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Kyoukai no Kanata Kuriyama death

KyoAni doesn’t find a way.
Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 12 Review
Beyond the Boundary Episode 12 Review
“Grey World”
“Haiiro no Sekai”

I wanted to believe that KyoAni would pull through this. The past few episodes leading up to this finale made up for plenty of problems that I’ve had with the series. I wanted to believe that KyoAni would find a way. Well, they did for the last few episodes until the fucking finale which is paramount to any series especially for those that have build-up throughout. I wanted to believe that KyoAni would step outside its comfort zone and you know what? This is worse than what they usually pull because they set it up so what happens in the last minute would be better off not happening in the first place. Basically, they fucked it up.

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 12 Impressions

More like this show threw everything out of the window by having that kind of ending.


I know right? Holy shit.

Kanbara Yayoi hot

Oh well, at least YAYOI STRONK.

Kanbara Yayoi dirty way

Please, the dirty way is the best way.


God dammit. Is there going to be a season 2?



That’s rare.

Fujima Miroku vs Nase Izumi

No resolution to this. :/


Ninomiya Shizuku christmas cake

At least this show has the mature women going for it.

Fujima Miroku

This creep.

How pretty.



Mitsuki. :(

Miroku fujima pervert


I knew this guy is creepy, but fuck.

Nase Izumi dash




These fights feel a bit too messy.

Still visually great though.

Kanbara Akihito



Kanbara Akihito punch


Beyond the boundary

Well, all that effort for basically nothing.




Best “Teehee” of the season. That’s worth something, right?

Real genuine.


Kuriyama Mirai happy

You’re so happy that you’re disappearing. D:

At this point, hope was entering into my soul.

Kanbara Akihito crying

For once this guy contributes to something.


Kanbara Akihito bawling his eyes out

Not bad at all.


A memento to help him move forward………….

Lolwtf. This came out of nowhere.

Nase Izumi



Back to these jokes.

A well done loss.

Is it the end of the episode? This isn’t a bad line to use for the end though it wouldn’t be executed this way.




Inami Sakura and Shindou Ai

Fucking. Stop him.

Nase Mitsuki and Hiromi

Mitsuki, please. Just. Bind him in place or something.

Ninomiya Shizuku

Come on, sensei. KICK HIM IN THE BALLS.

Holy fuck.

Kuriyama Mirai still alive

Good lord of ballsackshitnipplescrapmeganefreakkyoanimoeblobvictorypieceofshit.



Holy fuckingballsofnipplesmeganepieceofshitakihitoneedstojustdieandnothavehisyoumupowerseveragainplsgetstabbed1000000xtimesagain.

Kyoukai no Kanata


At this point, there’s not much left to even analyze because a lot of developments are left in the air. The whole deal with Miroku, Izumi, and Yayoi all end abruptly without hinting at anything that we haven’t already seen in previous episodes. The most notable thing would be the fact that Izumi holds youmu within her which makes her conversation with Miroku back at episode 3 a bit more interesting as her real opinion of youmu is probably different which shows her sly characteristics. This brings up some interesting possibilities in the future, but as it is unveiled at the end with no resolution of the conflict between Miroku and Izumi, it feels pretty empty. Not to mention, Hiromi stumbles upon a realization, but because we haven’t seen much from his perspective, it also feels quite empty.

Of course, the main aspect of the episode, and the show in general revolves around Kuriyama Mirai and Kanbara Akihito. Their farewell at first is something that I really thought to be the most worthwhile development of their relationship. Feelings come flooding out, Akihito reciprocates, and it was on the road to being a bittersweet ending. I was hoping that, even though their bond has been severely lacking throughout the series, if one of them disappeared, the other would be able to push onwards with the person who disappeared at the back of their minds. It would be a way for them to push beyond what they could not before alone. It would show that, although short, their relationship meant something to them, and that they can strive to overcome their inherent differences with everyone else. Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way, but instead, we get a bullshit, ass-pull ending that brings up a plethora of questions with only a smile as an answer. I could rationalize that since Mirai was part of Beyond the Boundary and since Beyond the Boundary was once part of him, she became part of him as well. Eventually, she materialized because of the ring. That, or it had somethin to do with her blood powers. Nonetheless, there is a great deal of fuzziness here with not enough foreshadowing. Am I criticizing it already without going into the review section? Yes I am, because I’m sorely disappointed with how this show ended. Let me explain why this ending is not even acceptable.

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 12 Review

Firstly, although an explanation as to why she came back alive would have helped, it would still make the ending a disappointing one. This is mainly because, after all this time, Akihito and Mirai finally got some decent development with their farewell even though a lot of that has been missed throughout the series. I was glad to see that KyoAni executed the scene of their separation in such a nice way. Of course, it could have been helped by better development in the past, but for what it is, it’s definitely not bad. It makes the bond between Akihito and Mirai stronger, and makes me care more about the relationship between the two. The pat on the head is nicely done as it was hinted upon back in episode 10 making it more impactful, and the crack on Mirai’s leg is also nicely executed. Not to mention, Akihito’s grasp that separates her hand from her body and then his jump to catch her ring… They’re all well done. I really don’t have a single complaint about it. However, they basically take a huge fucking dump on all of that with the last minute.

This ending where they reunite makes their farewell scene far less significant than if Mirai stayed dead. Everything has essentially been reset save for their relationship which, as I have said multiple times now, has not been developed that well. The farewell scene certainly helps, but because their heartbreak at their separation has now disappeared, it isn’t even an emotional scene anymore. It’s just a tease that makes me feel bad for feeling bad for their separation. KyoAni just wants to make happy endings. I can understand that. But when they build it up to be a sad one only to shove the happiness all in the last few moments, it feels uncalled for. It feels messy, and ridiculous. Imagine watching an engaging, sad scene near the end of a movie, and then some character randomly makes a really bad joke to top the ending off. You’re probably going to be left wondering, “What the fuck was that? Why was that even put there? Why would they ruin the mood like that?” Granted, it may not be as severe, but the scenario is not too different from the one in this episode.

It’s not as if they couldn’t have turned it the other way either. With how they were building it up, it was supposed to be a far more sad ending. They were on a course, and they were doing fine, not great, but fine. They even manage to execute the separation well! This makes it even more disappointing that they would put it all to waste by pulling a happy ending out of nowhere. They could have easily ended it as a bittersweet one, with Akihito doing a final monologue with some flashbacks, and then ending it on what Mirai would have said such as, “Serves you right.” It would have been impactful, meaningful, and it certainly would be less of a contrivance than this ending. And I bet if they wanted to they could have done something even better as they show their ability with the farewell scene. It’s just… incredibly disappointing that they would take this route.

Another thing to note is just how rushed this episode is. An extra episode would have greatly helped with the pacing in this episode as sometimes it feels more like a preview than an episode. Honestly, as beautiful as the animations are, the fights are not that well choreographed. It feels quite messy, and a bit too hectic in many parts. Still, some of the scenery and some major moments are just downright amazing to look at. It’s such a shame. This series could have ended on a decent note to make up for the lackluster series overall. It could have been worth a look if someone is just looking for some mindless, eye-pleasing moments with a nice conclusion to top everything off. At least then, the surprising conclusion would have made the series a bit more worth the watch. But now… I cannot say that it meets my already lowered explanations. This ending is disappointing, and KyoAni does not manage to find a way. The series has been downgraded in my view of being mediocre to being just bad. It’s a shame because this episode could have at least been okay. Oh well.

Kyoukai no Kanata Wallpaper


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  • Rex Alado

    KyoAni’s sad dramatic days are over. They do everything for viewership, and right now everyone is into this cowfuck.

    • Entrav

      I’m really waiting for some sad and dramatic piece of work. :/

  • zztop

    I see you are able to get proper internet connection in China!!
    Animation and action sequences are still the most superb among the anime I am currently watching.
    I understand the anime’s problems lie with the direction and writing, although I wonder if aspects of the source LN are to blame in this respect.
    Also, the June 2014 final Bluray of Beyond the Boundary will have an unaired 13th ep. Either it is backstory or slice-of-life hijinks.

    • Entrav

      Yep! Working fine, but it’s slow as expected.

      It would be interesting if it were about Akihito’s past with Hiromi, but honestly it’s probably going to be a “humorous” episode or something like that.

  • zztop

    Actually, how does Kyoani’s operate as a studio compared to other animation studios like Production IG?

    The most common complaint I hear is that they currently trend to making fluff pieces catering to moe tastes, yet how are they able to maintain consistent, beautiful animation quality and execution in each episode(as in Boundary)?
    I say this compared to shows like Gargantia and Titan by Production IG, where certain episodes can display a sudden drop in quality before picking up again in subsequent episodes.

    • Entrav

      I’m not too sure about how the studios really work, but going by their works alone, KyoAni is known for their moeblobs and animation quality. The reason why their animation quality is always so damn good is because they have a lot of budget and they have talented animators who love what they do. I mean, they get the money they need to do their job well, and that may be good enough for them to do good work.


      Kyo ani, is a very to themeselves type of studio (at first they were a little more open to doing various works, often helping other studios with animation such as key and in-betwens. But as the years went by, they started becoming more and more in-house and eventually defined the “moe-genre” with their set of cutsie shows. Pretty much, the way Kyo ani operates as a studio, at least nowadays, is that they produce works that are inherintly within house. They have talented artist and animators, who usually teach new recruits and assimilate them with their style and together they produce original works from various factions of their group. They also have their own directors within their company that they rely on quite frequently so when i say that they are in-house…they are VEEEEERRRRYYY In-house. That’s the basics of what you should know about Kyoani’s operating style (there’s more to them such as their directing and animating processes but that’s extra stuff at the moment.

      Anywho this ep was soooooo disappointing (like so much so that it had plagued my mind a couple hours after seeing it). While Kyo ani as a studio is responsible for what they produce, I dont think the blame should be put on them as a studio, because ultimately their quirks were not responsible for this. Had a more competent screen writer and director been on board for this series, it would have turned out sooooo much better (I think people tend to forget that directors and screenwriters dont necessarily have to hail from the studio they are working on…although in this case the director and screenwriter are regulars at kyo ani).

      Now granted the source material is just decent, but ive seen plenty of veteran directors take decent source material and turn them into emotionally powerful tales (after all, how you tell a story is the most important factor in a series or a movie, etc.) Animation was still-top notch but ultimately that wasnt enough, and even so the CM that was released early last year for the LN had better animation,art, and atmosphere than the actually series (hell, why didnt they get the animation director of that CM to do the series). Either way i wasnt taken back by the art style change but still, with the way the series ended it just starts to make me think of what could have been (the events portrayed in the OP never even happened in the series at the end of the day and they were part of the LN……huh????).

      If this series gets a season 2, hopefully season 1 was just a prologue and Season 2 is were all the truly dark and interesting stuff happens; and hopefully,there is a better director/screenwriter on board to make it this series with great potential into something special. I know it can be done, it just needs to be put in better hands (kyo ani is not the problem; it’s those who were put in charge to helm the script, story boarding, screenplay, and directing)

  • MgMaster

    Didn’t expect you to post this,decent net in China I take it?

    At any rate,I consider this episode terrible:

    – First of all,I just like the show when Mirai & Akihito are the focus because they’re just not well-developed,neither individually nor together.

    – We have the return of the TERRIBLE attempts at comedy,and at the worst times.

    – Random lines & moments between the supporting cast & unresolved matters.

    – Need I even say anything about the ending?

    As mean as it sounds,I regret wasting my time on this and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.If it gets a 2nd season,I definitely won’t be watching it.

    • Entrav

      Net is kind of slow, but it’s more like I don’t have too much to do here.

      Hell yes, Tokyo Ravens and Strike the Blood are totally average, but they are very enjoyable in different respects. Seriously, dem girls in Strike the Blood. Too stronk. Too hawt. Too cute. Too good for Kojou.

      I don’t think it’s mean at all. They did not do a good job at all, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone now either. It’s just so disappointing for me because I was expecting something much better from the get-go.

      • zztop

        Definitely agree with you on Strike the Blood and Tokyo Ravens!!

        Strike the Blood: Definitely the most average, but there’s something very enjoyable about it. Plus there’s that really interesting backstory about Kojou and the ex 4th Progenitor. Who’s your favourite girl?

        Hope we’ll see more Princess Lafolia in action. :)

        Tokyo Ravens: Compelling plot on onmyou socio-politics.Really funny reaction faces, 2nd to Hataraku.

        There’s quite a lot of sakuga(super-fluid) animations in nearly every ep too!

        Kon is funniest and most adorable shikigami:

        • The Atomic Dwarf

          Tokyo Ravens has something that makes it enjoyable. The characters are interesting, the story is decent, and the pacing is good. All in all the anime is average but the way it’s presented makes it very entertaining. Oh and yeah, KON IS TOO DAMN CUTE! Love the way she always stutters and the way she screws up all the time creating some funny and embarrassing moments.

          Another average show that was a lot better than KnK this season is Machine Doll. With both action sequences, a decent plot and enough ecchi to make it entertaining but not appalling like IS2, it definitely was one of the pleasant surprises of the season. It could have done a lot more with a bigger budget.

          • Entrav


            Yaya is the cutest. But all the three girls are perfect in their own ways. I still like Irori best because she gives off a more.. mature vibe and I guess I’m into that? Not sure because she hasn’t really been on screen. Certainly enjoyable though. I heard the story gets even better as things move forward.

          • The Atomic Dwarf

            That denpa ED is addictive.:)

            Well our tastes are pretty different then. Komurasaki is my favorite because of her playful nature and the ability to turn invisible whenever she likes. And yea the story rly gets better further on.

        • Entrav

          The thing is that, ALL THE GIRLS ARE BEST GIRLS in that show which is why I enjoy watching it. It doesn’t matter who’s on screen, and DAT LAFOLIA FANSERVICE STRONK. Especially how it ended last time with her bathing- Okay, I’m done.

          I don’t really find Tokyo Ravens all too funny, but it just has some solid characters. Kon #1.

      • Christemo

        You should do posts on Strike the Blood

        • Entrav

          Considering it, but no promises.

      • xxbabaxx

        very excited for the “plot” in Strike the blood, too good for Kojou indeed. back to KnK, i felt like they just chucked me a very cool glass of water in a very thirsty hot summer-day, but without telling me when i finish it i would find a cockroach in it. very sad indeed the last 3 eps were great tho :S

        • Entrav

          Too much plot for me to handle.

          It’s really such a shame because it very well could have ended on a high note.

      • Owa

        Incredibly disappointing. That stupid scooter fall and zoom up the slope? And instant powerup for Akkey with little (or no) combat experience? The monsters barely even fought back, they might as well be hitting puppets or the air. The goodbye part was the best part but other than that, the 2 main’s dynamic just doesnt feel good or natural to me.

        Izumi ruined :(. Seems completely out of left field that her character broke down all of a sudden and lost her cool when fighting Miroku. Must forget this show =P

        I forget what anime you said you’re watching but other amazing surprises this season are Arpeggio of Blue Steel (NAVAL Lelouch) and Gundam Build Fighters (omg if you’re a fan of ANY Gundam show, Sunrise doesnt fail to deliver).

        • Entrav

          Ars Nova is damn great. The character development in that show is awesome.

          OH MY GOD DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS. I feel terrible for underestimating it as much as I did. It’s one of the most enjoyable shows of the season for sure.

  • Kinza Datteri

    Now I have a dilemma how to rename my video files. Which one is more appropriate?

    Kyoukai no Asspull or Kyoukai no Fucking Way?

    • MgMaster

      I tend to keep most good shows and even some of the decent ones.I was itching to delete this one as I was watching this whole episode though.That being said,I wouldn’t have kept it even if this episode was decent.The show was just “meh” and IMO,best episode was the idol one(which I wouldn’t rate as good),and that’s saying something.

      • Kinza Datteri

        You are right. I hardly remember last time when I cared less for characters, drama and jokes in a supposedly good anime. It’s off my hdd and KyoAni;s status still remains to me as dead moe zombie renamed to KyoAni no Asspull until they decide to finish either Haruhi or FMP.

        They are achieving GONZO’s atmospheric entry velocity. They might burn out thanks to that grade D pondering.

        • Entrav

          To be completely fair, although KyoAni has not done very well in recent years, Free! is not bad at all. Not great, but it’s certainly not just about fanservice and is at least somewhat worthwhile.

          I am certainly waiting for FMP though. Haruhi too, but it’s been so long since I watched that.

          • Kinza Datteri

            I have yet to watch Free! as I was indeed afraid it really might turn out to be just a fanservice show. Now that it is finished and you say it’s generally not bad I might give it a chance though. I am really attached to GONZO and KyoAni and that’s why I get more and more frustrated when they bury themselves in the ground with stunts like this KnK ending or second season of Last Exile.

          • MgMaster

            I liked Chuu2byou though…It didn’t feel like it tried so hard to be funny or hilarious and most of the comedy & romantic developments came off as natural.

          • Entrav

            Yep. I really enjoyed watching Chuunibyou. It’s one of the first series I started “reviewing,” if I can even call it that because back then I don’t really think I did even an acceptable job.

          • Irenesharda

            Free! had a much better ending than this one did. And that show had much less going for it than this show did, and yet some how Free! was at least 5x better.

          • Entrav

            Another disappointing thing is just how much potential this show had in the beginning. I mean, Free! is just about a simple thing, swimming, and yet they made it pretty good. Then, we have this dark fantasy show with plenty of potential and it falls flat. It just shows how far good execution goes among other things as the premise is just a piece of the puzzle that is nothing by itself.

          • MgMaster

            Well,the more potential you have,the bigger the disappointed if you screw up.This is why I appreciate a lot of mediocre shows that know what they want to be and aren’t trying to be anything else.Then the most important thing is indeed execution.That’s where I’d put Chuu2byou: simple,without any try-harding & well executed.The best recent example of one such show that had excellent execution is Hataraku! Mao Sama and to a lesser extent,the very underrated Blood Lad.

    • Entrav

      Kyoukai no a shit.

  • Luigie Jebulan

    Why do you hate this anime :C I mean .. it’s good .. for me … :C what you like animes that shows nudity

    • Entrav

      I can’t say I absolutely hate the show. I am trying to do my job as a critic which is why I am probably going to be harsher than many others. However, my points are by no means exaggerations as everything from the humor to the character development to the story itself are just not that well done for reasons I’ve stated.

      I don’t just “like anime that show nudity.” It really depends on the show. For example, I like High School DxD, but that’s because it has an intriguing story, yes, not just “plot,” fascinating characters, and a great setting. If it didn’t have all of those, I wouldn’t like it as much. There’s nothing wrong with series that have “nudity” as long as other parts are done well. I think it’s a bit too short-sighted to simply say that I like anime that show nudity.

    • MgMaster

      I think a better question would be why do you like this…But to each his own.

    • Daniel Rojas

      It pisses me to no end, when someone doesn’t like what I consider at the top of my list of things that are good to experience in one’s life. Like I would like to be able to go back in time and prevent people from even enjoying, or knowing that such a thing existed.. do you understand my feelings? Ugh, I feel that forever empty thing in my chest again.. Most humans really aren’t worth much when you listen to them talk individually. Sometimes.. I rather not truly know anyone..

      • Flaiboy

        Dude, . . . chill.

        Everyone’s perspective is valid, including yours. Different people have different likes and dislikes. His views and critique are not personal jabs at you; don’t make this review into something it’s not.

        This review is about a cartoon – there’s plenty of room to disagree.

        • Daniel Rojas

          It’s more of an internal turmoil rather than actual hate.. not like I’m going to create voodoo dolls and curse him for the rest of my life.. there are better things to be done.

          And yeah, simply because we don’t agree you don’t take my side, therefore the comment. I’m on the other side of the road and someone is bound to disagree.. I understand that perfectly. I still wanted to write it down :) makes me feel a bit better, doesn’t it do the same to you my friend?

          • Flaiboy

            I would say the same to anyone of any opinion who seemed to be venting at Entrav or anyone who comments here. Agree or disagree, this is a place of respect. We can all have different views and still enjoy exchanging ideas.

          • Entrav

            Keep in mind that while it may make you feel better venting your feelings, another may feel worse. Rational discussion is encouraged, but your comments do not contribute much to the issue at hand other than making me feel uncomfortable.

    • Luke

      Simply put, this was disappointing. If I get the chance I’ll read the LN which will likely be far darker, have more plot and character development and actually fill in all the arcs hinted at in the anime. I started this and in the first minute I thought that this was going to be freaking amazing and to give it credit it slowly began to build, died down at the filler and began to build again. However, in the end it just… Left it there. You’ve mentioned all of these factors and figures who could be used in interesting ways yet not once do we truly encounter more than a brief glimpse! This doesn’t have the excuse that Kaze No Stigma had where the author died part way through writing it and thus the ending had to be improvised, there was no reason to have as many shortfalls as it did thus I don’t like it because it was simply lazy and just did to me as Kekkashi, the later not being lazy however just the author was a coward. By the way, if it actually picks a main plot and goes with it, tell me what chapter it starts because I’d LOVE to read it were the author to stick to one of the many potential arcs.

  • Josh Herbert

    so…………..season 2?

    • Entrav

      Hopefully not.

    • Flaiboy

      Even though it was pretty, I won’t be fooled again into watching it if there is a second season. This whole was a “Gargantia” flashback for me. I should have dropped it after the second episode.

  • Ian Porterfield



    • Entrav

      KyoAni pls.

  • Dennis Ruwan Chen

    Since the next anime season seems to be pretty light will you start reviewing some of the 24 episode series like tokyo ravens?

    • Entrav

      I looked over the next season, and there are actually quite a few decent shows so it’s not light for me to review. However, I will try to get out a few episodic posts for Log Horizon at least and maybe Strike the Blood, Tokyo Ravens, and Golden Time. Just don’t expect episodic ones.

  • Heizeru

    I was sooooo upset with Mirai’s and Akihito’s separation, but it was done so beautifully that I wouldn’t have complained (much). You’re right, it would’ve made Mirai’s existence to the series that much more meaningful; a girl who came into their lives, and while only there for a short time, she made a huge impact on all their lives. Right, I could live with that.


    They should’ve invested in more episodes or something. This should’ve been a freaking 25 episode thing. If you’re going to tell a story, execution is key. And I wanted to like it so bad.

    On another note, there’s something I don’t get – are Youmu manifestations of humans who “gave in” to their hatred and sorrow? If that’s the case, then Ai and Ayaka would make sense. Also Yayoi, for that matter. I wonder if she’s part of the Kyoukai no Kanata herself, making Akihito her son just by being part of the same Youmu?

    • Entrav

      Honestly, there are a lot of plot holes in this. For example, Ai and Ayaka managed to get out of Beyond the Boundary alive even though everything was supposed to get absorbed into Akihito. A lot of the other plot points have just been left in the air without much foreshadowing at all. It’s sad really.

    • Josh Herbert

      a second season would help a lot..

  • Madoka witness

    So… How do you managed THE FINAL OF REVELLION?

    • Entrav

      Honestly, I have to watch it again when it comes out on BD to judge because there are a lot of parts I don’t think I “got” the first time viewing it.

      • Madoka witness

        I know how it feels bro… I know how it feels.

  • Flaiboy

    Kyoukai no Delete.


    Yep, this sucked. Even with all the flaws it already had, KyoAni proves you can screw a show to oblivion in under 1 minute.
    It’s just dissappointing that this could have been so much more.

    Unlike KNK, a wonderful surprise this season is Nagi no Asukara. I’ve checked some reviews and a lot of people don’t like it…. D: But it’s gotten really good. At this point (especially after the latest ep!!) I put it right up there with Valvrave and KLK in terms of quality overal. Entrav, will you be doing a review of Nagi? :)

    • Entrav

      I do like Nagi, and it’s getting better every episode. Since there are a lot of 2-cour anime this season, you can probably expect a few episodes on major episodes for those series. Nagi is one of those series along with Log Horizon, Golden Time, Strike the Blood, and so on. Not sure how much time I’ll have next season though so nothing is completely set.

  • MgMaster

    You guys should to see this if you didn’t already:

    Posted by Pocari Sweat on animesuki forums.

    • MACHA

      Wow, it’s like different show.
      It had so much potential… Where’d it go?

  • Ian Anthony

    I was happy atleast for the bullshit end KyoAni gave, I mean.. I couldn’t accept that Mirai was dead, but that would have been better, like Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 or Angel Beats. Just fvck KyoAni.

    • Entrav

      They screwed it up so hard and it could have been so easy to fix. I really hope this doesn’t discourage KyoAni too much from trying a more serious show again, but I certainly will be not putting my expectations so high until they deliver something decent.

      • Ian Anthony

        maybe they should learn a thing or two from ufotable’s Kara no Kyoukai. Though there was news about having a “Disappearance of Nagato Yuki” as a movie. Dunno if that was true or not.

  • Gamematio

    Actually, a lot of people were mad at this ending, I mean, the part when she returns back to life all of a sudden draws importance to what we have seen for about 15 minutes, not only that but where the heck are we in the anime? have we resolved anything yet? we’re back were we started, but this time there’s a lot of new questions to ask. This anime was good, I loved it, I cried, I lived it, but looking back … we made a huge circle around this season, but I’m not saying this because is the way I think, just look at all the reviews out there, forums, my friends are saying the same thing. This was a heck of an anime though in terms of story development … where are we? -Gamematio *Nice review Entrav, as always*

    • Entrav

      I expect plenty of people to be mad at this ass-pull of an ending. This resolution is far from satisfying, and honestly it makes the separation between Akihito and Mirai melodramatic and unfitting for the conclusion. You’re right, we’ve gone in a circle with some minor developments, and while I don’t find that too bad if the journey itself is good enough, this show just didn’t deliver well enough to justify this kind of storytelling.

      Thanks for reading! :D

      • Gamematio


        • MichaelT

          well, among many animes with fairy tales ending, I like how this circle around the same story but with different perspective (another way to leave you hanging for Season 2 – Just in case.

    • Josh Herbert

      good point gamematio.

      • Gamematio


  • shroomish

    i grew really attached to the characters, i was happy to love them despite their lacking past. i also forgave them for returning to their former lives after Mirai had supposedly ‘ died’ , but that was the extent of my sentimentality and forgiveness.
    it’s like Hyouka all over again, i’m SO disappointed!!

    • Entrav

      The sad thing is that I actually felt for Akihito and Mirai in their separation scene, but KyoAni decides to destroy all of that so I feel the complete opposite now. :/

  • Frances Charlotte Dixon

    There is a 13th episode being released with the DVD. But I’m guessing it won’t be very important and just some random extra episode.

  • DmonHiro

    Oh, give me a freaking break, I think people who thought Mirai would actually die are stupid, and I think people who wanted Mirai to die are annoying as hell. You don’t need to be grim dark just to have a memorable ending.

    • Entrav

      Stupid? Naive maybe, but stupid? I know it’s KyoAni, but they were leading up to this and some of us had hopes that because this is a “dark fantasy” that they’d do something different.

      Annoying as hell? Why? Are you saying this ass-pull of a revival is better than a grim dark ending? No one said that it needs to be grim dark to be memorable, but this one is not memorable and it could have been more so if it were actually darker until they broke that in the last minute. I don’t understand why it’s annoying as hell, so maybe you could elaborate? You’re putting no actual criticism, but are instead attacking the viewers themselves.

      • Josh Herbert

        if i hadn’t watched through the end credits I WOULD HAVE THOUGHT SHE WAS DEAD! i hope things are explained better in the ‘bonus’ 13th episode included in the dvd, but i doubt they will be..

    • Flaiboy

      If you think that having Mirai die is “grim dark” then you weren’t paying attention. In that space between her death and her re-appearance the mood of the show was anything but grim and definitely not dark. It had the feel of sadness on Akihito’s part and a feeling of “yeah, it’s sad, but life goes on” for the rest of us.

  • Guest

    Are you donw with your hissy fit kid?

  • Cochise

    Are you done with your hissy fit kid?

    • Entrav

      Hissy fit? It’s not as if I’m lashing out at it without any sound reasoning. It sounds like you’re just mad at my criticism which is hilarious.

  • Lexi

    Thanks for the review. I just finished watching the entire season because I heard so many liking it. The animation is amazing, I dislike some of the fanservice eps, ecchi scenes and cheesy jokes. But overall it is a good story, but it would’ve been better if Mirai stayed dead. I just dont understand why she would appear suddenly, alive and well – unless she is nothing more than Akkey’s dimensional creation — too much left unexplained. The impact of their relationship would’ve been stronger if Mirai just didn’t re-appeared like that. From a 4 star, I give this series a 3 star, there was so much potential, all flushed down for a shallow ending.

    • Entrav

      Thanks for reading! :)

  • Heroine

    are you serieous .__. it feels like at the nd of episode 12 tehy just restarted the fucking series all over again what is this a time lapse or somthing!? DX

  • Heidrek

    I feel the ENTIRE plot and development was pointless. Beyond the boundary returned to akihito’s body. So what was the point of doing the entire series events if it would only result in having NOTHING to benefit from. Think of it if they just let akihito keep the damn thing in his body in the first place and not poke a stick on it. All this ass-pull development wouldn’t happen.

    • Daniel Rojas

      If you knew the results of your actions.. would you go through with them? Why not just dig a hole and be done with it?
      You know, it sounds to me like you haven’t really realized anything about life.. and I am not trying to be mean, just giving an opinion like you clearly did before me.

  • Eric

    They should have her died and make ppl sad. Then in season 2 have the characters try to bring her back to life. That would be so much better

  • Daniel Rojas

    I am a mere human, and you are too.. and as opinions and words rarely mean anything, I’ll simply say it. I know you are right somewhere, but in my heart, you are very wrong. A “lackluster” series is a spit to my face for several quirks and introductions to the series that made me really like it. I’ve read 2 analysis so far and I think I will stop as I don’t want to disappoint myself with mankind any more. I want to believe that what I liked is correct, and that you are simply unable to enjoy things properly. As they say.. “you are wrong because you are not me”.

    • Flaiboy

      Relax, Daniel. There is no “right” or “wrong” here . . . it’s just one man’s opinion.

    • Entrav

      “As opinions and words rarely mean anything.” That may be true, but since we are merely humans, that’s really one of the only ways we have to convey our thoughts to one another. As such, we should not ignore that.

      It’s not a spit to your face. It’s my opinion and I gave you my reasons for it. I completely understand that you are not happy with the fact that someone doesn’t like the same things you do, but you know what? That’s just how things are, and I suggest that if you don’t agree, then you can state your own points and we can talk it out or agree to disagree.

      Disappoint yourself with mankind? Come on, that is taking it to the extreme. This should be a positive thing about mankind. Analysis, and rational discussion is how we make things better than what they are right now. It is how we open our mind to different perspectives, and it is how we progress. I am completely willing to hear your opinion about why you don’t agree with me. However, I don’t see why you can’t accept that there is another person who holds a different opinion from you. I never said you cannot “like” the series or force my opinions on you. I am trying to point out the flaws of this piece of work. Someone has to do it, and one of those people happens to be me.

      You want to believe what you like is correct? That’s fine, but please give proper reasons for doing so. Your statements are very empty. I understand that mine are not that great, but at least state your reasons instead of just saying that I am simply unable to enjoy things properly. I am a reviewer.

      “You are wrong because you are not me.” Really?

  • Ken

    Overall it was a great anime. Yeah, it had plot holes and had its flaws like any other anime, as well as unanswered questions like how Mirai got back, but it was still amazing.

    I suggest reading the translated light novel online. It doesn’t do this ‘make people angry and leave unanswered questions’ thing. Mirai’s character is also somewhat different, kind of more serious and all. Kind of funny as well.

  • Gabbey

    Has nobody actually noticed that eventually something like this will happen again and they will go through all they’ve gone all over again? He has the Beyond the Boundary back inside of him and before Mirai showed up they were insinuating that eventually the Beyond the Boundary would go loose again and it would kill everybody cuz nobody can stop it. However, They decide that Mirai will magically appear making it possible for somebody to save the day just like they did… This an unending circle till they get older and die. Not sure if I made sense but that’s my main thought besides the many “goodbye scenes”

  • Kathy Narvaez