Little Busters! Episode 16

Little Busters! Saigusa Haruka crying
Be strong, Haruka!

Saigusa Haruka’s past.
Little Busters! Episode 16: “Don’t Look At Me Like That”
“Sonna Me de Minai de”

Little Busters! Episode 16 Impressions

With last episode’s carefree atmosphere we delve deeper into Saigusa Haruka’s past and learn her despairing situation with Futaki Kanata.

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While Saigusa Haruka’s mischievous behavior can be considered to be childish and even annoying, her treatment is quite severe. Futaki Kanata, a cold but somewhat considerate person, is always extremely aggressive when it comes Haruka. While it may be true that it’s only a bench, destroying it without attempting to negotiate and appease her is something I cannot overlook. In fact, Futaki even begins to insult her in various ways.

Futaki Kanata

Jesus, with the way the discipline committee or whatever they’re called are talking, I have to rant. Although Haruka may have done some punishable deeds, punishing her further just because she did those deeds is not “justice.” Moreover, they stand on their high moral horse and tout that “only… people who follow the rules” don’t deserve injustice. Without using logic and reasoning, they resort to argumentum ad hominem.

Little Busters!

Saigusa Haruka


With painful memories knocking at her head, she resorts to violence because that’s the only option she has left. Thankfully, Kurugaya steps in to prevent anything major from happening. But the damage is done as the once cheerful and lively Saigusa Haruka morphs into a state of depression with seemingly no way out.

Kurugaya Yuiko

Get. Out.

What could be said as a cruel and indecent act turns into an all-out rumor-fest as people brand Haruka as a murderer’s daughter. Although it may be true, it’s sad to see that a relative would twist people’s perspectives so drastically.

But as a result of this incident, Haruka opens herself up to her friends and tells a story of her past. Each woman in the family takes two husbands and the murderer is one of the two. You’d think that Haruka is the daugher of the killer and Kanata is probably the daughter of the other father and that would be the reason for their resentment. However, they are actually twins which complicates things even further. For now, I can only guess that the father must have had an overwhelming influence in their relationship.

Little Buster Episode 16 – More Thoughts

Although I find this episode to be the best starting episode of an arc so far, many people complain about the utter poor adaptation that J.C. Staff has done. The pacing is indeed a bit fast in this one and I can see some problems without even reading the VN but to say that it’s a disaster makes me wonder how great the VN is. At least now I know not to read it until I finish the anime or I’ll just be in pain.

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