Little Busters! Episode 25-26 (FINALE) (REVIEW) – It ends, but starts

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Little Busters!

Hinting at the future.
Little Busters! Episode 25-26

It’s been an interesting half-year journey with ups and downs here and there. Little Busters! hasn’t exactly been something I’ve been excited for every week, but it seems that with this anime’s end marks the beginning of a new one which will finally display Little Busters! in its true glory.

Little Busters Episode 25-26 Review

Naoe Riki and Kurugaya

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These two episodes are actually quite intriguing because of the various hints that are used through both episodes. It is becoming increasingly clear that the “secret of the world” is something that’s going to be the centerpiece for what’s to follow in the future. Moreover, Kyousuke’s involvement is more than meets the eye and his very nature may be deceptive. While Little Busters! has been mostly about friendship, fun and games, there has been some decent emotional moments, but nothing truly astounding. However, I can’t help but get the feeling that with the ending of this, it’s the beginning of something else entirely.

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Natsume Kyousuke Natsume Kyousuke leader

Little Busters! anime

Kengo Miyazawa

Didn’t know he had it in him.

Nishizono Mio and Haruka

Kyousuke has always played an almost onlooker role with his minimal involvement throughout the anime. Riki has been the one who has gathered the members, but that’s not to say that Kyousuke isn’t important; it’s quite the opposite. J.C. Staff, with this episode, is giving out a lot of hints. Kyousuke’s possible ability to predict the future, leaving his legacy to Riki, the hinting smiles, and most importantly, his guidance that he’s giving to Riki. It almost seems like he’s leaving to another world and that Riki is the only one who can solve what’s to come. In fact, the flashes to what will happen in the future in episode 26 make¬†him seem almost clairvoyant. Could he be the one responsible for giving out those letters?

Natsume Rin and Riki Natsume Kyousuke fabulous Naoe Riki

Though, I have to admit, there are moments in the anime where one could mistake it as it being NaoexNatsume. Anyways, the way everything is portrayed in the last episode really emphasizes how important Riki will be in Refrain. Not to mention, these last two episodes make it seem like more of a prelude to the beginning of the real deal. With all the fervor surrounding Refrain, I can’t help but be excited for what’s to come. Overall, these last two episodes serve as a decent finisher to the beginnings of something that may be amazing.

Little Busters! Review

(Review will be updated when Refrain comes out/ends)

Honestly, I don’t really have that much to say about Little Busters! so I’ll just do it here. It’s honestly been a weird ride; some parts were enjoyable and fairly hilarious while others felt awkward, slow, and uninteresting. At the very least, I didn’t hate the anime, but I’m definitely not fond of it outside of the anticipation that people have given me regarding Refrain.

Friendship and bonds have been emphasized throughout the anime, and while I like how they put it at times, it’s nothing that breaks bounds. What might, however, is this “secret of the world” that the anime refers to so often. I’m not great at guessing what happens next, but it is supposed to make sense and not be contrived. As of now, however, I have next to zero idea as to what it is so when I do understand, and I notice that the foreshadowing has been there in the anime, which there probably has been tons of, I will be impressed. As of now, since I can’t judge because I don’t know, it’s hard to make a clear call as to if this “secret of the world” is astounding or not.

This anime is not bad, and it may be good depending on how Refrain goes, but for now, I can’t simply recommend Little Busters! to everyone as a must watch. However, if you feel like investing in an uncertain venture in the hopes that you will be along for the ride when Refrain hits, give it a shot. Just be warned that sometimes you will be bored and wonder why you are watching this anime in the first place. All in all, I’d say that Little Busters! is average at best with some decent humor, average emotional appeal, and what appears to be a ton of foreshadowing. I’m not sure I’m ready for Refrain, but I’ll be there when it happens.

Little Busters!

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  • balancekanon

    It has been quite some time since I’ve read your blog. I would reply to every single one but do not really feel like doing so at the same time.

    As far as your concerns and feel regarding the anime: It’s totally understandable with the way you feel. As much as I would like to comment on every single thing, you’ve really got it down to the one point. It’s all about Refrain. Just you wait till that season starts. Then I shall await for your true review.

    • Entrav

      I compare this season to Clannad’s first season; it’s slower and introduces everything. The true emotional impact will undoubtedly come in Refrain and I am definitely looking forward to it with all the praise surrounding it.

      Glad to have one of my very first commenters back :)