Little Busters! Episode 19

Little Busters Kudryavka focused

Kud’s struggles
Little Busters! 19 Review: “I’m Sure I’ll Keep Doing My Best”
“Kitto, Zutto, Ganbaru no desu”

Kud and Tests

Little Busters!


Saigusa Haruka and Mio Saigusa Haruka disappointed

Ah, school tests. Sometimes, they can give you a push to learn more and other times it’s a pain in the ass. There’s nothing like receiving help from your friends who are knowledgable and teaches well. Moreover, teaching others really does expand your understanding several fold. In Kud’s case, she’s not necessarily the best when it comes to these standardized tests. Kurugaya is invincible, Riki is great, Nishizono is a bibliophile, so there’s nothing to worry about there, and the others might need a bit of help. Though, at first, she doesn’t look to be the very studious person, her true character is revealed.


Kurugaya Yui Kurugaya Yuiko

Oh look, scumbags who pleasure in other people’s abilities. Nonetheless, the cold stare by Kurugaya is enough to send a warning to those losers. But anyways, Kud’s fairly experienced with the world as she’s travelled to more places than I probably ever will. Personally, I dislike the idea of going to so many places, but I can understand the amount of different experiences one can go through.

Knowledgable Kudryavka

Futaki Kanata

Damn, I didn’t think I would be seeing the many-worlds interpretation in Little Busters! but she is actually knowledgable in the area and just makes careless mistakes on her tests. I can definitely understand how she feels as I make numerous careless errors myself. Even so, not to the extent she does as she even fills in the wrong columns. What could be worse to her than failing and putting all her friends’ hard work to “waste?”


Kudryavka Noumi

Little Busters! is about friendship and how it’s important to any individual. It can save someone, help one with something simple, cheer one up from a grievous past and support someone who needs it. The notion itself is by no means an original one, but it’s one that always gives a heart warming feeling when done correctly. Overall, this episode is an enjoyable one with some interesting tidbits here and there but nothing overwhelming. I was hoping for a bit more with Kud, but looks like we’ll have to make do with Sasami-san.

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  • Casey Lee

    About many-worlds interpretation, it is actually Key’s specialty. As almost all their works contain it as main plot. Ups, spoiler, pardon me but it’s about time I shut up. Look forward for how they install the theory into the story.