Kokoro Connect Episode 8 Overview

Kokoro Connect Episode 8 Fujishima Missionary of Love
Fujishima's such a boss.

And Then There Were None
(Soshite Dare mo Inakunatta) (そして誰もいなくなった)
Frustration and realization in Kokoro Connect Episode 8

Everything is a total mess and everyone is struggling to keep their composure. Taichi and Inaba’s outbreak in the worst possible situations made things even worse. Without knowing exactly what to do, Taichi, Aoki, and Nagase become more and more frustrated while distancing themselves from everyone else. While everything seems to go wrong, there are always others who will help.

Taichi is too concerned with people’s short term positions and because of that, Aoki disagrees with him and they become more belligerent with each other. Taichi then proceeds to say some things that I would smack him for; he explains how he can save Kiriyama and Aoki can’t. I’m sure that Taichi wants Kiriyama to be better but I think that he is being selfish only thinking about his need of saving others. Although people normally attribute the need to save others as a positive trait sometimes the actions of the person who wants to save another does not constitute a better outcome for the affected person. One can say that, Taichi could very well make things worse even though he has good intentions. Nagase was then hit by Taichi during his outbreak which stopped the fight between Taichi and Aoki. Taichi definitely has to keep in mind that although he might be able to save someone he might also hurt someone in the process.

As a result of all of this, all members of the club are afraid to approach each other except Nagase who tries her best to reunite everyone once more. While all seems grim, Fujishima comes to save the situation by putting Taichi, Nagase, Inaba, Watase, and herself into one group for the school field trip. Also, while moving a lectern with Gotou, Taichi hears some words which empower him to try again. “But it’s better to talk things through instead of dodging the issue. If you talk to your friends face-to-face, everything will work out. It might still fail sometimes, but if you don’t talk, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. Wouldn’t you rather try and fail? You can’t become true friends unless you’ve experienced enough conflict. If you play it safe, you’ll end up losing the things that truly matter.” This would be one of the moments in a show where a subtle side character speaks words of truth which changes the main character’s mind. Ah, how true it is though, to try rather than not do anything. It’s obvious isn’t it? That people should try before saying that they can’t? But, people are scared to fail and afraid to go into new territory and in the end, they regret it. The world is full of risks and in order to get to where people want to be, a lot of times, they are taking risks. Whether it be choosing a career or finding their loved ones, people make decisions and take risks in order to amount to something more than they are currently.

And then we have another stack of truthful words spoken by Fujishima herself: “Let me ask you this, Yaegashi-kun. What’s more important to you? Not hurting that person? Or talking to that person and making something happen? What is it that you truly care about? Have you considered that? If you have resolve, conviction, and a firm grasp on what’s important to you, everything else just kinda flows. If you don’t know what’s important, you won’t know what to do half the time. And by the way, I always thought that humans are supposed to hurt each other.” Although I disagree with the “everything else just kinda flows” part I agree with the major sentiment that you should do what you think is most important to you. In fact, you should understand yourself before trying to accomplish anything because if you don’t, how would you even know you want what you accomplished? Although this is common sense, with busy every-day lives, people tend to forget such simple things which gives them a higher chance of happiness. Now that Taichi understands, next episode will be interesting to witness. As usual, thank you very much for reading and if you have anything that you want to say leave it in the comments below.

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