Kokoro Connect Episode 12 Overview

Kokoro Connect Yui and Aoki

Into a Snowy City
(Yuki Furu Machi e) (雪降る街へ)
Aoki professes his love and Yui moves forward as an individual in Kokoro Connect Episode 12.

Amidst all of the confusion that surrounds the age changing lies an undertone that signifies a person’s very being. We live based on our memories and we are nothing without them. Every person will deal with memories differently; some will surpass them and others will cower in consternation. Yui and Aoki both have to face their resurfaced memories in order to move on but is that good enough?

So the first thing I will tackle in this episode is undoubtedly the notions asserted by Chinatsu Mihashi, Yui’s karate rival from the past. First I want to straighten up Mihashi’s twisted vision of the world and her overly preaching attitude about other people’s lives. Mihashi talks about purpose or meaning in life and honestly I strongly disagree with her even trying to pronounce her “meaning” to others. Let’s get things straight, there is no specific meaning or purpose to anyone’s lives. Sure, you can set out goals for yourself but it’s not as if there is something or someone who destines you to take a certain role. Even if there were, would that even constitute for a real purpose? Anyone could create their own meaning or purpose to their lives and it could vary from goofing around to trying to dominate the world. Which one has the purpose or meaning and which one is more significant than the other? That is purely subjective and anyone who says otherwise is just injecting their own beliefs into someone else’s. However, to an extent, I do agree with Mihashi’s sentiment that Yui should pursue what she want to pursue and not be afraid of trying. Still, it doesn’t mean that she should bash on other people’s “purpose” because that’s just ridiculous. Well, many would disagree with me but that’s just how I see it.

Aoki and Nana

Now it’s Aoki and his feelings toward Yui that highlights the other part of the episode along with Yui overcoming her fear of men. Aoki really did a solid job of uncovering his true feelings by going Nana’s place even though it was distant. Through meeting with her he found that he still loves Yui at the current moment more than Nana. He used to love Nana and now he loves Yui and there is, like he said, nothing wrong with it. People’s feelings change all the time and we can’t help but follow our current feelings because that is the guideline that instructs us to do certain actions and so on. It’s difficult to override current feelings with the past because we simply do not feel it. We forget with time and feelings are hard to imitate without the right atmosphere and timing.

Nonetheless, Yui’s evolution this episode is also astounding. Mihashi and Aoki’s words and everyone’s temperament made her lash out at herself for not taking the last step to overcome her fear. So, she pounces on Aoki and grabs him even though she, and everyone else, knows full well that she may not be able to do it. Surprisingly enough, she manages to somehow latch on and win. Now, some may say “wow this is so retarded how can she overcome her fear so easily omgomgomgomgomg” but I counter by saying that first of all Taichi helped her and now Mihashi and Aoki as well as the rest of the club members have gradually led her to TRY to overcome her fear. It’s not as if she couldn’t; I feel that she is strong enough to overcome her fears but just did not have the proper support to give her the last push that she needed that’s all.

Wonderful development episode for Aoki and Yui which is great because we haven’t been given much coverage for the two, but it seems like next episode will heat up again as Taichi screws up and Nagase’s problems concerning her mother resurface.

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