Little Busters! Episode 24 – Rin and Komari

Little Busters Komari Rin
A wish?

Humor and foreshadowing.
Little Busters! 24 Review: “If You’re Happy, Rin-chan, Then I’m Happy Too”
“Rin-chan ga Shiawase nara Watashi mo Shiawase dakara”

It could be the humor, it could be the randomness, it could be the foreshadowing, whatever it may be, something makes me like this episode quite a bit.

Masato vs Kengo Natsume Rin kicks masato

While sometimes the various antics that the characters do are interesting, it’s a bit of a hit and miss. Still, Masato’s straightforward and somewhat idiotic attitude making the level-headed Kengo irritated is definitely intriguing. Komari joining in with her ninja skills certainly adds a bit of flavor. If anything, the humor is actually well done throughout the episode.

The secret of the world has been teased since episode 2, and while it has not been the focus for a while, we’re starting to move back towards finishing the missions to understand such a secret. I’m not sure if the cat giving the clues, Lennon, is a hint or not, but whoever or whatever is giving it must have some kind of ability similar to what we saw last episode. So far, whatever mission has been given seems at first weird due to the fact that it shows itself just a while after. We had the cafeteria incident and now the puppet one. Each one seems impossible to predict, but Rin and Riki follows the line of fate and continues to fulfill these tasks perhaps to what the maker of these tasks wanted.

That doesn’t sound very appea-


Little Busters! Komari Nishizono Mio story

#1 Puppet show. Would pay to watch.

HAHAHAHAHAA. MASATO WINS AGAIN. Dumbells story. Really, the writing is top-notch this time around. Kyousuke’s idea is solid too. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see a Kamehameha from Komari? But let’s not forget about Mio. Her voice acting… Jesus, it’s a voice actor acting as a voice actor. Tatsumi Yuiko sure represents the Japanese voice actors well as she’s excellent at a wide range of tones.

Kamikita Komari and Rin

That penguin panda.

Komari and her kindness are almost too much at times. She’s always so positive that it makes it hard for anyone to feel down. Seeing her and Rin together working to make puppets is not the greatest achievement that this anime has made and neither is the puppet show itself, but we all know that the panda penguin is the greatest work that Little Busters! has to offer. It’s power is so strong that it’s able to attract a star and ride it in the sky. This is something that took mankind millenniums to accomplish, but with the power of friendship and Komari’s knitting skills, it’s easily done.

Little Busters Komari

Somehow I think it’s going to come true no matter what it is.

Alright, I don’t know anything about what that picturebook means; all I can surmise is that it could have something to do with how each one is a task. Also, people have been talking about this rooftop scene and I’m sure I’m missing just about every single piece of foreshadowing they’re throwing at the viewers because all I’m seeing is some friendship action between Komari and Rin. Nonetheless, the stars might be significant and so could the wish, but my attempts to ratify an idea about what’s happening probably only serves as a laugh for those who know what’s going on. Anyways no need to really review it over as this episode is just entertaining to watch and I thoroughly enjoy the pieces of humor and hints of the future here and there.

No Spoilers Please!

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  • stanman237

    Its going to be a long wait but what will happen later on will bring you back to this episode

    • Entrav

      :) I’ll be there when it happens.