Little Busters! Episode 17

Little Busters friendship surrounding Haruka
Friendship wins again.

Haruka or Kanata. Who is in more pain?
Little Busters! Episode 17: “I Wanted Someone to Be Close to Me”
“Dareka ni Soba ni Ite Hoshikattan da”

Little Busters! Episode 17 Impressions

Neglect, hatred, jealousy, and all these elements are central to painful pasts. With the flyers distributed, Riki and the others now understand the predicament Haruka and Kanata are in. It’s natural for Haruka’s friends to believe her since Kanata’s actions have been distasteful so far. However, from our perspective, Kanta isn’t the all-menacing “evil” that relishes on Haruka’s despair.


Remember last episode when Haruka said they were “twins?” Well, apparently they are from different fathers like I thought. Seriously, who thought that such a method would actually be beneficial? Why can’t they force them to have more children instead of having another husband? There is the chance that the man may be… incapable of reproduction but in most cases, that wouldn’t happen.

Little Busters!

If there is one theme that holds Little Busters! together then it must be that friendship can be something anyone can fall back on in a time of distress. This being an anime, it’s dramatized to evoke emotions in the viewers. Still, it does a solid job of portraying the scenario in a suitable and mildly believable manner.

Futaki Kanata

But, it’s not as simple as that is it?

I can understand the group’s hatred towards Kanata but at the same time, they don’t have any solid proof that she’s the one who did it. Moreover, I’m surprised to hear Riki say “everyone hates you” to her heartlessly. I suppose I am expecting too much from him as he is no righteous being of goodness. But hey, he’ll come to an realization soon enough right?

Is ignorance bliss? This topic has been debated repeatedly and both sides have their points. Some say there needs to be a balance while others prefer one over the other. With this case, it’s hard to know what will be “better” as the situation varies depending on the viewpoint. If the murderer is actually Haruka’s father then she may be able to move on with her friends knowing that or fall into despair at the realization. On the other hand, if she isn’t then she might point the finger at Kanata and Kanata may get blamed. Will Haruka be happy then?

Futaki Kanata slapped

Is life a zero-sum game? Must someone suffer in order for another to be happy? Thinking about it now, there are lots of scenarios in life where it applies. Sports, various competitions, video games, relationships, and so on all offer trade offs for people who are considered “losers.” From that loss, they may be happy again but to know if life really is a zero-sum game is impossible to decipher right now.

Alright, I agree with the fact that Riki is being heartless asking something very sensitive from Kanata when he comprehends that she isn’t happy with her life either. However, I dislike people saying that you can’t “save” another. Without getting into semantics, it’s easy to assume that it’s a lofty and personal goal. It’s incredibly easy for someone to rule one out by stating that it’s none of their business or by saying the very lines that Kanata is saying. However, it’s definitely not impossible to save someone as it’s done all the time. People are saved by the support given by relationships, the charity of others and even little things such as an opportunity to live a different life. If everyone lives with a mentality that undermines “saving others” then we probably wouldn’t be alive right now.



Now this is how you cosplay. I must say, I was taken aback by the ending as that was probably the last thing I expected to happen especially with Kanta’s personality. Kanata seems to have developed an interest for Riki and her other side is revealed. While I’m not sure what this will entail, I do feel pleasantly surprised for the moment. So far, this arc is probably my favorite and I definitely hope to see more twists in the next episode.

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  • TheOriginalArcader

    I was totally surprised by that last segment. I wondered what Kanata’s motivation was, trying to determine just what Riki felt for Haruka and why he was so intent on helping her. When they were face to face, the dramatic pause in the speech with the “suki?” and the music, the shot to her hand on Riki’s and the slow, silky movement of her hand pulling away from his – I played that back a couple of times because it seemed magical in a way. Not sure how else to describe it.

    I’d like to think also that earlier when Kanata said she just wished the head of the family would just die, seems to imply that she wants to try to find some way of reconciling with Haruka, but has to wait for the old guard to go away before she can call the shots and bring her back into the fold.

    I also liked how she called Riki cruel when he demanded that she tell him who Haruka’s father was. If in some way the wrong daughter was associated with the criminal, the other one will now suffer in exchange. Reminds me of the arc in Yosuga no Sora when Haru was pushing to find out how Akira’s mom really was – and the end result was the same – would it really be a benefit after living this way for so long and how will that affect the other sister?

    I can’t wait to see how this arc turns out. I think Kanata will prove to be a very interesting character in the end.

    • Entrav

      This might be the most entertaining and surprising arc so far depending on how things turn out next episode. I didn’t expect a lot of events that happened this time around and Kanata is definitely an interesting character underneath her strict demeanor. I doubt she’s as menacing as everyone makes her to be as she has to play the role in order to not get Haruka and herself in trouble with the family.

      Anyways, the situation is pretty complicated and it should be interesting to see how it turns out tomorrow!