Little Busters! Episode 18

Little Busters Kanata Haruka young
Together again.

Haruka finds her answer.
Little Busters! Episode 18: “The Answer is in Your Heart”
“Kotae wa Kokoro no Naka ni Arun da”

Bearing the pain and guilt herself, Kanata has been through a life much like Haruka’s. Still, through the pain and misery with the help of Riki they clear up the confusion and forge ahead together with a new relationship.


Futaki Kanata rain

Exactly why did Kanta copy Haruka’s appearance? Apparently, it was to test Riki to find what he truly wanted from trying to save Haruka as she didn’t believe in being saved. Her experience as a child made the hope of being saved by others impossible to bear.

Revelation and the Struggle

Naoe Riki lie Saigusa Haruka crying

Sure enough, Kanata isn’t as terrible as she’s made out to be and she admits her lies. Even so, it’s understandable that Haruka still doesn’t accept this when her hatred towards Kanata has kept her living all this time. Not only that, the slight hope that she has given her at a young age regarding the eggs have always been a small ray of hope in surpassing her in one area.

In the end, Riki leaves it up to Haruka to decide as he isn’t her and he cannot make the difficult decision himself. Haruka has to find it within herself to forgive her twin and to struggle forward to find what she wants to be and what kind of relationship she wishes to have. After all, her near-sightedness regarding the father will only be detrimental if she doesn’t look beyond it.

Haruka and Kanata Meet

Little Busters!

How nice…

Saigusa Haruka and Futaki Kanata

Finally, the confrontation between the twins is here and I can say that I’m pleasantly surprised by how it turns out. The story Kanata tells is disturbing and well executed to the extent that I feel something for her and Haruka’s situation. You can imagine the torture Kanata must have been under. To be exposed to a family which would kill her sister whom she loves is an added emotional element contributing to the overall feel of this episode.

Haruka’s Resolution

Nonetheless, the resolution is a sweet one as they join in arms and regain their trust in each other. Finally, the nice, but slightly obvious touch, shows that Haruka doesn’t care who her father is because it’s no one’s fault (other than the family of course). But she doesn’t need to know as she realizes that her surroundings isn’t as bad as she thought it was. While I think the part about “no one being evil” is unnecessary, this part is executed fairly well and puts an excellent conclusion to this arc.


Saigusa Haruka and Kanata Little Busters!

Also, the added bonus with them rejoining with everyone in the family and the picture at the end just rounds up everything in the most wholesome way possible. I can safely say that this is my favorite episode so far in this anime because it gives me the feeling of closure and that tinge of sadness when it ends. I don’t know anything about the VN, but I think J.C. Staff did a great job with this episode from an anime viewer’s perspective. While this anime hasn’t been especially strong by any means, this arc does make up for some of the missed opportunities. Let’s hope that Kud’s arc will be just as enjoyable!

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