Little Busters! Episode 23 – Kud in Tebwa

Little Busters Kud in the night sky
50 Nautical Miles

The struggles… and the deus ex machina.
Little Busters 23 Review: “For What You Find Important”
“Anata no Taisetsu na Mono no Tame ni”

Life in Tebwa


Noumi Kudryavka

Naoe Riki

Little did I know a few minutes later…

Natsume Rin and Kyousuke Kurugaya Yuiko Inohara Masato Kamikita Komari Kanata Haruka and Saigusa Futaki Nishizono Mio Naoe Riki

With Kud and everyone else now separated, it’s difficult to picture just how they can help her when she’s so far away. Tebwa is filled with terror as she even gets captured by random rebels with a gun pointing directly at her head. While I did expect a certain extent of cruelty and hardship because of last episode’s preview, I am actually surprised with how things turned out. There’s enough cruelty to make us feel the situation is as dire as we think and Kud being trapped in a dungeon all changed up virtually naked is… quite brutal. Well, it is her old running-away self that made all of this happen and it’s her “new-self” that will get her out of the situation. The anime emphasizes how Kud’s friendship even across the world, helps to change who she is.

Kud’s Escape – Deus Ex Machina

Kudryavka Noumi

Alright, let’s be honest, that’s pretty awkward. I don’t know if the VN had this included or not, but the way Kud got out of her situation is no less than deus ex machina. I understand that the friendship is supposed to cause miracles and whatever, but that’s ridiculous. The part where Kud hears everyone’s voices might have been okay, but when Riki yelled out and the gear in his hand changed positions to Kud, I just… feel cheated. Really? She has it now? Moreover, she’s not even confused for long, she just smashes it against whats restraining her and she gets out. What’s up with the random yelling as well? Agh. I’m just not a fan of what’s happening.

Little Busters!

This arc got a great start, and I really enjoyed the episodes. Nonetheless, I’m not sure about this one. The dialogue isn’t that bad, but what was supposed to be frightening became ridiculous as soon as Kud freed herself. But hey, there’s a naked Kud so everything is fine right? Yeah. No. Let’s not think about how she got to that state. By the way, isn’t Kud supposed to have a heartfelt reunion with her mom that symbolises how much she has grown? Nope, we just get some flashbacks and some minor dialogue from her mom. Well, at least her reunion with the Little Busters isn’t as half-assed.


I may have been a bit harsh as the first part of the episode isn’t terrible and actually does a good job of giving growth to Kud who was once shy by letting her go through an once in a lifetime experience. But Personally, I just didn’t like how things were presented here, and my enjoyment of the episode washed away with it. Even the constant “hang in there” got a bit annoying afterwards, but the major problem I have with this episode is the lack of a reunion with her mother and the deus ex machina. I may be able to accept a bit of questionable plot points here and there, but this is uncalled for. I feel that they just pulled something out of their ass and tried to portray it in the most acceptable way. Yes, I understand that they may be able to explain everything later on, and that I may well eat my words in the next season (or maybe even this one) with the “secret of the world.” I’m pretty sure I missed plenty of foreshadowing and hints of what it actually is. If in the future things round back to why this happened here (and as long as there is enough foreshadowing to justify it), I am completely willing to accept how things have happened.

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  • Mikey

    To give you answers to your dilemas without spoiling (Which is actually pretty damn hard):
    1.) Yes the deus ex machina will be explained. It may not be perfect, but it wiill be explained.
    2.) Even though it happens differently in the VN, there still is a reason why the Little Busters wishing for Kud’s safety was the only way it could have worked.
    3.)And yes, the deus ex machina does occur in the exact same way as in the VN too.

    • Mikey

      As for the thing with Kud in Tebwa and the resolution for Kud’s mom, I actually have a theory regarding that, but explaining that would be a spoiler, so I’ll wait for the big reveal in Refrain before I explain. Let’s just say, it’s fairly depressing.

      • Andmeuths

        Probably, they couldn’t show the resolution because it spoils Refrain. If your theory is indeed what I am thinking about, I suspect Kud was still crying inside when she came back to the Little Busters.

        • Irustua

          I think I also know what you are talking about and I think she wans’t crying in the inside, that moment, not to run away, I assume it was to admit that

    • Andmeuths

      Actually, you can deduce why the Deus Ex Machina is even possible to begin with from the ending of the Kurugaya route – that’s probably why, besides the Rin Routes, that route hasn’t been animated in this season. The mechanics behind how the Deus Ex Machina happens is quite similar to how Mio has no shadow and Midori appeared. Both are hints to the “Secret of the World.”

      Think for a moment, The delivery of those tasks that promises that the secret of the world would will be at least hinted at always precedes one of the routes, within the anime.