Kill la Kill Episode 9 – One down

Kill la Kill Ryuuko

Let’s get it on.
Kill la Kill Episode 9 Review
“A Once in a Lifetime Chance”
“Chansu wa Ichido”

The road that Ryuuko has taken will not only assist her in finding out the truth about her father’s death. Over time, she’ll improve her abilities as a fighter to utilize Senketsu’s abilities to the fullest for whatever enemy lies ahead probably goes beyond even Satsuki herself.

Kill la Kill Episode 9 Impressions


30% + 30% + 30% < 100% It’s all good. Go for it.

Gamagoori ira finger



Your brain.

I want some of that. D:

Always Mako.

Mikisugi Aikurou

He’s just using her isn’t he?

Matoi Ryuuko irritated

That irritation.

Kiryuuin Satsuki



Shackle Regalia




Wow, he punishes himself instead of-


Scourge regalia gamagoori

Oh daym.




Gamagoori Ira


Mankanshoku Sukuyo

So much cushion.

Mikisugi doesn’t want Ryuuko to lose when her potential is so high, but he’s still reluctant to tell Ryuuko about anything. This means that either Ryuuko’s father told him to not tell anything or that it’s so important that she can’t know even if her life is in danger. This may be because if he tells her, she’ll go in a completely different path or she may be more difficult to deal with in the future. Regardless, however detached Ryuuko and her father was, she’s still very keen to find out the truth. You have to wonder if her resolve is really strong enough for the battles ahead as they’re only going to be more difficult. Her conviction lies on a thin thread. Who knows what she’ll do or how she’ll react when she finds out the truth? Where will she even go from there if there is no direct antagonist?


Can’t blame him.


Gamagoori Ira and Kiryuuin Satsuki stab



Only the first? Jeez, there’s a lot more to come.

Gamagoori and Satsuki

Mankanshoku Mako nosebleed


She gets him off, so it’s ok.


He sounds so damn happy.

Mankanshoku Mako shocked

You’ve seen one before?


She sure tasted it.



Kiru ra kiru

Gamagoori Ira


Kill la Kill



Gamagoori Ira Seppuku stopped by satsuki

She admires your muscles. Don’t do it.

Kiryuuin Satsuki tears

You’re not going to wipe them for him?… Could have been such a touching moment.

Inumuta Houka


Alright, so for some reason some people think the way this ended is an ass-pull. I was hoping for a bit more, but this definitely isn’t an ass-pull. Firstly, you have to remember that Senketsu is far stronger than any Goku Uniform that they have. (30% vs 100%) The reason why Ryuuko has been smacked around by the others is because she hasn’t fully utilized that 100% unlike how the others probably fully utilize their 30%. Not to mention that they probably have far more actual experience than she does since it hasn’t been that long since she found out about Senketsu. In actuality, she should be winning easily. But wait, didn’t she take up the full form in episode 3? Well, that was just the first step in accepting Senketsu. Now, they have to build upon that foundation and strengthen their bond and their understanding of each other to become more powerful. I imagine there is a larger difficulty in that too compared to other Goku-Uniforms as Senketsu is “alive.” As for how she managed to turn her uniform into blades, that’s completely believable as, well, if you look back even to episode 3, she did transform into the “true” form of Senketsu. There’s no reason why it couldn’t have been something else as well. Also, if Goku-Uniforms are capable of having multilevel transformations, Senketsu probably can as well.

Usually, Satsuki is quite strict with the people that lose, but as I’ve mentioned before, she’s not completely heartless. Well, it would be stupid to let someone like Gamagoori Ira die like that after he learns his lesson to be flexible with his resolve for it can really lead to ignorance. I’m not sure how many people reside in Honnouji Academy, but people like Gamagoori are far and few in between. Satsuki needs his talent and his resolve to further her goals. Of course, by letting him live, she only strengthens his loyalty towards her even further. There’s no doubt in my mind that he’ll come back stronger than ever after learning from this loss. As for Ryuuko, as nice as her victory is, she’s really getting a bit too confident. She should take as many rests as she possibly can or else it’ll be her undoing. There’s no way she can face all four of them and Satsuki herself one after another. As such, I’m expecting something to break this routine soon.

Kill la Kill Episode 9 Review

I can’t say I am overwhelmed by how they concluded the fight between Ryuuko and Gamagoori, but it’s at least somewhat satisfying. The key aspect that I keep seeing is just how well TRIGGER is using their budget. There are definitely scenes repeated over and over again, but the choreography of each episode never gets stale. You can see the limited budget that they have, and yet, it feels very fitting for the show. They mix up some of the repetition with the bombastic style, and the characters themselves which never cease to entertain me. I couldn’t help but cheer Gamagoori on somewhat due to the strength of his resolve. That said, I’m not really a fan of it being a “monster of the week” kind of show as it tends to get a bit stale after a few fights. The variety in the fights and how they are resolved are key to keeping my interest. For example, when Tsumugu came out of nowhere, that shook things up a bit even though you could see it as just another enemy of the week. However, it’s a lot more structured now so hopefully next episode there will be enough changes in the fights themselves, perhaps like a change in terrain or the way they fight, so that things will not get stale.

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  • Chunmeista

    I’ve got the feeling that Satsuki is openly letting her subordinates fight Ryuuko in order to show them that, despite their position, they have much to improve on (should they fail). She’s done this with Sanageyama and now Gamagoori. She’s not only testing Ryuuko, she’s also testing them. (This might be her bet that Ryuuko can defeat them if she learns to use her uniform at 100%.)

    And yes, “first stage of her plan.” There’s something way, way bigger than this conflict. We don’t even know what Satsuki’s parents do, who murdered Ryuuko’s dad and why, what is the organization “nudist beach” all about, what is Aikuro’s goal in this, or if there is some kind of story behind the existence of life fibers.

    • Entrav

      Don’t know why I didn’t think of that, but I totally agree with you now that you’ve brought it up. It’s a good way for them to pummel any feeling of overconfidence they may have. KEIKAKU. DOORI.

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    This battles are meant to help both Satsuki’s elite four and Ryuuko herself learn and improve. The battle was awesome and I don’t really have a problem with it being monster of the week for the next 3-4 eps. This way we’ll see their background stories and perhaps through them understand Satsuki’s goals and what her family is like. We might see them take another break before the next battle though. Either that or the “mistery meat” she ate in her lunch is going to kick in and push Ryuuko into overdrive.

    Last time I said it’ll be a monster of the week back in ep 2 they skipped right to the boss battle. This anime is unpredictable and with the “new challanger” coming now -who we know nothing about- who knows what will happen? Remember he had a lot of time to fully analyze Senketsu’s abilities but kept his own hidden until now so unless Ryuuko pulls another wildcard it’ll be a one-sided battle. Even more than that against Gamagoori.

    • Entrav

      I still don’t really think TRIGGER would just have it all play out like this smoothly… It seems too unlike them. I’m just anticipating something big.

      • The Atomic Dwarf

        For all we know she might breeze through the next 2/3 or get beaten in the first mins of the episode. You never get bored with this anime and that’s what makes it soo awesome!



    Gamagoori’s talk of ‘whips of love’ was a bit disturbing…

    And FINALLY, INUMUTA! YES. BEEN WAITING TO SEE THIS MAN IN ACTION. NEXT WEEK IS GOING TO BE HAWT. And he’s talking about love and feelings?! I can’t help being worried about the nightmare fuel coming next week. But, I’m also looking forward to it? Oh my gawd…

    • Entrav


  • Dynasty 12

    I love how we are justifying all the crazy stuff that happens by saying its the blades just popping up are realistic. To me, this show has to things going for it. ……………Booooooooooooooooooooobs and manly adrenaline coursing fights accept that one of the manly fighters is a girl.
    …………Maybe that was a bad description of the show.

  • Frances Charlotte Dixon

    The sub I saw had Mako saying: She’s like a human taiyaki!! In other words anything said in this was my thought too XD I felt so dirty watching this lol

  • Ian Porterfield

    Soooo….Koi Episode 2?

    • Entrav

      The only post I’m doing is the latest episode of Little Busters. I was planning to do something else too but… simply not enough time as I have final exams coming up and one course is giving me a tough time. I don’t think I can do the next week one either because that’s when I’ll actually take the final exams. The next week, aside from Valvrave, I’m not even sure what other posts I will do. Anyways, there’ll be a post in the next few days indicating my plans for the rest of the season.

  • Bam

    Hopefully they switch it up a little next week so they break this trend. “Monster of the week” thing needs to go. I’m sure that there’s gonna be substantial developments before this cour ends and we’re goin to see a much broader plot at work for the 2nd half, not unlike Gurren Lagaan.

    This episode was just so-so for me, not bad by any measure but not Trigger enough I would say. It could just be the great string of Kyousougiga episodes that’s been spoiling me, but we’ll see.

    I’m still quite optimistic for this show

  • Sean

    Started watching this series a few days ago. The last three or so episodes have been my favourite…particularly the one where Ryuuko and Mako fought each other…..and the episode with the guy who stitched his eyes shut. (Not sure on his name yet…)

    I feel like the characters overall have become more interesting over time, its nice to see some back stories for the elite four.

    I hope Satsuki isn’t the person who killed Ryuuko’s father, that would be too straightforward and just justify a long drawn out campaign against her. I kinda would be interested in seeing them form an awkward alliance for some external reason.

    This latest episode surprised me how Satsuki, whatever her intentions did save that boys life….she’s more complex than I gave her credit for.