna

    So I wasn’t the only one who felt awkward during this episode, I mean I’m all for unique characters just never expected Gamagoori to um be like that…

    • Irenesharda

      No, you weren’t the only one who felt the awkwardness. I was even a little uncomfortable and had to stop the episode for a second.

      Well, you can’t say this show doesn’t pull all the stops…

    • Entrav

      I don’t think anyone saw it coming.

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    Ok this episode explained a lot. And from the looks of it we might even get a second season. With Ryuuko and Satsuki teaming up to go against the rest of the Kiryuuin family. It may sound far-fetched but let me explain why.

    First of all, Gamagoori’s background story told us a lot about Satsuki’s standing within her own family. Add to that the bits of info we had in the last eps and it’s clear that she wants to break the shackles that her family forced upon her and rule in her own way. Remember the part where her mother asked why did she use her “wedding dress” Kamui so early?

    To realize what she has in mind she founded this school with it’s crazy uniform system. Why? because she needed strong, loyal men to help her accomplish her goal. Ryuuko might have been an unexpected surprise when she first showed up, but Satsuki learned how to use the chaos she created to further her own agenda.

    Either by helping the ones loyal to her to become stronger or by purging the academy of undesirables she used Ryuuko and I won’t be surprised if she’s doing it again in this 5 man battle royale. I’m not really sure how much Satsuki knows about the death of Ryuuko’s father but she knows enough to understand how to manipulate her.

    Now then, this is just my assumption and the show has proven me wrong time and time again but at least a couple of things are certain: Ryuuko is on the hunt for the killer and will do anything for a bit of info, Satsuki has her own goals different from the Kiryuuin’s, her elite four are loyal and willing to sacrifice anything to help and Gamagoori is one sick masochistic guy.

    Can’t wait to see what the next ep has in store for us. I’m expecting a lot of cries of pleasure from Gamagoori :))

    • Ian Porterfield

      This series is 24 episodes long, remember? It’ll be around to energize the barren winter season! :D

      • The Atomic Dwarf

        Oh, sry forgot about that :)

    • Entrav

      Nudist Beach will come when the twist comes. I’m really expecting a twist before the Fall season is over. I hope. I think.

  • gustave154

    Elite four timeeee yesssss!!!
    In all seriousness the killer with the blue scissors
    Really looks like Satsuki-sama =]

    • Entrav

      Yeah, it probably is. INB4 TWIN SISTER TWIST.

      • Flaiboy

        Yeah, I’ve wondered that from the first episode. My first thought was, “Twins separated at birth”. But I don’t know. At least sisters. The father stuck with Ryuuko and the mother with Satsuki.

        That would explain why only they could tame the godrobes – it probably runs in the family genes.

  • Flaiboy

    I’m losing interest in this show . . .

    • Entrav

      Care to explain why? I’m actually getting more interested, haha.

      • Flaiboy

        It seems to be evolving into a “fight of the week” anime (but not exclusively), which bores me.

        • Entrav

          I thought I’d be irritated at the “monster of the week” format, but it’s done pretty well so I don’t mind. TTGL was like that for quite some time as well so…

          • Owa

            Yeah Satsuki cleaarrrrrlly isnt the “big bad”, there’s just too many hints. Esp last ep’s smile when Ryuko and Mako “proved her wrong” but it was probably all according to plan anyways!

            As for monster of the week, i posted this on RC on ep 4 i think. Its from the TRIGGER Online weekly Newsletter (u should sign up they link cool keyframes, storyboards, and stuff).

            “Some of you may already know, but KILL la KILL was originally planned to become the typical monster/villain of the week style of anime. The first time I attended the staff meeting was a year and a half before the airing of KILL la KILL started. And, that just happened to be the time when the staff decided to throw that style of composition out. With the static format gone, the weekly meeting became even more hectic, and it was almost impossible to keep up with the conversation if I were to take even one week off. It got a little long, but what I wanted to say is that KILL la KILL will really fire up after episode 3! Starting with episode 4, I bet it will sucker punch you with the out of the ordinary taste!
            Higuchi Reporting out!”

            I feel like “Monster of the Week” is defined best by ep 2:
            -Tennis Captain miniboss introduced
            -Start fight
            -Mid fight losing
            -Powerup and win

            Whereas the rest of the eps from 4 on arent like that:
            ep 4: Silly antics
            ep 5: NUDIST BEEEECH – Ryuko loses
            ep 6: Ryuko loses
            ep 7: Maybe but more about family development
            ep 8: Setup

            Since they officially abandoned Monster of the Week format, these eps are just ACTION of the week like any other action series.

            True monster of the week is like Sailor Moon, Precure, etc.

          • Flaiboy

            My idea of “fight of the week” differs from yours, but that’s ok; notice I said “but not exclusively” as there are spaces for minimal character development and the ever-changing plot. Considering this is two cours I’m assuming the plot will have to grow and change or it’s going to be a long two cours.

            The show still makes me laugh but I don’t look forward to the episodes each week as I would with others. Action shows that are purely “action of the week” bore me which is why I guess I don’t ever watch shows that are of that type, at least not since I learned my lesson.

  • Flaiboy

    “All at once” screencap pays homage to TTGL.

    • Flaiboy

      Episode 8 of TTGL

      • Entrav

        Ohhhhhh right. Thanks for the nostalgia. :)

  • George Ivascu

    I really hope I gonna get to see a kool fight with Nonon..this season kinda lacks loli’s ..they bloody killed Marie in valvrave to quick ..not much cuteness there left..