Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 11 – Penultimate

Kyoukai no Kanata mirai
Let's go.

The penultimate episode.
Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 11 Review
Beyond the Boundary Episode 11 Review
“Black World”
“Kuro no Sekai”

SURPRISE! Is this Christmas?! No, but this’ll be my Christmas present to you all just in case I can’t do any posts during my two-week or so vacation. Since my flight has been delayed until tomorrow, and the travel agency didn’t warn us at all about it, I get to review something before I go! It’ll be sad that I will not be able to do Valvrave tomorrow even if I do have access to my site abroad, but I’ll try to make the most of this. This is the penultimate episode of Kyoukai no Kanata. Yes, the thirteenth episode will be bundled with the BD/DVD, so does KyoAni manage to deliver what it needs to deliver with this in mind to make up for the lackluster series overall?

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 11 Impressions

Don’t worry. Superman is coming.


Beyond the boundary youmu

Dat sphere.

It’s okay, Mitsuki. You still have your perverted brother.

Fujima Miroku

Dude, what the fuck is that?


If they are trying to make Miroku as creepy as possible, then they’re doing a pretty good job of it. I don’t mean creepy as in scary or frightening, but his portrayal is something more along the lines of being a psycho hellbent on creating enjoyment in whatever way possible for himself. Okay, not really, he’s pretty typical. Though, those thick lips remind me of those fat perverts- Anyways, If I had to guess what that organic… thing actually is, I’d say that it’s the Hollow Shadow. What’s more of a mystery is exactly what his motives are. I don’t think it’s quite as simple as just causing havoc to entertain himself as he is working for someone. It’s more likely that he’s trying to ruin the Nase family or that he’s trying to obtain the power that Beyond the Boundary will unwillingly give him. How he will wield it is up to anyone’s guess. Then again, we don’t even know what the youmu stones are. We’ve seen them being sold so they must have significance, but we’ve never seen exactly what they’re used for aside from being absorbed by Miroku’s weapon. There’s a lot of promising background left to be explored which makes me just a bit disappointed that they didn’t expand more upon this.


Kanbara Akihito eating


This barely ever happens in real life. It is DRAMATIC and extremely uncomfortable though.


Nase Izumi


Nase Mitsuki

She wants the Akihito.

This’ll be quite a climax. FIGHT.

That’s a pretty interesting idea.

Rat’s ass. Totally.



And what about Izumi? Is she just a cold-hearted, calculating woman trying to preserve her state of power or does she really care about the people around her? The thing is that, we don’t really know. The few times we’ve actually seen her on-screen represent her in different ways. During her talk with Mirai in the past about getting rid of Beyond the Boundary, she seems to care for the relationship between the two. Then again, at the end of the day, she’s not the one doing the dirty work. It’s probably safe to assume that she’s not completely cold-hearted as few characters actually are, but she harbors burdens that need to be maintained and to do so she must resort to more calculated means that may be seen as insensitive without seeing her side of things.

Is your bitterness back?

He’s not immortal anymore so…

Kanbara Akihito on cellphone


A fucking huge ass ball.




Even his car is creepy.

Shindou Ayaka youmu


Kuriyama Mirai

Can’t get tired of these visuals.


Kanbara Yayoi


Kanbara Akihito and yayoi

D: So mean.

Yeah… sure.

Kyoukai no Kanata yayoi


Kanbara Yayoi


So you’re going to absorb that part of your youmu side and go save her. K.


I feel sorry for the voice actor.

Nase Izumi stance

Not pleased.


Nase Mitsuki and Hiromi

Mitsuki is so jelly. It’s okay, Hiromi is there for you… Haha.

INB4 he stays that way forever.

Kyoukai no Kanata akihito


Kanbara Akihito superman


Mirai Kuriyama stabs herself

O_O Did she just-


It’s time for the end.

Well, that escalated quickly. It’s quite apparent that Kanbara Yayoi is the type of character who acts weirdly, but holds some serious stuff on the inside. It’s kind of like a facade though it’s not completely fake. In fact, it seems that even Akihito doesn’t know too much about his mother. Since Izumi is keeping watch over Akihito and had a plan to get rid of Beyond the Boundary, I’m wondering if Yayoi is actually a part of all of this? I mean, she’s not living with him, and she knows Izumi so she must know that Izumi’s keeping an eye on him. Kanbara’s mom knows of this whole ordeal and she’s not even mad at what Izumi tried to do. Yayoi is just letting this all play out, and the way she finds a “solution” to all of this is also strengthens my suspicions. She probably knew that there was a chance of Akihito dying, but there wasn’t that much she could do about it and went through with all of this. Not to mention, she could have been the person, along with Akihito’s father who has still yet to appear on-screen, that bestowed Beyond the Boundary upon him in the first place. Maybe it was a way of locking the disaster inside his body long enough so they could find a way to deal with it, and maybe it was completely unintentional. The question is, exactly how this will all end with only one episode remaining? This is KyoAni after all so seeing a dark ending is nigh impossible. The director, or someone else working on the show, did say that he or she cried making this last episode. Well, hopefully those weren’t tears of disappointment.

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 11 Review

This show has come a long way in just a few short episodes. The first thing to comment on has to be the emotionally charged part with Kuriyama Mirai’s message to the megane-freak that is Kanbara Akihito. Not only is the dialogue during that portion reflective of her inner thoughts as a character, something that I wanted to happen more often, but it is also complimented nicely by the soft soundtrack and her physical struggle to destroy Beyond the Boundary. These kinds of scenes where a character sends a letter or recalls her past narrating her thoughts and how she feels about everything that has come to pass while showing a final struggle of some sort always get to me even if I’m not too attached to the character. This is especially true when the scene is visually and aurally great. Not to mention the last sentence in the message that doesn’t even need to be said to have an impact. Actually, it was the very fact that it wasn’t actually said that left a bigger impact than it would have had otherwise. It makes me wonder just how great this part could have been if they actually had some better character development. Oh well.

I can accept the fact that Yayoi knows something that none of us do. The stone has been shown in the past so it’s not an ass-pull or anything. I can guess that Akihito grabbed the youmu stone, became partially youmu, and then got sucked up into Beyond the Boundary. It makes sense. Though, it does seem like Akihito is the one who is making a passage… Whatever the case, I don’t like how the last few minutes are represented in such a rushed way. As soon as the opening music turns on, it just becomes a bit too hectic for my taste. He went from being in his world to grabbing Mirai in around a minute. The transition simply isn’t as smooth as it could have been. They just… reunited without much build-up. And Kanbara just so happens to make contact with his body on the other world? The questions can be answered properly in the next two episodes, but the pacing issue in this episode cannot be. Overall, it’s still a solid episode that meets my heightened expectations from the previous one. It all rests upon this next episode. If it astounds, then maybe it’d be fine to recommend this anime. If it doesn’t… Well, then it’ll just be yet another mediocre show.

Kyoukai no Kanata Kanbara Akihito Wallpaper


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  • sonicsenryaku

    This series is slated for 13 eps but the preview is saying that next week’s ep is the last? Does anyone know what’s up with that.

    On to the ep, I was really hoping it would end up continuing to use the great ideas from last ep to good affect, but instead this ep took a more typical route and while it was good, i cant help but feel slightly disappointed. With presumably one ep left, i cant see how everything is going to wrap up. Perhaps they can do a second season but im not sure kyoani will be up to it but if they do i hope a different director comes on board and steers the series into a different direction

    • Josh Herbert

      the 13th episode will be bundled with the dvd..


    That ‘PHAT LIPS’ caption killed me! I never thought much of Miroku from the start but, now I’ll probably never take him seriously~

    This was quite a good episode. The visuals are just breathtaking as always. And Mirai totally kicks youmu buns. This anime is clearly about her – and I like it that way. Although Akihito is a rather plain male lead, I like that he just went in there to get Mirai. That whole scene with Akihito reading her message was beautiful.

    Pacing is an issue now because I was expecting 2 more eps, not 1… How the heck will this end in 1 episode?? Anyways, I actually don’t mind the pacing of the last scenes when the opening song starts playing. It’s just Aki going into the huge ball, made better by showing Mirai fighting. More than 2 minutes really isn’t needed, nor is it that important to warrent more time.

    Overal, the series lacked character development for Hiromi, Izumi and Nino. Especially Nino – I would’ve liked to see her more often. But I still like the show – not crazy about it, but it’s still fairly good.

  • Heizeru

    “I don’t feel unpleasant.” – Your exaction = exactly what I said when I saw that scene. I quickly found Mirai’s catchphrase (the constant repetition of it) to be very annoying, but I guess if it weren’t for all those times for her saying that, I (we?) wouldn’t have reacted as strongly.

    I’m very curious about Yayoi as well. I figured she’d be the character that would have all the answers, not Izumi. While Izumi’s and Miroku’s motives were something I felt curious about, I feel like Yayoi is the one to look for. (Btw, I soooo freaked out when she came onto the screen.)

    Do you know accurate the plot is with the novel series? I’ve heard that there was actually a lot of information in the novels, but I can’t find any of it. The novels may answer any questions about the Youma stones and such. Or, it could just be, “it is what it is”. The world in “Kyoukai no Kanata” could just work that way and that’s the explanation for it. I don’t know.

    Have fun with your vacation! :)

  • What

    “…and defeat ‘Gantz’.”

  • Josh Herbert

    i have high hopes for the “last” episode..

  • Flaiboy

    Yayoi = best girl.