Little Busters! Episode 21

Noumi Kud and her mom
To space.

Kud’s internal struggle.
Little Busters! 21 Review: “50 Nautical Mile Sky”
“50 Nōtikaru Mairu no Sora”

Little Busters! Episode 21 Impressions

As we dive into Kud’s past, we learn where she gets her interest in space and what her mother’s dream is. While Kud may hold hopes for her mother’s success, sometimes dreams don’t turn out the way one wants to.

Kudryavka and her Mother

Natsume Kyousuke


Natsume Rin


Inohara Masato muscles

The Little Busters! playful demeanor aside, Kud does take up some traditions from her past which is a clear indication of how much she values it. Her mother, Noumi Mikonulsky named her Kudryavka because of her longing for space and Kud carries on that feeling with her all the way up until now. The desire is so strong that she left her daughter to her father and left on her journey to realize her dreams. Some may argue that’s not how a parent should behave and that she should take care of Kud. To some extent, I agree, but I’m sure that Kud understands the importance of the dream and will endure the loneliness for her mother’s sake.

Kud Noumi



Kud’s relationship with her mother is a bit strange to say the least. They are far apart from each other, but they accept the fact peacefully and move forwards. To that extent, Kud has a strong character. I can imagine that if it were another character that he or she would be angry for being left behind only to realize by the end of the arc of his or her parent’s feelings. She has already passed that point and is cheering her mother who is about to launch into space. Even so, accepting that fact is not easy for anyone and the tinge of sadness in her voice is indicative of her perhaps suppressed feelings.

While Kud’s past with her mother is a hopeful one, when I heard about the launch, I knew something would go wrong. As sad as it may be, if there weren’t something tragic going on, I doubt people would be as interested. Still, when the explosion happened, I’m sure a little bit died in all of us. After all that’s happened, after putting up with the isolation, she is finally seeing her mother completing her dream- only for it to disappear in the time of a few seconds. All those years of not seeing her mother might have been justified in Kud’s mind had the launch be successful. The shock is too much for her to handle and the symbolic falling of her hat only represents her mother’s fallen dream.

More Thoughts

If anything, I feel that the overall execution of this episode is solid. I can’t say that I am surprised by the ending, but I don’t have to be for it to be an enjoyable watch. Kud’s character is certainly one of the more interesting ones as her past with her mother is a bit of a unique one. I hope that somehow, Riki will be able to help her recompense for what she’s lost even if it is irreplaceable. Her very soul is broken as part of her dream is also stripped away. Just what other sad story will Little Busters! bring next time?

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  • Andmeuths

    You mean the next girl or the next episode?

    Rin should be very hard to screw up, but most VN readers apparently think that JC Staff might blow the Kurugaya arc up, with it’s no romance policy.

    Mind you, in the VN, the ritual painting was actually meant to be between couples, something axed out in the no romance anime version. Still, it is reasonably well handled, and perhaps it could be argued that Kud is hinting to Riki very subtly in the anime .Since the lead producer apparently claimed that they are planning on animating virtually everything – as far as Kud Wafter, this may well be the producers intentions.

    Infact, there is a lot of hints in the production decisions that they might well not just be going for all of the Ecstasy routes and animating with Refrain in mind. The greater presence of the Dorm Head, compared to the VN IMO suggest that they are seriously considering doing Kud Wafter to.

    • Entrav

      Well, I was speaking of the preview, but thanks for the information about the future arcs as well as the ritual painting! I’m not familiar with the VN at all so I’m not sure what to expect. I’ve always been hearing about how J.C. Staff has been screwing up a lot of the episodes. Nevertheless, I’ll be looking forward to the future episodes.

  • Daniel Miranda

    Something about Little Busters!’s anime… no one shows any attention to Kurugaya I wonder if it is because she’s not an interesting character or because they think she doesn’t have an arc? I played the VN and I think she’s the most interesting girl by far, considering how perfect she is people may think her story must be pretty boring… If her route is animate it (completly and I mean love included because in her route is the main topic) I swear you will drop some tears. (If you don’t mind… there are rumors about her arc developing love interest)

    • Entrav

      I think they’ll go over that eventually, but I’m not sure when as I am not familiar with the VN at all. There will probably be a season 2 since they hinted that so that might be where her arc will be.