Kokoro Connect Episode 7 Overview

Kokoro Connect Nagase Iori
Dem Sparkles...

Falling Apart
(Barabara to Kuzureru) (バラバラと崩れる)
The new plot device creates more trouble in Kokoro Connect Episode 7

After a surprisingly good number of episodes after the first couple, Kokoro Connect takes on a brand new plot device and continues to be a fascinating anime. With their desires unleashed, the main characters now have to deal with a whole new set of circumstances that set another level of dynamism with the characters.

Let’s face it, everyone has something to hide; some of those things are desires. Especially with people that have OCD and think of random things all the time, though I’m not sure if that constitutes for a desire, such desires are often dangerous and uncalled for. Even for someone who doesn’t have OCD they sometimes have intrusive thoughts which they shrug off with ease. The difficulty arises when one has almost no control over these thoughts and must do them in order to be rid of it. Each character in Kokoro Connect faces their own challenge and as such, must deal with them in their own way. Inaba wants Taichi but knows that it is inappropriate because Taichi has Nagase. Taichi has a impulsive to help anyone that needs it, Nagase wants to find out what her desires are, Kiriyama is androphobic naturally and is afraid of going overboard when dealing with males, and all that’s known about Aoki’s desires are that he loves Kiriyama but otherwise he is in the dark. Taichi is definitely in danger this time around because he would seriously sacrifice his life for another. For example, if a careless person were to jaywalk and were to be hit by a car Taichi might try to save him and end up dying in the process. Then again, these desires do not have to be just limited to those things it could be absolutely anything.

I find it quite interesting that every single time they have, what I’ll call from now on, an outbreak they always seem to yell or become angry. Their desires always seem to be on the “negative” side which involve either reprimanding, physical force, or some other kind of irate behavior save Inaba’s maneuver. I can understand that if someone wanted to stop them that they would get mad but it seems like the show is trying to say that true human desires are always somewhat dark. Even if they want to say what they want to say they always run on out of control. I suppose what is happening is that they are trying to express their desires as best they can to whatever degree regardless of it being fulfilled when they are having the outbreak. It would make sense that they would continue to go on and on if when they have the outbreak they don’t understand that their desire is already satiated to their normal selves.

Overall, this new plot device could spell some very interesting cases in upcoming episodes. I heard that Inaba fans will be happy this time around so I guess I can look forward to that. Whether it is superior to the previous device, I cannot tell; perhaps after a few more to see what interesting scenarios will turn up. Another emotional tearjerker wouldn’t be so bad either but this time around maybe they could switch things up and turn the knob on a different emotion. As usual, thank you very much for reading, and if you have anything that you want to say please leave it in the comments below.

P.S. The 1st ED was timed really well each episode and the song itself, well at least the first part, is just plain awesome. Though, I can’t say I’m a big fan of the second ED yet.

[captionpix imgsrc=”http://www.entravity.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/KokoroConnect-7PreviewAndThenThereWereNone.jpg” captiontext=”Dang, I’ll be missing this…” imgalt=”Episode 8 Preview”]

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