Little Busters! Episode 22 – Kudryavka’s Decision

Little Busters Noumi leaves
The departure.

Aiding in a decision.
Little Busters! 22 Review: “I’ll Definitely Come Back”
“Watashi, Kanarazu Modotte Kimasu”

Little Busters! Episode 22 Impressions

In Little Busters! the characters each have a time of great worry in which he or she must depend on the bonds of friendship in order to traverse the journey. While I’m not overly fond of friendship being a prevalent theme in any anime, Little Busters! successfully emphasizes its importance even if it’s cliche.

Ramblings and Friendship

Let’s be honest. Kyousuke’s philosophical ramblings about things happening and how we can’t let them hinder us has been regurgitated over and over. Honestly, I could do without the contemplations that promote eye-rolling. If that’s what the episode consists of, then this episode would be terrible. However, there’s more to it than that. Riki, Rin, Komari, and everyone’s worry about Kud’s state of mind is a heart warming reminder of just how genuine their friendship is. In real life, it really is a rarity for people to care that much, and while it may make the anime seem less realistic, looking back more closely, I’m sure we can find a time in our lives when someone has cared for us just as much.

A Helping Hand?

Little busters! kud Kudryavka Noumi

There’s always something you can do.

The situation with Kud’s mother is only getting worse, and she gets an offer to go back home that will change her life for better or worse. Everyone has various perspectives, and no one is truly “right” but there will always be a choice that is better for an individual over another. At least, that’s what Riki and the other are contemplating and the reason why they support Kud with whatever choice she makes. Is it really right this way though? Is this how far the support from friendship extends?

Suginami-san best girl

So this is the #1 girl?!?! I SUPPORT. HANAZAWAAA

Sometimes, the influence that a friend can exert will change a person’s life. A person’s thought is always far stronger if it is backed up by a single person compared to no one. As a result, one can say it’s a friend’s duty to steer his or her friend in the right direction. It’s understanding that person and assisting them in making the best decision possible that a friendship truly becomes valuable. Some say it’s quite intrusive for one to butt into another person’s life, but if a friend truly cared, he or she wouldn’t just accept whatever happens.

Farewell Kudryavka… For now.

Kudryavka crying

Inohara Masato


See ya!

To top things off, a melancholic farewell separates the group from Kud as she faces her fears head on. Scenes like this are what make friendship so beautiful at times. Yeah, it’s just an anime, but it’s not far off from reality. I can imagine that somewhere in the world the very same thing is happening. A farewell that yields hope for both sides, and while separated, they still reach to each other through their thoughts and past experiences. With more dangers facing Kud in the next episode, I’m actually fairly excited to see how she can get through whatever experience she will go through. Moreover, one has to wonder how friendship can reach her at a faraway place.

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  • Andmeuths

    Wow, this episode was chocked full of foreshadowing. Especially Kud’s conversation with Kyousuke/

  • sora

    Wow this episode was really good .
    When kud woke up she said something about how she was imprisoned !
    I hope they’ll explain it next week