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3 episode rule.
Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 3 Review
Beyond the Boundary Episode 3 Review
“Moonlight Purple”
“Mūnraito Pāpuru”

For 1-cour anime, three episodes is enough to give a good indicator as to what the show will hold for the rest of the season. This being one of my most anticipated shows going into the season, I can’t exactly say I’m impressed. There will be a bit of a longer review section this time for my critique because I have seen a decent amount of what the show has to offer, and as such I am not going to hold back as much as I’ve had in the previous two episodes.

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 3 Impressions

Allowed? Ok.

Dat hesitation.

Kuriyama Mirai accepts gift


Nase Mitsuki standing


Fujima Miroku


Nase Izumi



Mitsuki’s outreach to Mirai is actually fairly confusing due to the fact that she was the one who told Akihito to stay away from her. In such a short period of time, it wouldn’t seem likely that they’d be close enough for Mitsuki to call it quits. What may be happening is that she, or maybe her mother, may be thinking that getting closer to her would be an adequate way to keep their eyes on her much like what she’s doing to Akihito. What’s also interesting is Nase Izumi’s interpretation of youmu which almost foreshadows the fact that she may be wrong about them being just “monsters.” I don’t expect there to be a big plot-twist surrounding this, nor do I think this show can handle it properly, but I’ve seen enough shows that use these kinds of lines to give a hint of the truth behind the mysteries.

Kuriyama mirai money


Akihito Kanbara


Hands to yourself, siscon.

Ninomiya Shizuku



Nase Hiromi shocked


Nase Mitsuki hot



Nase Mitsuki revolt


Nase Hiromi love


Kyoukai mitsuki look of disgust


Still more of a man than you.

…………………………………… She’s basically saying he can-

Kanbara Akihito blushing loser


Hollow Shadow


Kuriyama Mirai panic

It’s okay, self-defense.



Agh, this again.

Kuriyama Mirai


It’s not a surprise that Mirai’s past is as Akihito says. In fact, it almost makes me think that it’s a bit too predictable to be true! Granted, I did not expect Mirai to kill her friend out of fear of being killed and not by accident. This does make her more guilty than she otherwise would be which may have made it a more traumatic experience. While we do see hesitation in Mirai’s actions before killing youmu, a lot less of her guilt is reflected in her other actions. I suppose combating the Hollow Shadow will be a way to vent her pent-up feelings. To me, it feels like she’s repenting for the sake of repenting or she’s just doing it to clear blame from herself which will do little to ease her pain of her lost friend.

Fancy Hiromi.

Kuriyama Mirai vs Sakura


Nase Hiromi back scars

More mysteries!


Kuriyama Mirai bloody chainsaw




If you’re wondering who Sakura is, she’s from the Inami family which is the one who originally saved Mirai. Again, nothing too surprising except that Akihito’s tackle somehow managed to work against someone who fires explosives from her weapon that has a chainsaw on it and can also overwhelm Mirai fairly easily. She’ll probably work with Mirai to face a greater foe and see her guilt with her own eyes and then forgive her. That, or she’ll hate her forever. Whatever it may be, this is a build-up episode for the next one that will have more action as we see Mirai see the events unravel before her parallel her past and correct her decisions so she can move on. Probably… Eh, I’m going to be way off, aren’t I?

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 3 Review

My expectations of this anime was far too high to start off with. For those of you who came into this show not anticipating all too much, it’s probably not disappointing at all and may even be something of a surprise. However, whether I have high expectations or not, there are some points I want to address now that the three episode rule has been fulfilled. My strongest complaint right now with this anime is the dialogue. My problem with it is especially highlighted in this episode with the conversation between Mirai and Akihito about her past. Lines such as, “People are even afraid to touch me,” or “How could you possibly know how I feel” have the intention of arousing sympathy, but they just end up making me roll my eyes.

This is partially due to the cliche nature of such lines, but that obvious fact aside, we just didn’t get any build up to her conflicts in previous episodes to feel sorry for her state. We get flashes of seriousness here and there, but a lot of that is overridden by the “humor” that this series throws out randomly. With the lack of build up for her past and the lack of portrayal of her sorrow following afterwards, all I feel is indifference. The humor is not only not funny many times, but it’s also disrupting the flow of the more serious parts of the story. The part with Mitsuki wearing glasses and all that is perfectly fine. I found it entertaining to see the characters interact in such a way, but there are other times when such humor is not necessary and should be completely cut.

Dialogue and characters go hand in hand which means that if the dialogue isn’t good, then the characters probably aren’t either and vice versa. Kyoukai no Kanata is no exception. The only characteristics that I can say Akihito has is that he loves glasses, and he cares a lot about Kuriyama for some reason. I’m guessing it may be because she’s different like him, but they don’t really expand upon that concept either. How does their difference affect their lives? How do they see the world as a result? What internal struggles are they having beyond just the “you don’t understand me” mentality? I understand it’s the third episode, but because they’re bringing out these lines, they need to back it up with something more than just words that any other show can throw out. I want to see the inner conflicts. I want to see Akihito more defined as a character because right now he’s just the typical person who wants to save the female protagonist which makes him very bland. Other than that, his outburst at all the different parts where humor is concerned seriously takes away from the already lacking comedy.

No, I’m not taking it out on Kyoukai no Kanata because I’m having a bad day. After reading some of my older review sections, I’ve decided that I needed to be a lot more firm with my criticism. Moreover, after being more involved in reviewing anime, I’ve grown tired of always letting things slide left and right. Anyways, I actually have much more to say, but I’m going to hold back my criticism on the story as it has not been fleshed out fully. The style of dialogue doesn’t change much throughout a course of a show and neither does the method of character development which make them fair to criticize at the quarter point. But hey, I’m still curious to see where this will go because at the very least Kyoukai no Kanata is pleasant to look at.

Kyoukai no Kanata Wallpaper Mirai and Akihito



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  • Ian Porterfield

    Your reactions: I called it!

    • Entrav

      You did?! O.o

  • MgMaster

    My expectations for this show were mediocre to begin with,as they are with the other supernatural/school setting shows we’re having this season such as Unbreakable Machine Doll,Tokyo Ravens,Strike the Blood(I like the characters more in this one though).The only thing I see Kyoukai no Kanata having above those is KyoAni animation.That being said,the awfull humor attempts of this show still managed to annoy and/or bore me as it was disturbing the things the show actually does well.Due to that very reason however,I liked this episode the most so far because it didn’t have as much attempted humor and mostly stuck to doing what it does best.If Kyoukai no Kanata realizes that and sticks to it’s guns,I’ll probably enjoy for what it is but in no shape or form will I expect anything great from it.

    • Entrav

      There are some easy steps to take that would make this anime at least a lot more bearable some of the time. The core of regarding the dialogue and characters will be much more difficult to fix and I really don’t think they’re going to improve by the time this anime finishes airing.

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    Yea you’re right it’s kinda bland. Fells like we’ve seen this 100 times before. The animation is it’s only redeeming mark. When you look at Unbreakable Machine Doll you can see the low budget they had to work with but story wise it’s better that Kyoukai no Kanata by far.

    Might be a bit quick on my judgment because I read the manga for Machine Doll but have no idea where KnK is going. But still… I think I’ll drop it and perhaps watch it again after reading a positive review from you on this one. Too much awesome stuff to watch this season, no point wasting time till it gets good.

    • MgMaster

      I’ enjoying Machine Doll more too,same goes for the other two I mentioned below(those CG battles are “meh” though).It looses by a long shot in the animation department but wins in characters(not saying those are great but they’re still better than what we have in Kyoukai no Hanata).Another personal reason why I’m enjoying those more is most likely because even if I don’t expect much from an anime,I end up being more harsh with it than I probably should if it’s highly praised/anticipated yet doesn’t come close to deserving them.

    • Evilnemesis

      It’s a good thing winter is looking not so hot as usual, probably will watch the rest of the shows I can’t because of time constraints during the winter.

      I partially agree on the animation being the only redeeming mark.

      The older women and the teacher onee-san… They do funny things to my bottom part. I like really their designs.

      But yeah, really, I did not have high expectations so I guess I’m not disappointed at least.

      • Entrav

        Well at least Chuunibyou is airing in that season. It’s a good off-time for me too so I can sort some other things out because if every season is like this one, I’d be way too burnt out.

    • Entrav

      If you’re busy, and have other things to do, then dropping KnK is probably the right choice as at this point I don’t think it’ll get too much better than this. During the next few episodes we’ll probably see some action, but if you’re looking for some improvements character development or dialogue-wise, you’re probably going to be disappointed. Might as well wait until it’s over rather than endure week by week if you’re not enjoying it too much.

  • zztop

    I’m just surprised Akihito never bothered to start a Megane~bu/Glasses Club at school, given his obsession for them.

    I suppose the narrative, pacing and comedy are…rather schizophrenic, although I’ll definitely continue watching to see where the show goes.
    What is it exactly that most people seem to dislike about Kyoto Animation works like Kyokai, compared to other animation studios? I’ve only started watching anime this year and haven’t seen much of their works, sorry (`・ω・´) I get the impression that Western anime viewers seem to want more from their shows…

    For all the narrative’s focus on Mirai, I’m very intruiged by the whole human-shade discussions, and on Akihito. What his past was like, how he knows the Nase siblings, what they know about him, and the nature of the truce he made with Hiro’omi.

    And if the plot fails, there’s always the beauty of the animation. I’m a total sucker for all cinematographic beauty, animated or real life, and creative naming schemes. Have you noticed how each episode title alludes to a colour scheme used in certain scenes within the episode?
    Like how certain scenes in ep 3 have a moonlight-purplish tint to them.

    • zztop

      Re the Glasses Club joke, I meant to say no one would join his club on account of him projecting his fetish upon girls only, that sick, degenerate freak :D

    • zztop

      PS. How do you find the OP and ED for Kyokai? Which do you prefer?

      • Entrav

        Both the OP and ED are well done animation-wise, and the songs also fit well. Though, what’s actually happening in the OP/ED are fairly typical. I like the climax of the OP, and the ED has a nice relaxing tone throughout so it’s really hard to say which one I like better. They’re pretty equal in my opinion.

    • Entrav

      What some people dislike about KyoAni in general is probably the use of the common stereotypes that you see in almost all their anime. The moeblob airhead being the one used most often. It gets quite tiring seeing the same kind of character in multiple shows. KyoAni is also not that great at humor, but it’s usually not as bad as it is in Kyoukai no Kanata.

      Regardless, it’s not about the studio as it is about the shows themselves. There are different problems for the different adaptations they have done, and I don’t have a major complaint that stretches across all of their works. The closest would be the aforementioned moeblob airhead, but that’s definitely not a deal-breaker. The problems in this show are as I outline, but about other shows like Tamako Market, Free!, Clannad, and so on I’m sure western fans will have different complaints for those series individually.

      Yep, I found the name of the episodes interesting and it is indeed relevant in an interesting way. I really don’t have much to say about animations because it’s just KyoAni doing work, and everyone knows that their animation is fantastic.

  • rinran

    I didn’t have high expectations for this.
    From the story line (ooo, like the whole idea of people using their blood to fight hasn’t been done already) I expected to drop this within the first few minutes (plus I hated Deadman Wonderland)
    So imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to find this wasn’t awful. Some of the humour takes the ambiance away I will admit but if you’re looking for a show this season that’s guilty of that it’s “Kill la Kill” (the humour in that show suuuuuucks).
    It’s kind of like “Yuusha ni Narenakatta” and even “Kill la Kill”: as one dimensional as they are, the characters are what will keep people watching (the demon lord’s daughter in Yuusha ni Narenakatta is soooo cute! and Satsuki Kiryuin from “Kill la Kill” is just so awesome as are VAs for both characters).
    I know I’m in for disappointment though, in the romance department. Seriously, Kyoukai no Kanata, break tradition, let the MC slip it to his childhood friend. Because she is CLEARLY a freak.

    • Entrav

      While I agree that the humor in Kill la Kill isn’t good, they still don’t focus on it as much as KyoAni does for KnK which is why I don’t really complain about the humor in Kill la Kill. It’s such a small part of it that it’s really dismissible with the over the top elements being enough of a distractor. Kyoukai no Kanata, on the other hand, relies a lot on humor which means that the success or failure of attempts at humor need to be highlighted a lot more when reviewing the series.

  • Redice

    In a perfect world Kyoto would be adapting Little Busters Refrain right now. (Not that J.C. Staff isn’t doing a great job)
    This is adapted from a light novel, there’s potential for well written dialogue and character interactions.