Kokoro Connect Episode 9 Overview

Kokoro Connect heartseed

Can’t Stop, Can’t Stop, Can’t Stop
(Tomaranai Tomaranai Tomaranai) (止まらない止まらない止まらない)
Reaffirmation of friendship and uncertainty in Kokoro Connect Episode 9

With Taichi finally coming to his senses and willing to risk hurting his friends in order to keep a relationship with them, the club begins to slowly revive. Taichi, Iori and Aoki all try hard to bring back Inaba and Kiriyama back from their listless selves.

At this point, Nagase and Taichi are known to work well and to tell each other of their feelings well. Although I’m sure they love each other, the story itself does not focus much on their love for each other. Even without knowing the next episode I’m sure people could guess that someone else will step in from the group of five-and notice the odd number-to cause a stir with their relationship. Of course, it’s not just Taichi and Nagase who consort well with each other; Aoki and Taichi rekindle their friendship and proceed to solve Kiriyama’s problem. Unlike Taichi and Nagase’s relationship, Aoki and Kiriyama’s is much clearer. Sure Kiriyama might not, at least on the outside, seem to like Aoki, she undoubtedly has some kind of affection towards him after all the trouble he’s gone through. Not to mention how he’s very sincere with how he conveys his feelings.

Assuredly, the most fascinating situation is the one at the end; Heartseed’s appearance which shocks even Inaba. Of course, things aren’t exciting enough for it and it tries to stir up more feelings that lie deep beneath Inaba. Sure, she’s good at hiding it around others but against words which hit just the right spot she is helpless. Now everything goes according to its plan and Inaba realizes that she cannot escape the situation. Now with her, Inaba and Taichi all in the same group going on the same field trip something is bound to happen.

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