Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 10 – KYOANI FINDS A WAY

Kyoukai no Kanata Kuriyama Mirai
Fuyukai desu.

Very nice developments.
Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 10 Review
Beyond the Boundary Episode 10 Review
“White World”
“Shiro no Sekai”

Undoubtedly the most impressive one by far, this episode answers some major questions and concerns that people have had since the beginning, but it also is a nice enough twist to keep the story rolling in a completely unpredictable way. While overall Kyoukai no Kanata is far from great, this episode is definitely pretty damn good.

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 10 Impressions

This transition…

Kuriyama Mirai

The question is, have you come to?


Kanbara Akihito



Oh man, denseness overload.

Inami Sakura

Lost cause.

Kuriyama Mirai glasses

Did you notice the glasses? They are the same ones as the ones Akihito wanted to give Mirai for her birthday.


Dude, who gives a shit about glasses. LOOK AT DAT BODY.


Nase Mitsuki swimsuit

Hell. Yes. Let us stay in this dream forever.


Harsh. Just like winter.

Kuriyama Mirai crying



Man, that’s a cool screen.

Kuriyama Mirai absorbing Beyond the Boundary

Bye bye… For now.


I thought she was too short to reach. >.>

Kanbara Akihito


Not yet. Not yet.

Reminds me of Angel Beats.

Don’t give up yet. It’s not over.

This creepy old man.

Hell yeah she’s prepared. Barely any mental scars from such tragic events. She’s got a mind of steel.


Kuriyama Mirai depressed

So you can make that face to make more MOEMOEMOE.

So, are you just going to sit back and let it all unfold?


Dem fireworks.


Well yeah, Megane > Life to him.



Beyond the boundary black world

That’s Beyond the Boundary? Holy crap. Good luck spraying your blood on that thing.

Instead of just analyzing half of an episode at a time or less than that like I usually do, I need to do it for the whole episode as some details at the beginning are important at the end and vice versa. Firstly, let’s discuss what has happened to Akihito and Mirai after the previous cliffhanger. There are currently three different worlds in the show itself. The first is called the “White World.” This is the world where Akihito is dreaming after having Mirai put blood into him to get rid of Beyond the Boundary from his body. It serves to bridge the connection between Mirai and Akihito now that they are physically separated due to these two new worlds, and builds upon the bond between the two of them quite nicely. The second world is the “Black World.” This is the world which Mirai is in after absorbing Beyond the Boundary. She hasn’t “died” yet, but now she has to get rid of Beyond the Boundary which was her original goal. Whereas the White World mainly surrounds Akihito, the Black World mainly surrounds Mirai. They’re both “dreaming” in these worlds, and each world has its own purpose of delivering an overall melancholic tone to the episode.

Of course, we then have the real world itself in which Akihito has woken up in. It’s not as big of a surprise that Mirai has been working with Izumi, but this portrayal answers some of the questionable behavior on Mirai’s part in the first episode. We understand now that her mission is to try eliminate Beyond the Boundary which is the reason why she stabbed Akihito all those times. The reason why Mirai tried to stay away from him even though he kept coming to her makes perfect sense now that we have seen this perspective. Moreover, since we now see this perspective, Mirai’s feelings towards Akihito is more clearly understood, and their overall relationship is stronger than it was just an episode ago. Aside from the parts revolving around Sakura which I still have problems with, other parts of the story makes complete sense now. More importantly, we do get to see this belated character development in an interesting fashion. We see the weight that Mirai has to hold throughout the story so far, and a bit into what Izumi is thinking as well. I wouldn’t view her act of helping Mirai defeat Beyond the Boundary to be an act of kindness. After all, Mirai can’t do the act if she doesn’t sacrifice herself. Even so, she may not be as cold-hearted as she first appears as she does take the feelings of the people who are involved into account.

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 10 Review

This is the episode I needed from this show. Really, this is as good as they could have made it with how Kyoukai no Kanata has gone so far. Not only have they have properly answered some of the questionable developments in the past, but they also did it in a well done way. Unlike many other episodes, the execution in this one is spot on overall. The way it flashes back to moments and puts all the missing pieces in place so the viewer can make sense of everything is done very well, and it’s a unique way of doing it as well. The foreshadowing in previous episodes is by no means perfect, but there is definitely enough to make it not seem like bullshit. Not only that, but it is Mirai who is in real trouble now and not Akihito which puts a nice twist on things. In the end though, they’ll probably both make it out alive. The way they portrayed both worlds and the troubles both characters face in their respective world make for some pretty nice scenes. I didn’t get teary eyed or anything, but it’s something in and of itself when they don’t induce any eye-rolling. Overall, it’s nice how they cleverly planned everything out and executed it in such a nice way. I really can’t find any major problems with this episode, and I can confidently say that this is my favorite episode of the series so far by far. Let’s just hope they can deliver all the way until the end because if they do… this could turn out to be a decent series.

Kyoukai no Kanata Mitsuki and Mirai Wallpaper


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  • Ian Porterfield

    ….Shit. This was good.

    Now see if you can get Valvrave in…

    • Entrav

      Don’t worry. I’ll definitely do VALVRAAAAAVE tomorrow. There’ll be a gap after that though.

  • Owa

    Actually, I thought Mirai is stuck in the “White World” = winter time. Since Akkey’s dream world (where Mirai was taking care of him) was a “fake” summer time. Next ep “Black World” seems to mean its inside the Beyond the Boundary, yet still in that fake winter time dream world, maybe.

    While the tweeeest was good in the middle of the ep, I felt like they kinda reduced Izumi’s char from mysterious to a simple scheming bitch. She seems powerful enough to kill Akkey during the calm, so why not just do it herself. All this egging (heh) Mirai on to do something she doesnt want to just feels kinda derp to me and somewhat ruins Izumi IMO. You’d think Hiromi or Mitsuki would get suspicious sooner when Mirai has been disappearing the past 6 months for secret meetings with their big sister.

    Enjoy your trip!

    • Entrav

      Yeah, I’m not really sure which one is which because one is winter and it’s white, but Beyond the Boundary is there too so… Regardless, just switch things around if they’re different.

      Izumi doesn’t want to put herself in danger. I’m guessing that while she’s powerful, the cursed blood that Mirai has is a good way to actually get rid of it. They did talk about her blood being able to go into the organs or whatever which makes me think that she’d be the most effective at it. As for Hiromi and Mitsuki being suspicious of Mirai and Izumi, it’s not too hard to make them not that suspicious as I doubt they actually had that many meetings. Sometimes, it’d be a month or two without a meeting… And besides, they’re secret for a reason. :)

      Thanks a lot!

      • Owa

        Ok i guess so, but Izumi!!
        First it was like oh she’s up to no good ;/
        Then its maybe she’s ok :)
        But now its like oh yeah she’s up to no good ;(

        Also it seems like she’d be the type to coldly keep ppl from getting too close/attached to Akkey (like she told Mirai) since her goal is to kill the thing in him. But then why allow her younger siblings to become pretty close friends with him? What about his DAD, the youma half? Is the KnK his DAD? (just random questions)

        Finally, what about Miroku? He dun gone poof, lol

  • MgMaster

    Okay, I’ll admit that I very much liked this episode and would consider it the best one so far too.I always appreciate a show who doesn’t leave out loose ends.

    I still would’ve wanted to see a flashback of when Hiromi tried to subdue the Beyond the Boundary though but oh well,that’s just a personal nitpick.

    With the story coming full circle this week,I don’t think KnK can screw up much in it’s final 3 eps.

    • Entrav

      Seriously, Akihito needs to get his priorities straight and reflect upon his life.

      • sonicsenryaku

        i gotta say, mitsuki’s body was drawn verrryyyyyyyy well….its like someone on the staff was like “if you dont give her a ms.universe-type of body i will cut your pay”

      • Mimí

        Im tired of sexists comments about Mitsuki.

        Her body is what makes her the best girl to you? That’s kind of shallow

        • Flaiboy

          “Her body is what makes her the best girl to you?”

          Yep! Works for me!

  • Yuuga Sei

    Since we did know that this episode mainly focused about clearing all the messes out of mind, something just bothers me. If its true that mirai is trying to sacrifice herself, then the powerless akihito could do nothing, based on the law of logics. Hm, question is, will mirai be saved? or not?

  • Flaiboy

    OK, so . . . let me see if I understand something. Akihito’s human half was frozen by Izumi to allow his Shade half to dominate during the lull so Mirai could kill it. So did Izumi return that half to him? And if his Shade half is gone does that mean that he’s no longer immortal? Or is that a function of his parentage and his “shade half” is different from being possessed by the Beyond the Boundary? Mirai had the understanding that his wounds would heal after the lull passed, but she was told that probably by Izumi and I highly doubt that she would be completely truthful with Mirai.

    I think Izumi is like other Spirit World Warriors in that she abhors Mirai because of her clan. I think she is just using her and is hoping that she dies in the process. Is it possible that the creepy old man is Izumi’s father?