Little Busters! Episode 20

Little Busters sasami-san

Entertaining and funny.
Little Busters! 20 Review: “Heal Lovesickness”
“Koiwazurai o Iyase”

When I saw the preview last episode, I thought this episode would be a boring filler that had nothing to contribute. While the latter may be half-true, the former certainly isn’t as I had a great deal of fun watching the humorous moments.

Never Mess With The Cats

Sasasegawa Sasami

Pls no.

Little Busters!


Sasasagawa Sasasegawa Sasami is the archnemesis of Rin and is the one who will make her pitch 130km/h when her underlings mess with her cat. No one messes with Rin’s cats. Even Sasami who is the ace of the baseball team is utterly defeated. Your arrogant behavior will not help you there Sasasegawa.

New Mission

We haven’t gotten a letter for quite some time and as for what it is, it’s still a mystery even now and will undoubtedly be an important factor later on. Even so, the tasks given are somewhat chores to accomplish. Solving someone’s love sickness doesn’t seem like something that would give you the secret to the world, but alas, anyone would be curious.

Unrequited Love


Kurugaya Yui

Arrogant or not, in the eyes of Aikawa, Sasami is someone whom he loves. Love is a complicated thing as it blinds the individual and the blindness may help the love continue. But unrequited love is tough as one may feel that he or she is being left out of the party so to speak. It’s hard to gather the willpower to forge ahead and confess, but like many would agree, it’s better to try than to not.

The Humor

Kengo Miyazawa




Sasasegawa Sasami

If anything, this episode is excellent for its humorous approach. Many times in previous episodes I felt that the studio tries hard to make us laugh but ends up failing. This time, I actually had good laughs throughout the episode. The newcomer’s reactions to Rin’s absurd ideas and his actions towards Sasami are both hilarious. Rapping and then failing miserably at the last line is awkward but entertaining to watch. I guess we can’t expect much from people who have never been in love. As for the next episode, I’m looking forward to Kud’s return because she seems to be well-versed in some interesting fields of study. I wonder what we will learn from her next? WAFU!

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  • Casey Lee

    I’m with you for the humor, it’s been long since I laughed my stomach out. And, looks like you decide not to include Mio remarks on Rin. What a shame.. :p