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Fabulous idol time?
Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 6 Review
Beyond the Boundary Episode 6 Review
“Shocking Pink”
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From a strange mix of comedy and darker elements to a more slice of life vibe, Kyoukai no Kanata is all over the place and this episode only adds to this lack of direction with… idols.

Note: Nothing to really write about impressions-wise, but there are plenty of things to talk about review-wise.

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 6 Impressions

Nase Mitsuki showering

Because SMELL.



Kanbara Akihito outraged

Dude, just stop.

Nase mitsuki bookmark


Selling herself.


MONEMONEYMONEYMONEY. Kanbara is so going to get that money to buy more pictures of her.

Kuriyama Mirai helpless


Kuriyama Mirai kissing hand

Wow, really?



Kuriyama Mirai dressed up



Kuriyama Mirai pose





Nase Hiromi fabulous


Nase Hiromi barf


Kanbara Akihito laughing


Nase Mitsuki shocked




Kuriyama Mirai and Nase Mitsuki idol


Pretty fabulous.

Kuriyama Mirai moe


Nase Mitsuki idol



Kuriyama Mirai wink


Shindou Ai angel


DAT DRAMA. The show should have just been about this >.>

Nase Mitsuki drinking water


Dude, 1 week of stink.



Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 6 Review

Don’t get me wrong. I actually quite enjoyed this episode and the humor is actually quite decent. However, this episode is a move by KyoAni to boost sales at the jeopardy of the series as a whole. Kyoukai no Kanata has not been selling well at all, at least according to the Amazon Stalker sales projection posted by symbv on MAL (huge thanks to him/her for composing such a post). I have no doubt that it will at least boost sales by a bit, but this episode does not bode well for the series as a whole. Whether you like the darker side of the show or the slice of life side of the show aside, I’m sure all of us can agree that Kyoukai no Kanata lacks direction. It combines various differing tones and spreads itself too thin to appease anyone in a particular crowd. Personally, I did not enjoy the more serious side of things due to the terrible dialogue and the unnecessary humor. To me, episode 5 felt like it was executed better with something meaningful developing without making me cringe too much. Nonetheless, the direction is all the more unclear because of that episode and it only gets worse with this episode.

Would this show have been better if they focused completely on the more serious side of things? Well, with what we’ve seen so far, a lot of the problem has to do with the unnecessary humor, the characters themselves, the dialogue, and the uninteresting serious side as a result of these problems. The aspect that’s been addressed the most is the humor itself as in the past two episodes there is some dramatic improvement. Of course, that’s not saying much as the standard was extremely low in the first few episodes. The other elements have not improved to a state I deem to be acceptable even with the fourth episode which was a climax of sorts. The fifth has some character development, but the important main characters, Kanbara Akihito and Kuriyama Mirai are still as bland as ever. The darker side of this show could have been far more interesting had the cast been stronger and had the focus been clear from the start. The internal conflicts within the two main characters, their differences to those around them, and how they work together to find solutions because they are similar could have been extremely interesting.

By now, the label “dark fantasy” might as well not even be there as this anime is struggling with its own identity like an adolescent unsure of what to do in his or her life turning one way and then turning another way, trying to find something to cling on to. Sadly, Kyoukai no Kanata does not hold the advantage of time that an adolescent has to find his or her way. Kyoukai no Kanata is a 34-year-old in a mid-life crisis. God knows when it’ll get out of it, and it’ll probably be too late if that happens anyways. At the very least I had some fun watching this episode because that’s all I’m going to ask for from this anime now as it’s just going to end in severe disappointment if I were to ask for anything else. Still, as much trouble as the whole series is in, this episode by itself is still pretty damn enjoyable to watch with some IDOL ACTION.

Kyoukai no Kanata Wallpaper


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  • Ian Porterfield

    And this is why KyoAni can never match the likes of SHAFT. Ever again.

    • Entrav

      The good old times of Clannad and FMP…

      • Evilnemesis

        Still don’t understand why KyoAni won’t adapt the rest of the Novels. It’s literally a pile of money waiting to be made.

  • zztop

    RIGHT, stop that! It’s SILLY! And a bit suspect I think. ( ̄~ ̄;)
    The Japanese head writer HAS expressed his profound apologies for this ep via Twitter, if it makes you feel better. (^ ^)
    But do you really think it’s a calculated move by the animators to push DVD sales? I’m not really sure how their business structures work after all.

    • Entrav

      Wait, the writer did? What did he say specifically? Is he sorry for the lack of direction and the randomness of this episode?

      Well, the thing is that since the sales are already pretty bad, it’s better for them to push out a song and some smooth moves in the hopes of getting at least something out of it. I mean, it’s not like their original formula got them many sales in the first place. Hanada did write the script for a lot of other idol anime. Besides, that seems to be pretty popular as of late as well. That, or they just really ran out of ideas which may honestly be worse.

      • zztop

        Animesuki translated the head writer Hamada’s Twitter.
        “Sorry about this…. Just this once I requested to write a silly episode to insert into the series. Next week we’ll return to the original tone/material from the novels.”

        So basically this ep was because of his whims, although I wonder how he convinced the head director to listen to him in the first place.( ̄~ ̄;)

        • Entrav

          The funny thing is that I enjoyed this episode the most so far. The “original tone/material” just isn’t really that good.

          • sonicsenryaku

            again i thought the first five eps had some decently executed story but man did this ep throw me for a loop. I enjoyed it but now im so conflicted because i felt that the series was on the rise after the fifth ep and this transition into the sixth ep was just sooooooooo jarring. I enjoyed the ride but looking back on it i cant look at this series with the same hope i use too. I waned kyoani to succeed with this series and i felt that it was doing a decent job but maaannn. Well, as i said before im just going to give up hope on this series being anything better than enjoyable.


      “The Japanese head writer HAS expressed his profound apologies for this ep via Twitter” damn..really?? wow, i really did expect this series to have some genuine drama with the aspects of life that the characters have to go through but now..i think ill just hoping for that potential to be taped into and just enjoy the ride that is Kyokai no kanata. Unlike others, regardless of the slight flaws i thought the first 4 eps were solid (more so the fourth ep) with the fifth ep definitely showing prowess for what the future of the series could hold; but now….im just going to let things be and take kyokai no kanata for what it is because at the end of the day, i do enjoy the series and i had all types of fun with this ep regardless of how the critic side of me felt.

  • Aloxamax

    The way I see it, once KyoAni stops pretending their characters have interesting backstories, the show becomes much more enjoyable. It’s true that it lacks direction though.

    I can already tell that this episode already outdid whatever White Album 2 is going to do in terms of stage perfomance in looks alone, though it’s a bit of an unfair comparison.

    • MgMaster

      It’s okay,KnK might dominate when it comes to animation but WA2 will dominate in music & atmosphere by a long shot.Besides,not WA2 looks pretty good as well.

  • zztop

    Interestingly, Animesuki users who read the original Beyond the Boundary novel say the anime’s storyline is only based on Vol 1 and a draft of Vol 2(currently only 3 vol exist in Japan). At most we will be looking at a rather loose adaptation of the source material, later volumes not encounting.
    Also, I know you disliked it, but Gargantia will be getting a season 2 in the future. Have you been able to watch any of the DVD-only OVAs? I hear Ep 15 OVA covers the backstory of Kugel’s arrival to Earth, if it piques your interest.

  • James Du

    Kill la Kill!

  • MgMaster

    That list….IS2 12.5k sales while Valvrare’s at 3.9k,White Album 2 at 2.9k,Nagi No Asukara at 1.7k,Golden Time at 1.1k.I mean,I know that a quality show doesn’t always mean good sales but this difference is just too much…The heck,I’d put KnK over IS2 even if it’s only because of the animation.

    At least LB Refrain’s sales seem deserved.No idea if Kuroko no Basket deserves it since I don’t watch any sports animes :P

    • Evilnemesis

      Japan worse taste of all time, OF ALL TIME.

      IS is literally the worse Harem of all time and it’s selling like hotcakes even in S2. I knew it was going to happen but I’m still mad.

      – It’s a harem ( and it’s not even a GOOD one )
      – The designs are shit, the animation and everything is pretty low tier as well, an insult to consumers considering how much it has been selling.
      – MC is more beta than all betas combined
      – Houki is going to win and she’s literally the worse abusive cunt of a tsundere imaginable
      ( The author rages online each time fans pick anyone else than Houki as the “best girl” )
      Nice going author “NIPPON STRONG” and “MUH YAMATO GENES”

      As for the other “big” sellers this season.

      KLK, WA2, Refrain, Valvrave are all deserving of being on the top in their own niche. Same with Non Non biyori.

      Nagi no Asukara should be at the bottom, some characters are extremely unlikeable and deserve a swift death. Series composition is by Okada, Mari which I despise but Japan always seem to find a way to like.

      • Ian Anthony

        we fight for Non Non Biyori since this show deserves the justice it so deserves xD And because of Ren-chon. We can’t forget about Ren-chon.

        • Evilnemesis

          Ren-chon stronk moe.

          The end will be her alone in the school because everybody else will be in the cities while she’s stuck alone finishing high school.

          And we will laugh… no wait that’s not a cool thing.

          2nd best character is big bro.

        • Entrav



      • Ian Porterfield

        For comparison, how are the sales of MS2?

        • Evilnemesis

          What is MS2?

          • Ian Porterfield

            Monogatari Second Season

      • Irenesharda

        I guess as you say, it depends on taste. I don’t really like harem that much, so I don’t really bother with it. I like Beyond the Boundary, Kill la Kill and of course Valvrave is my ultimate fave of the season.

        I really enjoy Nagi no Asukura though and enjoy all the characters very much. It’s my favorite of the show that I’ve still been able to continue this season (school is cutting into a lot of my anime watching time), right after Valvrave and Galilei Donna.

        • MgMaster

          Indeed.Personally,I’d put Nagi a bit higher as even with all the Okada trying to manipulate our emotions again,it’s still a pretty good show.I’m sad something like Golden Time,which is like a breath of fresh air in the romance department isn’t doing better.I guess I should be happy that my two favorite shows this season,Valvrare & WA2 are doing alright but it still pisses me off that something like IS2 is doing that much better in comparison.

          • Yeokso

            I’m gonna guess part of the reason why Golden Time isn’t doing well is because J.C Staff biases. Other than that, personal taste I suppose. Wish it was higher on the list though.

    • Entrav

      Samurai Flamenco… Outbreak Company… NouKome… D: It’s just sad really.

      • Evilnemesis

        But Samurai Flamenco is so fun, it’s like I’m a little kid again. Dem Sentais animes.

        It’s just the Manglobe curse to be honest, can’t into success.

        It’s supposed to be a two cour as well. I wonder what’s going to happen.

        • Entrav

          I think you’re misunderstanding, I’m not saying how the sales are too good for it. I’m saying that it’s too low for those 3 shows and many others. At least, that’s why I think you put the “but” there.

          • Evilnemesis

            Nope, it’s the other way around, you’re misunderstanding me = P .

            The “but” was me deploring the fact that one show I’m having a lot of fun with is selling very poorly.

            I haven’t even watched the other 2, there’s just way too much to watch, so I’m putting all those more comedy/fanservice anime on hold until winter when I’ll actually find time to watch them.

          • Yeokso

            The fact that Nagi no Asukara and Outbreak Company is doing poorly makes me want to shed tears. =.=

      • Ara

        Outbreak Company and NouKome are actually pretty good, if you’re into comedy.

        IS Season 2, the only thing that kept me watching this is because Chiwa Saitou doing Tatenashi. Ecchi level still can’t surpass DxD

        Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio is pretty awesome, yeah I really mean it.

        Monogatari series still awesome as ever, except that ending on Nadeko part.

        and finally, I watch Kyoukai no Kanata because it’s KyoAni. But I didn’t watch Free since it feels like Yaoi anime

    • The Atomic Dwarf

      The amount of fanservice in the second season of IS2 is huge. DxD doesn’t even come close. And the second one at least had a better storyline and a motivated MC. Guess it all comes down to personal preferences…. sigh… I like my anime ecchi like any other dude out there, but not when that’s all it has to offer…

      Strike the Blood, hmm haven’t watched it. Is it that good?

      It’s good to see that Machine Doll has nice figures, both in sales and in the anime *cough*. It’s a balanced blend of fanservice and a pretty good story. It’s a shame it had such a low budget.

      Also a shame are the sales for Golden Time, but they might increase after this weeks episode. It literally left me speechless! Such an underestimated anime. Nobody appreciates the golden treasures, get it?

      Log Horizon is doing well, expected it to do better. It’s not really niche since it explains all the different aspects and mechanics of the game they are trapped in, take the chef sub-class for example which they explained in the last ep.

      Anyways these are preliminary numbers but the tendency remains.

  • Duuhhhhh

    It’s a filler ep though, most 13ep animes put in a filler at around ep 6 to mellow things out after the first arc before proceeding to the next storyline.

    • Entrav

      Yeah, I know it’s supposed to be a “filler” episode. I enjoyed this episode probably the most out of it so far. However, “filler” episodes do not have to have nothing to do with the overall story especially with how messily Kyoukai no Kanata has already progressed.

  • Irenesharda

    I enjoyed the episode, but as you said, the show does seem like it’s floundering a little bit. I enjoyed it’s dark stance and the balance it had between school life and this darker youma-hunting world. Also is looking at both Akihito and Mirai’s backstories. However, these last couple of episode have seemed to be more random filler, and I hope they will get back on track sooner rather than later. I enjoy the characters and I’m hoping the series doesn’t end up falling by the wayside because of it’s lack of direction.

    • Entrav

      Well, they’ll definitely go back to the main story next episode. Hopefully they omit the unnecessary humor this time when they’re doing the more serious parts as they have been doing that in the past few episodes.

  • Mystes Yuji

    Come on people this one is an Anime Adaptation so you can hardly expect them to be following the more continuous dark fantasy side of the LN into their move in this one :S

    • Entrav

      The problem is that it tries to be dark, but it’s not well executed at all. It doesn’t have to follow the LN. I don’t care if it does. However, if it wants to be a dark fantasy then it should focus on that instead of being all over the place.

      • Mystes Yuji

        Don’t forget that it’s also labeled “Slice of Life” which means that it has the option to float away from Dark Fantasy from time to time as an all serious slice of life wouldn’t feel like slice of life at all.

        If you can’t accept that, you’re always free to pick up a different series that does that sort of thing in better terms for your scale.

        • Entrav

          I understand that it also has “slice of life.” It’s a KyoAni show after all. However, the problem is that KyoAni is not very good at mixing the two together. You get an awkward mixture of both which satisfies no one. This leads me to the conclusion that they are better off focusing on one because they clearly cannot do both with how the first four episodes have went. The first four episodes have awkward humor with slice of life moments which turn serious without much build up and makes the “dark fantasy” be subpar at best.

          The switches between slice of life and the more serious parts of the show are not fluid, and they take away from each other rather than add to each other. Episodes 5 and 6 are actually fine and quite enjoyable because KyoAni is no doubt adept at making pure slice of life shows which is what these two episodes constituted of. I don’t mind if it’s “dark fantasy” or if it’s a “slice of life” like some people understandably do. I just want to watch something “good.”

          • Felix Andersen

            I hope you are aware that you only express your own feelings here. A lot of people have no problems whatsoever with this show, and you constantly using “I’m sure all of us can agree” and “which satisfies no one” are gross generalizations that do not reflect reality IN ANY WAY.

            Actually, considering the massive audience and low drop rate, it can be argued that you are in fact in the minority. Your criticism is taken out of thin air, as the transitions between SoL and the serious parts are indeed smooth, even above industry standard. It seems you belong to the sort of people who identify KyoAni with one single sort of show, preferably K-ON, and automatically assume it must be the only thing they can do, and to confirm your own opinion, you need to bash everything that shows otherwise. That’s fine, it’s a human reaction, but it makes your reviews nothing more than a blog entry, as a reviewer should be able to put this aside. You even mentioning this is proof you have this belief in your head and see the world accordingly.

          • Entrav

            If I’m “constantly using ‘I’m sure all of us can agree,” then that’s completely my fault. I do try my best to stay away from generalizations and sometimes they slip. However, I don’t remember writing many generalizations so if you could point them out aside from this one it’d be greatly appreciated.

            Are you serious about what you just said about my opinion of KyoAni? The previous season I just did reviews of every single episode of Free! and I praised them for what they did. I think studios are adept at certain areas, but that doesn’t mean I’m immediately biased to think the studios can’t step outside of their comfort zones. If you look back to this season’s preview on my site then you’d see that I expected this to be more of a “dark fantasy.”

            How are my criticisms taken out of thin air if I have my explanations on exactly why I think it is so backing them up? I give praises to Kyoukai no Kanata where I think they deserve it. I gave it in this episode as well. I’m not just mindlessly bashing it.

            “You even mentioning this is proof you have this belief in your head and see the world accordingly.” I’m not even sure what you mean by this so could you point out exactly what you mean?

          • Mystes Yuji

            It may be true that there were times where this show hoped between action and comedy from time to time even at situations where their lives are in an ulterior possibility of demise but it never gave me a feeling where the action was cut short nor was the comedy cut short despite all of that.

            A concrete example of this would be in Episode 4 where the action was cut short just after they were able to temporarily escape from Sakura due to the building debris blocking her advance and what followed it was Akihito and Mirai’s comedic moments by which you criticize then the atmosphere starts to change again and heat up until the final moments of the suspense filled action of the episode.

            Well if I were to analyze that scenario, the comedic moment wasn’t all that bad and it did make me laugh a bit. The following moments of Action and Suspense wasn’t bad either as they have successfully enticed me into the mood that was building up and got my whole attention to the show up until the end. The episode ended in a well delivered conclusion as well where the satisfaction of the watcher is filled and make that person want more of the show.

            If you can’t understand that feel, welp, I guess it’s pretty much pointless to argue with someone who lacks good sense of humor and hard density to good enough action.

          • Entrav

            Of course if they try comedy enough times it’ll end up working out once in a while. But come on, look at episode 1-2 and tell me there isn’t terrible humor. My main problem with the mixture isn’t that it’s cutting off one another. It’s just mostly that the humor is bad at times that it takes away from the seriousness. Granted, they have improved in recent episodes as I have stated, but this isn’t anywhere near something like Hataraku Maou-sama! for example.

            Another reason why I think the mixture is “bad,” is just how the more serious side is done, but that’s probably worth a whole post. From the cliche lines, to the uninteresting moeblob that is Mirai to the dull Akihito, there are plenty of things that pull it down. Not to mention how Akihito is the one responsible for making a lot of the comedic moments worse which was why when he was taken out of the equation, the comedy tends to be better.

            I’m not sure if I’m lacking good sense of humor as if you go on MAL, Animesuki, and other anime sites, you’ll see many people having the same complaints about humor among other things. Moreover, I am enjoying some more comedic series of this season such as NouKome, or even Samurai Flamenco for that matter so it’s not like I’m completely lacking a sense of humor. As for action, I don’t think I’ve ever said it’s done poorly in KnK. I always say the opposite when I do bring it up.

          • Mystes Yuji

            Well as someone who has finished Hataraku Maou-sama!, you seem to have point in that indeed.

            It seems that you find comedy more worth with Akihito out of the equation well that’s an acceptable point as well cause the way he delivers the comedy factor hardly targets the general majority but the other comedic scenes delivered so far were hilarious enough to gather that much potential.

            To the very least, that cleared things up and I now understand your whole point XD

            But just remember that such sort of thing does please a group of people and not no one at all :S

          • Entrav

            Well, the thing is that I can’t really speak on behalf of those group of people who enjoy that kind of humor because I’m not one of them. I don’t know how that group of people feels, and it’s quite pointless to even emphasize it at all in my review because it wouldn’t contribute anything of worth. I mean saying, “Well, I don’t like it, but some people may,” doesn’t help readers understand my reasoning behind my criticism.

            I expect opinions to differ because it’s just my opinion and you should take it as such. Of course, that does not mean that I’m always “correct” with my point of view on some issues so I do appreciate discussions.

          • Flaiboy

            I understand you’re passionate about your point, but is it really necessary to resort to name-calling? I mean we’re not talking about anything truly important, here; this is just an anime – a cartoon . . . you get that, right?

          • Mystes Yuji

            When it comes to your favorite Anime, sometimes it’s just hard to hold up ye know :S

  • chiharaminorin

    Haha. Cool review. Btw, what’s a “DERP”?

    • Entrav

      Agh, that’s actually really difficult to explain. Check it up on Google. It’s just a random expression.

  • Felix Andersen

    “I’m sure all of us can agree”

    No, I don’t agree with you at all (re: direction, or the assumed lack thereof). It had indeed a direction, and the overall theme was prevalent right up until the last episode. This one was a filler like so many others, (e.g. the “Staircase War” in Rozen Maiden S1), this is neither something new nor something that is evidence of “lack of direction”. They even integrated the progress of the last character-developing episode, and my thought at the end of that episode, that Mirai would become the gravitational center of the little group to pull them all closer together was strengthened with this episode (as they all actually worked together as an idol group, with helping Mirai as the initiating factor).
    I also can’t even begin to address the other superficial “points” you make, you seem to have a lot of problems with that show, and all the “derp” and “lolwat” makes me begin to think that, uhm, how to put it, your ability to access shows is limited.
    I also do not see what use STALKER points make here; are you suggesting KyoAni draws the episodes a week before they air, so they reacted with this to the preorder numbers? Or is this somehow an indicator of quality? You could as well argue that Kyoukai no Kanata is, according to the nyaa download tracker, the second most watched show this season, with the third lowest drop-rate, so there must be a great amount of people who enjoy it and are continuously satisfied.
    You obviously are not one of them, and maybe that’s one of the reasons the quality of your reviews have been dropping consistently, just like your previous blunders (like the “hug” in episode 4) it seems you just do not pay enough attention to the show. The question is only if you simply can’t or just won’t.
    But then again, the /b/-tier captions give a clear hint.

    • The Atomic Dwarf

      For somebody who doesn’t agree with his point of view you’re putting a lot of effort in this comment. He is a critic and has his personal style and even if I for one don’t always agree with his opinions, that is not a reason to go and insult the man.

      We all have our personal views and that’s what the comment section is for. To encourage discussion. But let’s keep this civilized shall we? Insults are the worst thing you can do. They do not support your point of view and make you look immature.

      I won’t try and categorize you in a certain stereotype. You have your reasons for not liking his reviews and if so than use constructive criticism or just simply leave. I’m sure there is someone out there who shares your opinion.

      As for this anime. Yes I dropped it and will never pick it back up unless a good review of it appears on this website. I trust Entrav’s judgment on this one. And I think his quirky caps lock one-liners are pretty funny. But then that’s my opinion.

    • Entrav

      Firstly, there are many times sales don’t indicate quality. If you read through the comments in this post then you should know that as I do say shows such as Samurai Flamenco deserves more. I saw the nyaa tracker, but if you are looking at the sales themselves in Japan, which is honestly what matters, then it’s clear that Kyoukai no Kanata isn’t selling as well as most of KyoAni’s other shows. I don’t know what KyoAni is thinking. It’s just a guess. It could be right, or it could be wrong. As you say, I’m suggesting and not stating. Besides, the download tracker for nyaa is quite off in a lot of ways compared to the estimated sales. For example, Log Horizon and Coppelion are not selling nearly as well as what nyaa would indicate. I’ll discuss your final few comments at the very end.

      It’s true that I shouldn’t have generalized and said, “all,” so sorry about that. I mean to say “most” as this is not an opinion only I hold, but it is one that many hold if you’ve been on MAL, AnimeSuki or even /a/. I’m going to emphasize the word lacks here for a reason. Every single show has some kind of direction one way or another, but the thing is that with a “dark fantasy” theme as well as a “slice of life” one needs a much clearer direction than if it were just a slice of life show.

      If you are saying that this episode is relevant to the whole story, then you are fighting a losing battle as even the writer himself tweeted that this was just a “silly episode” he wanted to insert the series and that he will go back to the “original tone/material from the novels.” Even if we take his opinion out as that doesn’t really matter as much as what’s actually shown, I don’t see how this makes Mirai the “gravitational center of the little group” any more than the other episodes already do. I’m not just speaking of this episode when I am saying this show lacks direction. I’m talking about this show in general. The inner conflicts are poorly executed with cliche lines that are hard to watch, and the humor in the first few episodes especially distract the series from its darker tones and leads it astray in a negative way.

      I’m not paying enough attention to the show? By what you’re saying, it seems I don’t even understand what the overall theme of the anime is. Then could you enlighten me as to what you think I am missing out on?

      Look, if I seriously don’t enjoy this anime to some extent, I wouldn’t even be doing reviews on them in the first place. I didn’t do Coppelion even once even though I was highly anticipating it because it sucks ass. I enjoy watching Kyoukai no Kanata, but that doesn’t mean I won’t pick out flaws where I see them. I am more picky than the average watcher, but I have to be because I’m a reviewer and it’s my duty to pick out bits and pieces I think are “good” or “bad” that the average viewer may have overlooked.

      I’m also curious as to how the quality of my reviews have been dropping. I’m always looking for improvements and I would be very glad if you could give me hints because you are a reader and your information is very valuable to me as I can only see a single perspective. I understand my reviews are not that great, but it’s not as if you can expect me to improve without telling me what I need to improve on. Your “criticism” on my work is actually quite shallow, and I hope you do not do this to other people in the future as it helps no one. It’s as if I just said, “Kyoukai no Kanata is bad.” Please, explain. We can both benefit then.

      Sorry that the captions aren’t your thing. I know many people may not like them, but you could just skip to the review section or if they are too distracting then you can stop reading altogether.

      • Felix Andersen

        Why do you try to set the downloads in relation to sales if you agree yourself that sales are not an adequate measurement of quality or enjoyment? This is pointless. I was merely informing you that using sales doesn’t make sense in judging neither the overall quality nor a single episode, as they have been done before knowledge about preorders were available.

        I didn’t say the episode was necessary to the plot (impossible to judge unless we’ve seen the rest of the series), if you would’ve read my comparison to the RM S1 filler, that should be VERY clear. I was stating that it was in line with the current developments and a logical extension – if you think it can’t be silly while still making sense in the broader context, you’re fighting a losing fight. You might have a point if they wouldn’t have worked together and done something completely unrelated like shopping, but that’s not what happened, and your complaints in that regard are moot.
        The other episodes did put Mirai at the center of the group? When did that happen? She was an outsider the whole time, and was up until episode 4 when she stood on the sidelines, baffled when she learned another dimension of Akihito’s relationship with his “friends”. It was only in episode 5 when she made contact with Mitsuki, heck, she even tried to keep Akihito at bay for most of the previous time. But in 5 she used her limited social skills to deliver “a clichéd line” (which is exactly in line with her character, even you flaming her on the internet for the way she expresses herself – or is this just life imitating art?) and you see the immediate effect in the relationship between Mitsuki and Hiromi (and again, this is continued in episode 6 when she sends him a text and calls him onii-chan – all sillyness aside, it is an extension of what happened before).

        You can call it boring or you can criticize Mirai’s character that makes her deliver chlichèd lines out of her self-pity and lack of refined social skills, but in the end it is much more than we get from the average show.

        As for how the quality of your reviews dropped, it should be quite clear: Take a look at your review of this episode. It’s merely a long rant about how you think the show in general is flawed. There is almost nothing about this episode. It’s all over the place with preorder rankings, what you think was bad about previous episodes, how you have no hopes for the future etc. If you do a review of an episode, don’t forget to review that episode.
        But yeah, the main thing that pissed me off was the “all of you” and “no one” as this includes me and obviously wasn’t true. So I probably got worked up a bit more than I should have.
        Hope this helps.

        • Entrav

          Alright, I’m not going to start arguing about nyaa and sales because we are clearly on the same page and there’s just some confusion. So let’s not waste time arguing about that.

          Firstly, I haven’t seen Rozen Maiden so forgive me if I didn’t catch your example. Nonetheless, what I mean by saying that “I don’t see how this makes Mirai the ‘gravitational center of the little group’ any more than the other episodes already do” I am saying that this episode doesn’t do a good job of it much like the other episodes. It would have been fine if they actually showed the in-between training of actually practicing with the whole group, but we only get a few seconds of pictures that go in that direction. Where is the connection? How has their relationship changed from episode 5? Episode 5 had some good development between Mitsuki and Mirai, but this episode doesn’t have that. What about the deepening of the bond between Mirai and Akihito? Where has their deeper struggle gone about being different from everyone? Mitsuki and Hiromi just simply accepts both of them, and we don’t even seem to see any conflict about Akihito and Mirai’s identities anymore.

          If this episode showed them working together, struggling, then I’d be okay with saying that this makes Mirai more part of the group. You talk about her “lack of refined social skills,” but where is the development to improve that? It’s a bunch of humorous remarks and nothing more than that. She seems to have thrown away her reclusive self mostly away. Granted, Akihito did help her in this way, but the transition is too easy. She had death on her hands, and she washed all her troubles away just like that? Shouldn’t she feel more guilty about her peaceful situation with Akihito? Where is the internal conflict of her past and her present situation that’s probably fairly similar? Right now, the development is surface level.

          Look, I don’t mind cliche. However, not when it’s executed in such a poor way as shown in episode 5. Using the excuse “much more than we get from the average show” is just that. It’s an excuse. There are even times in their previously anime Free! that cliche lines were delivered to be acceptable. There’s no way that they can’t do it here as well.

          The thing is that, this episode relates to my point of stating the lack of direction in the show. It actually epitomizes it so I felt it was fitting to talk about why this is. There’s no way I can simply do that with this episode alone as that wouldn’t be as detailed so I talked about the show as a whole. I also felt that since it is just about half-way that I could voice my concerns more openly because more likely than not things are not going to change dramatically. I will admit that I am at fault here for not talking about the episode itself enough. Usually, at least the impressions section would do part of that, but I chose not to. So yes, I got on a tangent and didn’t talk about the episode itself as much as I should have. Actually, I talked about it more in these few comments than I did above, and after thinking about it now, I realize that I actually have quite a bit of things to say about this episode itself that I didn’t in the review. I’ll keep this in mind in the future. Thanks for that because it’s a bit hard to see what’s wrong when reading your own work.

          Again, apologies for the generalization. It was not intentional.

  • Entrav

    Hey, just have to apologize because Disqus found your comment, as well as some others that I have approved now, to be spam. I whitelisted you so it should be fine now, but I’ll check on a more regular basis.

    Yep, I had higher hopes for this series, but that’s gradually decreasing as my expectations become more aligned with reality or else I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the show too much. It’s still the most enjoyable episode of the series for me, and I just can’t dislike the IDOL POWA.

  • Flaiboy

    I actually LIKED this episode. I laughed my way through it. I think cute faces make comedy easier. Note to Mirai: I think surprising an enemy is a whole lot easier if you don’t scream your head off as you attack . . . just sayin’.

    I’m not as concerned about the criticisms of the show’s direction and focus as others may be. My time is stretched very thin so I’m doing well to remember from week to week the previous episode’s events. I’m just happy to be able to find the time to watch it at all, so I’m grateful for the fun it adds to my life.

    I dropped a bunch of shows this season which surprised me considering this was regarded as a strong one. I dropped Samurai Flamenco, Coppelion, Yowamushi Pedal, Gingitsune, and I’m close to dropping Nagi no Asukara simply because it’s not expressing its genre in any way different from others. I’m afraid I’m becoming tired of the tropes so I’m wanting to watch shows which treat their subject matter creatively or whose art and animation is refreshing and different. It’s a tough act, I know, but I can afford to be picky seeing as how my time is so sparse. As it is I’m having to archive some shows (Monogatari, Arpeggio, Kyousou Giga) in hopes that sometime in the future I will be able to make time to enjoy them.

    • Entrav

      Same here. I liked this episode quite a bit and the purposefully dramatic parts are pretty interesting as well.

      Just curious, why did you drop Samurai Flamenco? Is it not quite to your taste, and what episode did you stop at? I’d definitely recommend you save Monogatari up and enjoy it in the future. It’ll be much better that way I think because there are certain weeks where waiting is just killer. I’m actually surprised that Nagi no Asukara hasn’t gone off the rails melodramatic yet because Okada Mari composed the series. Though, the crying from two episodes ago is a bit unnecessary. I’ll stick around simply because I do have the time to watch it. But damn, everything is so pretty…

      • Flaiboy

        I dropped Samurai Flamenco for several reasons, but mostly because there was nothing about it that caught my interest. The art and animation are so-so, the characters are ordinary tropes, and the plot (plot?) is pedestrian. I watched through episode 3 and just couldn’t find any reason not to drop it. Some may find it funny and entertaining but I just never could. Oh well.

        Nagi no Asukara is pretty for sure. But again, the characters bore me. It seems that after one or two episodes it becomes easy to predict how they will react in a given situation. I don’t like things to be so neat and tidy. I’ve watched my share of neat and tidy anime and I’m ready for shows that keep me guessing.