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Kyoukai no Kanata

Nice improvements.
Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 4 Review
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“Bitter Orange”

I’m once again dazzled by the animation quality that Kyoukai no Kanata brings forth, and there are also some general improvements in the ways the characters are interacting in this episode compared to the previous few. Certainly, the concentration on the more serious parts of the show instead of the comedy has brought better results.

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 4 Impressions

Akihito Kanbara carrying mirai

Sit. K.

Sakura Inami grenade launcher



Nase Mitsuki

Selling herself to her brother.

Nase Hiromi pleased


How da fak did he withstand that weight.


Inami Yui


Kuriyama Mirai ring

That’s the Hollow Shadow’s blood, right?


Kuriyama Mirai desolated


Akihito Kanbara possessed

Kanbara Akihito immortal


At least he’s used to the stabbing by now.

Kuriyama Mirai vs Hollow Shadow


Wasn’t as awesome as the last one. They have to sync the soundtrack with these movements like before.


Here, we see exactly why Mirai’s clan was feared and hated in the past. I do not doubt her abilities as a fighter, but for her to be able to take on the Hollow Shadow that five other A-rank Spirit World Warriors could not in her young, inexperienced state displays not her own individual ability, but the power of her blood magic itself. Akihito trying to convince Mirai to stab him also gives her the chance to move on from her past. He’s the difference that has made the “change” in Mirai’s heart possible, but at the same time, had he have actually died because of Mirai, which is of course impossible as he does have plot armor, then no one would know what kind of state Mirai would fall into. It also makes me wonder exactly what is the Hollow Shadow, or what the more “mindless” youmu that are not human-like are. We do see that, at the very least, the Hollow Shadow can read the hearts of people and create a scenario that people can refer to. While this youmu may have been “evil,” there has to be more behind them just being monsters.


Ninomiya shizuku fighting stance Kyoukai anime kanbara berserk

Dude, this is giving me some Bleach vibes here.

Nase Mitsuki shocked

Where have you been? Just selling your voice to your onii-san is not enough you know. >:(

Kuriyama Mirai crying


Kyoukai no Kanata power of hug




Nase Izumi

Stealing. >:(



D: Mirai still has her money problems.

Nase izumi smiling


Now we see exactly what Akihito meant when he said that he and Mirai are quite similar. I’m not certain if the youmu side of him and the human side of him are separate or if they are just two halves that make up what he is, but damn is that badass. Still, if his youmu side is getting progressively stronger as he ages, then you have to wonder if one day it’ll take over his very being later on in his life. Regardless, Mirai’s personal struggle is no longer just personal as for the first time in her life, someone else shares the same burden. And as much as it’s about Mirai’s struggle of finding out if she’s really human, Akihito can progress too with someone by his side. This is the connection that will tie the both of them together, and it will be strengthened by the numerous other encounters and difficulties ahead. Although, with a lot of it practically solved already with their reassurances toward each other, exactly how much more development can they really bring up? Akihito has his own darker past that is undoubtedly related to his powers that he has displayed here so we’ll probably see that being the focus of the next arc.

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 4 Review

Firstly, I want to address the hug that pacifies Akihito. I was mistaken the first time I watched the show as I didn’t realize that Mirai’s ring was still off and that it was her blood that did the trick and not the hug itself. That gets rid of my major complaint about the episode. The redirection of the tone of the show to a more serious one instead of having the episode riddled with random humor pieces here and there really made the experience a lot more enjoyable. I mean, just imagine if they decided to add some random “humor” here and there during some parts of this episode. That would have completely ruined everything. The parts that deal with personal conflict are the best we’ve seen so far from this anime, not that it’s fantastic or anything, but it is a step in the right direction that portrays more than it shows with words.

Some parts when Mirai is looking at Akihito and recalling back to what she had said, which I criticized last episode to be bad dialogue, actually is quite decent within this context. However, the first part of the episode with the way the Hollow Shadow takes the form of the person Mirai has killed severely lacked impact. It feels like it was just… there. The second half is better with how parallelism between the two is shown and the downright awesome fight sequences. The time that Mirai do speak up and regret the way she talked about Akihito still has something left to be desired as the dialogue isn’t necessarily better. It’s just that, instead of relying solely on it, this episode displays scenes without lines that could make one’s eyeballs roll. Overall, there are noticeable improvements with the show in almost every way compared to the previous few episodes, but there is still a long way to go before I consider this show better than mediocre. A lot of that has to do with how it has been lacking impact with just about everything it does. Anyways, I just hope it doesn’t regress back to its original state where it mixes humor and seriousness awkwardly though more likely than not it probably will.

Kyoukai no Kanata Wallpaper Kanbara Akihito


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  • Ian Porterfield

    Mehhhhh. If this is like Bleach, then it’s ought to get a Troll Kubo ending.

    • Entrav

      Nah, just some random bits that reminded me of some scenes.

      • Ian Porterfield

        I would however like to see nothing better than KyoAni shooting itself in the foot come this season’s finale! SHAFT shall rule the Anime airwaves. Mark my words.

        • Entrav

          KyoAni has money to burn if things don’t turn out that well for one anime. SHAFT is just always swimming in money and with the new Madoka movie coming out…

  • MCAL

    Wait… How did Mirai’s blood do the trick? Did I miss where they explained this?

    • Entrav

      It’s implied. You can see and hear that it’s burning him when she hugs him.

  • DAkin

    I knew it was the blood that did the trick. (I had to take a second look too).

    Anyway, how great is their chemistry? The parts when they ask each other “do I look like a normal person to you?” is just soo sweet.

    You know I didn’t realise until you stated it in your review but yeah without the humor, this episode was pretty good. Epic fight scenes and the story’s getting better with character development.

  • zztop

    I dunno who’s more unfortunate this season in terms of ‘the price for immortality’, Akihito or Haruto…

    Although that does explain blood-soaked Akihito in ep 2(note the bloodsoaked hands).

    PS. Inami Sakura (aka shotgun-chainsaw-blade girl) is anime-original.

    PPS. What are you plotting Izumi???!!! ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

    • Entrav

      Immortality itself can be extremely unfortunate though in both cases they aren’t completely immortal. They both got it tough :/

  • zztop

    This ep changes some preconceptions of mine,because until now I thought some characters were just being discriminatory against Akihito’s half-shade heritage.

    But if Shade-Akihito is that uncontrollably powerful, then his father by extension… (゚Д゚) !!!!!

    • Flaiboy

      That’s what I was thinking, as well. His father must be one serious badass shade. Kind of curious how that all went down . . . yikes!

      I like the advancement of the plot. Also hoping the coming revelations regarding the origins and true nature of dreamshades are not predictable, tired plot devices.

      Come one, KyoAni! Surprise me!

      • zztop

        Then they too will join Sunrise & Valvrave… ( ‘ v ‘ )

  • Aloxamax

    I still think KnK’s world is being wasted by having Mirai as a main character and plot driver, but I will still probably enjoy the show.

    And the visuals were magnificent, of course.