Kokoro Connect Episode 10 Overview

Kokoro Connect kiss

Putting Into Words
(Sore o Kotoba ni Suru toiu Koto) (それを言葉にするということ)
The end of an arc brings boundless change in Kokoro Connect Episode 10

No doubt the most profuse episode emotionally for this arc, this episode deals with the emotional constraints that Inaba has been having and the the rectitude of Nagase’s character. Inaba who at episode one seemed to be a stoic and mysterious character changes completely in this episode to accommodate for her now exposed feelings.

Kokoro Connect nanase and Iori

The major highlight of this episode is Inaba’s character and how she makes a complete 180 into one who one would never have imagined to be stoic and emotionless. I’m sure that Nagase is very knowledgeable of people’s internal thoughts because she took on many personas in her life beforehand. As such, she easily finds out that Inaba has some feelings for Taichi. Now, remember that Nagase is the one who is really making the change in Inaba and not Inaba herself. While Inaba wants to love Taichi and to confess her feelings she feels that their friendship and the group of friends she so treasures will disappear if she does. Throughout her life she has been shut in her room with no real friends. In order to appease her now treasured relationship she must retain her love for the sake of herself and her friends. However, words of reaffirmation, which, if I might add, are superbly put, by Nagase creates a new sense of belonging for Inaba’s mentality to rest on. Now, a friendly competition between the two begins while the club is once more reunited.

Nagase’s action in this episode is, in my opinion, the hallmark of integrity; to not give up on her loved one in order to compensate for her friend but also making Inaba feel like she can express hers. Not only that but she must also accept that she will have a tough rival who may take someone she fits well with away from her.

Kokoro Connect Inaba kiss taichi

Inaba’s change in character first starts in this episode with her talk with Nagase. Then, she utterly wails when she thought Taichi died from “falling”. Now whether this is an outbreak or not I do not know but, I’m sure that in this way, her feelings are revealed to the viewers to be fully unveiled to her friends. This not only symbolizes her change in mental state but also her attitude, and her whole character because who would have thought that the serious Inaba would cry like a baby? To further reinforce this notion is the kiss with Taichi and her exceedingly happy behavior at the end of the episode. Truly, one can say that Inaba’s true character has come out and people should be prepared for Dere-ban.

Overall, definitely the most interesting episode this arc and the most enjoyable to watch. From the confrontation to the kiss everything seemed to flow together in a meaningful way. The dialogue was well put and the voice actors only made the script even more prominent. With a new arc starting I hope that these developments will continue as the series progress to higher heights. As usual, thank you for reading and if you have anything that you want to say please leave it in the comments below.

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