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Not bad.
Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 7 Review
Beyond the Boundary Episode 7 Review
“Cloudy Grey”
“Kumori Shoku”

I was almost going to name this review, “I sure like to jinx myself,” after all the negativity in my review last episode. This time, Kyoukai no Kanata delivers a decent developmental episode which addresses some of the complaints I’ve had since the first episode.

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 7 Impressions

What a badass weapon.

Well….. She wore those glasses even back then?

Inami Sakura as a child

:D So adorable.


LOL. Good move.

kyoukai no kanata mitsuki idol


Damn, that’s cheap.

Kuriyama Mirai noodle in nose

That’s never happened to me. I wonder how it feels…

Ninomiya shizuku


Hiromi and Akihito

Hiromi is just far superior.

Ninomiya-sensei KnK


Oh gawd.


Inami Sakura horrible food

Eating food at a stranger’s house and complaining. D:<


Nevermind… that’s just disturbing.



Dude, that shit hurts. A lot.

This episode mainly surrounds the conflict of Yui’s death that causes external conflict via the actual physical conflict between Mirai and Sakura and internal conflicts within both of them about how they should move on from Yui’s death. After killing something partially responsible for Yui’s death, Mirai has found that it’s possible for her to move on even if it’s just a bit at a time. I still feel like she’s taking it a bit too well, but the emphasis on her worry for Sakura’s condition is nonetheless well placed. You can see that Mirai is still uncomfortable with living a normal life. However, the lack of attention to her own internal conflict is a bit distressing for me. This inattentiveness could be intentional to make it so that she thinks that she has moved on, but actually hasn’t which would make for some belated character development in the future, or it could be that she really has moved on from her past and solved her problems already. We do see at the end of the episode that the latter seems to be more likely the case.



Her mental fortitude is through the roof. Unrealistically so.


Sakura Inami attack

More than you.

Inami Sakura bound


Mirai Kuriyama screaming


Lolwat. She accepted it? I’m not sure why we have to infer this scene when there’s so many possibilities.

That was fast.

Inami Sakura smiling and crying



Kyoukai no Kanata.

There is one thing about the resolution of Sakura’s resentment towards Mirai that is quite confusing. We see in a flashback that Sakura hands Mirai a sandwich after what is implied to be Yui’s death. So then, Sakura must have already accepted that Mirai is not completely to blame for the death, and does not resent her for it. Yet, we see currently that she’s ready to outright kill her. Now, you could say that Sakura didn’t know who it was that killed Yui, and while it does weaken the significance of the flashback in that it’s not directly related to the current conflict and only shows Sakura’s caring side before her hatred towards Mirai, it does make sense if that’s the case. It could also be the case that Sakura’s hatred was delayed after the shock of the death itself, and after thinking about it some more, she found no reason to forgive Mirai. That too, is not unbelievable. Thirdly, it could be that her feelings got tampered with by someone like Miroku Fujima, or rather, the organization that he belongs to which is the Spirit World Warriors’ Observation Department. Maybe it’s even the whole Society of Spirit World Warriors.

Speaking of Miroku Fujima, he is the one responsible for giving Sakura that weapon in the first place, and it even seems that her memories have been partially wiped. Here, we begin to see an interesting struggle between the group that Izumi belongs to, which still remains a mystery, and the Society of Spirit World Warriors which was hinted back in episode 4. Izumi’s words from back then are more relevant now that we know that the Society is after the Hollow Shadow. Actually, the whole deal with youmu and collecting their remains is quite a mystery. I mean, why are they worth different amounts of money in the first place? What exactly are the remains used for? In episode 3, Miroku Fujima asked Izumi what she thinks youmu are. Back then, I thought that he was hinting that there is something more to them than we currently know, and now I think that this is even more the case. Are they collecting it to understand more of the world, or could it be for a more ominous?

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 7 Review

The trend since the first few episodes with regards to humor is that it has been gradually improving. With this episode, I can say that it has reached at least an acceptable level where I’m not rolling my eyes. The reason is that KyoAni has almost completely addressed the main problem with the comedy that is Akihito’s reactions. Well, it’s not like Akihito’s lines are much more funny, but it’s just that his role is more subdued than before. Other than that, because it has been seven episodes, I’ve gotten a bit more attached to the characters after knowing a bit more of their personality which makes some scenes more humorous than they would have been if they were presented in the first episode. The humor is also tastefully placed in that doesn’t interrupt the more serious side of the show.

The dialogue also isn’t as cringe-worthy as it was before as the execution is decent, and because the lines relate to the scenes at hand with no needless dramatic yelling moments. It still feels a bit too typical, and I would have liked to see it being shown rather than it just being told. For example, if the flashback with the sandwich isn’t as confusing as it is, it’s a fine portrayal of how Mirai thinks Sakura should be the way she was before, that is, a supportive person for her emotionally. Then, a few lines to deliver the message would be perfectly fine and would suit the mood well. What I don’t like about the episode is just how quickly this conflict between Mirai and Sakura is resolved. Yes, you could rationalize it and say that Sakura is young and she was confused which made her easily manipulated by Miroku, but her stubborn hatred dissipated rather easily. Moreover, there’s also the problem with how they handle the consequences of killing someone. Mirai regrets what she has done, but she is handling it a bit too well mentally. Not only was it a good friend of hers, but the act was also done at a young age. I expected there to be more of a struggle to overcome her previous actions than what has been presented so far. Sure, her character has “grown,” but that doesn’t mean her development has been done properly.

Another problem that’s becoming more severe with each passing episode is Kanbara Akihito. I think he may just be the most bland main character of this season. Quite frankly, I don’t even know what his role in the story is anymore. From the outset, they made him to be a character that Mirai could sympathize with. They are both different from “normal people,” and because they are similar in that respect, they can depend on each other. However, that’s disappeared now as the relationship between the two is for the purpose of creating humor. Where is the bond between the two? Heck, does Mirai even need emotional support anymore with how she’s taking everything? So, what’s the significance of building up the similarity of being different from everyone else in the first episode? Akihito feeling the same way as Mirai has amounted to nothing. His character hasn’t grown, and aside from the fact that his youmu side is pretty badass, he’s extremely uninteresting.

The fight itself is fine even though it’s fairly anti-climactic, and there’s nothing to complain about animation-wise as that’s been the strength of the anime from the beginning. The show is also moving on a much clearer direction with the name of the show itself being revealed to have some significance. Hopefully KyoAni sticks to this and doesn’t insert too many superfluous moments as proper build up for the climax is critical now. This is by no means a great episode, but it’s a definite improvement over most of the others. Even if the beginning half of Kyoukai no Kanata hasn’t been strong, with how this episode is done, there’s at least a chance to give the show a solid conclusion to make up for the lackluster first half.

Kyoukai no Kanata Idol Wallpaper


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  • sonicsenryaku

    I think you’re onto something about that miroku guy; if you watch carefully in the third ep, you can see that the way he killed the youmu in that ep was quite suspicious. Im guessing he has the ability to make his words control his targets, and the ones most susceptible are youmu (which might explain akihito’s slight nervous reaction to him although that might be for a completely different reason) but he might also be able to control people or in some way affect them, which is probably what he did to affect sakura’s memories. It makes a lot more sense now that i think about. That’s the thing i actually kind of liked about this ep, that fair bit of mystery about what was going on with sakura and its handled with some nice kyo ani subtlety. It turns out that she had forgiven mirai, but at the same time she was jealous of her, which was why it was easy for miroku to tamper with her head and use that emotion as a way to make her forget things.

    Well, now that’s out of the way, it looks like the calm is on its way and with that, it looks like we are going to learn why hiromi is not that friendly with his older sister. I dont think the series has forgotten about akihito and mirai’s bond; you can actually see from ep 5 onwards that they are a lot closer, its just being expressed in a more comedic tone and from the looks of the preview, they connection is going to get some attention. Besides, I like the fact that the show is at least trying to make mirai more of a badass and be more sure of herself…she might end up being a strong character before this is all over. The relationship i find most interesting right now is the one between hiromi and akihito. Akihito has hurt hiromi physically in the past, and they pal around as if their really close but when you get down to it, if akihito becomes dangerous, hiromi is ready to put him down. i hope the series explores that part of their relationship because it actually could be good stuff.

    • Entrav

      They need to expand Akihito as a character so if they delve into the relationship between Hiromi and him then that would probably suffice. I hope that this is not the last we see of Mirai’s conflicts though or otherwise that would be a serious problem for the resolution of one of the main conflicts presented in the show. There’s undeniably a lot of potential in all of this. The scenario they’re put in is very good for development, but right now it’s all about the execution.

      • sonicsenryaku

        Based on what i can tell, mirai’s conflicts are still far from over, especially with the revival of the hollow shadow imminent as im sure the closure she thought she had is going to come crashing down. Not to mention that with the calm on the rise, akihito is going to get some fleshing out. Speaking of the hollow shadow, i found it funny that many people where flipping out when it got beat so easily by mirai (considering her blood is very lethal and powerful)…when it was pretty obvious to me that that wasnt the last we’d seen of the hollow shadow. low and behold it is starting to look like that is the case, and that it might be coming back more powerful than ever. The antagonists of this series is starting to become clearer though.

  • zztop

    The UTW subtitles translate ep 7′s title as ‘Cloudy Grey’, which makes more sense if you consider the storm scenes, the greyness of the alleys, and the grey filter on some flashback scenes.
    The title ‘Colour of Clouds’ is rather vague-ish, I think, considering clouds can take on various colours depending on the weather.
    Is the poster of the girls as idols official art, btw?

    • Entrav

      I didn’t have UTW’s subs so I just took it from somewhere else. Their translation is definitely better in the sense that it’s more easily understandable for westerners, but this one I have right now is more literal. I’ll change it as it is still a bit vague.

      Yes, that is official art. If you open the picture on a new page or if you downloaded it you can see on the bottom left that the people who made this are the people who work at KyoAni.

      • Owa

        UTW is always great quality but KnK is oversubbed this season. I usually watch Crunchyroll’s cause 1080p (seriously CR is only like 5 bucks a month – cheaper than netflix’s 8 bucks a month lol). Or get Horrible’s. 1080p!!!

        As for the ep, it seemed like Sakura’s situation got resolved so easily. I dont buy Mirai’s explanation that she was “holding back” during the first fight cuz she really looked like she was on the ropes until Akkey stealth tackled Sakura.

        Ofc we need a “awwgeez” moment for the transfer-student-directly-into-the-same-class trope lol.

        • sonicsenryaku

          I definitely think she was holding back when she fought sakura; had she pushed sakura to her limit, she would have been susceptible to being possesed by the hollow shadow, something she would not want at all. Not to mention that when the fight was going on, i was wondering why mirai wasnt using her blood to the best of her ability until it clicked that she was holding back. She also possible thought back then it was ok for sakura to kill her as she mentioned in this ep,

  • Aloxamax

    While that miroku guy’s intervention might have been the cause, Sakura could have initially forgiven Mirai and then still try to kill her. We were told in this episode that she wanted to keep her sister’s legacy alive by becoming a strong spiritual warrior, using that weapon that was given to her.

    The problem lies in the fact that the one who gave her the weapon told her she would have to kill Mirai to keep it. Not everybody could bring themselves to kill another human being, and it’s possible that she convinced herself that there were other reasons to kill Mirai other than the weapon itself. She could have blamed her for her sister’s death so that Mirai’s own death wouldn’t happen over something material like a weapon.

    • Entrav

      You’re right, that’s also another possibility. At this point though, we can only guess as to what we think may be the case as there’s no conclusive evidence either way. I’m not even sure if this will amount to something in the future, but the whole deal with the Society is definitely going to affect the story from now on.

  • MgMaster

    I think I’ve gotten somewhat attached to the characters as well.I don’t believe they’re that interesting or anything but I’ve kind of accepted them for who they are(just like I’ve accepted KnK for what it is very early on).

    In Akihito’s case though,right now I can’t help but think that he’d be better off as a side character.I was also fine with him this episode.Give him too much screentime and he’ll just get on my nerves,not too much but still…There’s some good in this though because for better or worse,it makes me somewhat curious to see what the show plans on doing with him from here on.

    Also Entrav,just in case you though otherwise,your negativism of KnK last week was by no means excessive.I’m personally glad you didn’t say something like “I’ll let it slide.” so IMO,it was just right.

    • Entrav

      I always get attached to characters if they’re not too horrible in almost any show. I guess I just can’t help it sometimes, but that doesn’t mean I’m too biased to see flaws either. I just… kind of like them, and that’s it I suppose.

      Ah okay, thanks for that. Admittedly, I was a bit off topic, but my thoughts on the overall show last time is still exactly how I feel about the first half.

  • ⓑⓐⓑⓨ◎ⓢⓝⓐⓚⓔ

    I’m dying because there’s no one that I know watching this show. And I’m the kind of person that has to talk/discuss over what I have just watched, so I will be glad if I can use your page to share my thoughts on Kyoukai no Kanata. ^^

    • Entrav

      I completely understand that feeling. That’s actually partially why I started reviewing in the first place. You can definitely use my page to discuss your thoughts! That’s what it’s there for after all.

  • Flaiboy

    I like this show in that it has me guessing as to the motivations of Miroku Fujima. When he picked up the weapon after the fight he remarked that it looked like it had been fed enough. Enough for what? Is that thing alive? What would happen should he feed the Hollow Shadow to it? Why couldn’t he feed the thing shades on his own, why did he have to trick Sakura into doing it?

    I’m not concerned about Akihito’s development. It seems they’re having to squeeze a lot in so I understand if he has to take the back seat for a bit.

  • MegaAnimeFreak7

    I love how you managed to avoid talking about the yaoi part in this episode. I actually laughed really hard at it. I first saw the gif of it on tumblr and thought it was photoshopped, then I watched the episode and was IMMEDIATELY amused. Like you said, this episode is much better than the others (yet I still have a place for the idol one in my heart). I can’t wait to watch more and hear more reviews from you. :3