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Log Horizon Episode 16 Review
“Return of the Goblin King”
“Goburin ō no Kikan”

Alright, alright, I know. I’m late to the DATABASE, but hey, we’re still in the DATABASE so it’s all good, right? In the last few episodes, however, it has been revealed that being in the DATABASE may be more dangerous than we have thought. So, how will Shiroe and the adventurers deal with this impending danger?

Log Horizon Episode 16 Impressions


This is an accurate portrayal of the typical MMORPG experience.

I can’t wait when they use large scale magic. IT’SGUNNABEGOOD.


You don’t want to just add anyone to your friends list.


Akatsuki and Shiroe

Akatsuki is bestest.

These little things really add up to make for an interesting experience.

My glasses never do that. D:

I love large scale battles. LET’S GO STRATEGIST SHIROE.

INB4 expansion makes things even more ridiculous.

Soujirou Seta

Yes I read the manga.

Can’t get over that name.



Were those guys GMs or something?

And then you’ll all become people without memories of the real world and Shiroe will rule over all of you with an iron fist. MWAHAHAHAHA.

Log Horizon akatsuki


Princess Cown Lenessia Eruarte

She’s going to ask help from KRUSTY isn’t she?

He’s so dead.

Log Horizon serara


Chill out Naotsugu, she just wants the oppai.

Log Horizon marielle smiling

Dat cartography.

You raid them all the time. It’s time they repaid the favor.

He’s so dead.

Minori is becoming the Shiroe of the newbs.


Seta Soujirou

His harem is great.

Well, shit.

Log Horizon krusty surprised


Exactly what he said, bro. Chillllllll…

Now that’s HARDCORE.


Or KRUSTY is totally deceiving all of you and everything is KEIKAKU DOORI.

People with glasses are way too dangerous in this anime.


WE’RE A FAM- party… Yeah…



No, you have to actually contribute and not be a liability.

You must respect the dead.


One of the major topics in these past few episodes, and what will continue to be a major topic is the memory loss that the adventurers suffer upon death. Initially, when this anime started, it didn’t have a real sense of danger. The overall state of the city was depressing, but unlike Sword Art Online where if they died in game then they really did die in real life, the situation wasn’t nearly as frightening. As a result, there is a huge difference in mindset between the people in SAO and the people in Elder Tale. However, now that Shiroe is disclosing the fact that they could lose their memories, the adventurers will look at the world around them as less of a game. Even then, while understanding this information is one thing, it is another to experience it. Naturally, the longer one stays in the game, the more chances there are that he or she would die. If the game progresses on for long enough, people will have more and more holes in their memory of the real world. That in and of itself is probably enough to unsettle most of the adventurers as they forget their friends and perhaps even their family. The worst thing is that they won’t completely forget about all of it at once. They will have to endure not knowing certain pieces of information and being forced to deal with the fact that their memories are gradually slipping.

But what’s there to worry about if they can die dozens of times without any huge problems? They could just play it safe, right? Well, I’m not so sure that the new expansion, Novasphere Pioneers, would be so forgiving. We already know that the demi-humans, or just the monsters, originated from the first World Fraction and that the People of the Land have been fighting them off all this time until the adventurers came. This means that, like this Goblin King invasion that we see in this episode, there’ll probably be even more instances in the future where these monsters will attack the People of the Land. As we are seeing in this episode, the adventurers are more than willing to help as the People of the Land are indistinguishable from normal human beings. This will put them into difficult battles which will undoubtedly result in casualties which will mean that they will lose their memories. Taking the enemies head on like this may be fine in the short run, but in the long run no matter how skilled someone is, death is inevitable which means that memory loss is inevitable. So what’s another way of dealing with situations like this? We saw in episode 14 that there are eight different types of magic from action-class to world-class. With tens of thousands of enemies, the introduction of larger scale magic is vital to the adventurers’ success. Regan of Miral Lake and his knowledge of this magic will prove to be very useful, and who knows? Maybe it’ll be the start of a way out of Elder Tale as well because the world-class magic, World Fraction, was the magic that put them into this situation in the first place.

Log Horizon Episode 16 Review

DATABASE DATABASE WOW WOWOWOWOW. Okay, even though that song may be corny, it’s still pretty fucking awesome. Anyways, Log Horizon has proven itself week after week that it can constantly deliver episodes that are entertaining and incredibly captivating. The episodes that followed the beginning few episodes truly showed the potential of the setting itself. Everyone has been saying since the beginning that this really does feel like an anime based on actual game mechanics, and I definitely agree. And the mechanics stretch farther than just the combat itself. Everything from dungeons, guild politics, and so on are well thought out and well done. You can tell that the writer, Mamare Touno, actually knows what he’s doing when it comes to implementing game mechanics in the story unlike a certain other show that barely scratches the surface of such mechanics. But thoughts in general about Log Horizon is probably best saved for an overall review when this season is over. Instead, I’ll just touch upon one aspect of the show that is taking off in this episode and that is the sense of scale.

It all started from the beginning of the show when Shiroe talked about the Half Gaia Project. I knew then that the writer is interested in creating not just a story of individuals, but the story of an entire world. Of course, it’s centered around Shiroe, Akatsuki, and the members of Log Horizon, but remember that Shiroe is not primarily a fighter; he is a strategist. Not a tactician, but a strategist. From his purchase of the guild bank and hints of his future ambitions, I couldn’t help but be anticipated for what grand goals he has thought of. This episode highlights the expansion in terms of scale quite well as tens of thousands of enemies are now invading the People of the Land. Are there going to be castle sieges? Are there going to be battles with tens of thousands of troops with all kinds of large scale magic being thrown around? What kind of strategies will Shiroe use in these large scale battles? How detailed will the writer make the strategies be? What about the rest of the world? Are entire countries going to be at war? As you can see, the potential really does captivate me. So far, it’s done a great job of gradually escalating the sense of scale with one event after another. I love large scale conflicts, and honestly, there aren’t enough shows that satisfy my yearning for it. Log Horizon is, however, going on that path, and that alone is more than enough for me to continue watching until the end.

Log Horizon Shiroe Akatsuki Naotsugu Wallpaper


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    Never fear, Dark Shiroe will not disappoint . What comes next is a meta scale event that will blow your mind! I love how the author took every single game mechanic into consideration and used it to create a compelling story.

    P.S. 100% agree Akatsuki is the best!

  • Saintdane

    I always enjoy reading your reviews, especially after Valvrave, but I do have a question pertaining to the episode before this when Isuzu (the bard) of the little party tried to Add Rudy into her friend list it wouldnt let her. What would be your speculation on that? Apparently, from what I could gather, it is still possible to add friends to your friend list they just have to be in front of you in person. So what’s Rudy’s case?

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav


      Yeah, it’s not only that either. The color of his name is not the same color as that of an adventurers. I think he’s just an NPC that has somehow gained the powers of an adventurer. Not sure exactly why or how just yet, but if you look at the OP, things don’t look good for Rudy. If he’s an NPC, then he really will die if he gets killed once.

  • The Atomic Dwarf


    The upcoming meta event will blow your mind! And fear not, Dark Shiroe will not disappoint. He already showed his prowess as a political mastermind and soon he’ll prove once and for all why he was the strategist of the best party the game has ever seen. And not only him. All of our favorite characters will have moments of sheer badassery starting with the princess in the next episode.

    The use of meta events is nothing new for MMO’s. Gradual build ups done by completing/failing quests can lead to a huge hundred players vs boss battle or the loss of your own encampments or outposts. Guild Wars 2 is a great example of such chain quests.

    The author himself is a veteran of MMO’s having played Everquest for a long time prior to writing Log Horizon and you can see his love for the genre in every aspect of the story. Idk if the same could be said about SAO.

    100% Akastuki is the best! Here’s a moe wallpaper to prove that.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav


      Eh, I don’t really think any game has done the meta events that well. Maybe Everquest NEXT will change that, but the events in Guild Wars 2 were just far too scripted and not nearly as dynamic as I would have liked them to be. It didn’t change the world around it at all. Though in this case the event shown here is very similar to something you’d see in Guild Wars 2. It’s just that, it’ll have more impact in the world since the NPCs can’t respawn and all that.

      Yep, I saw some of his replies on 4chan. He definitely knows his stuff.

      AKATSUKI #1.

  • Desu

    YaY , Log Horizons :3 ( SAO 2.0 , with no bitchi cousins )

    At first I really want to remark the awsomeness of this anime , as SAO , was making me drool in the first 3 episodes , after all that silica and lisbeth stuff , it kinda lost me ( I love those 2 but it kinda made me angry , as they just made them appear and took 3 episodes to introduce them and all , but they did not put them in the further story ( I mean anime adaptation has always room for a little change on the characters and the time they appear , so that they wont made me feel like I have to spend 3 weeks for the mayor plot to come by ( just to find the Yui arc ) ( I loved SAO , but they could have done better)

    Then , this anime actually gave the scence of a game , but also the scence of some daily life as the people here were not that worried about dying like in SAO ( I said were) .

    I think Rundelhous code , is either , one of those op knights they were talking about or the son of either one of them or an npc witha player ,( explaining why Isuzu couldnt add him as a friend)

    I have also been asking me how they are trapped there , because as we see on shiroe flashbacks , it was just a computer game , not a Vr thing like in SAO . And how they could put them all just there at the same time o.o

    Minori <3- kawaii strategist

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      I actually like how the writer is not addressing the problem of how to get out of the game right away. It leaves a lot more room for exploration of the actual game mechanics themselves instead of having everyone fret over escaping the world. The writer will eventually address it, but then again, I wouldn’t even mind if he never does. Elder Tale has so many possibilities that it would be a shame to see an end point of the story.

  • http://popculturesocialclub.com/ DreamDrop♥

    Infinitely superior to SAO.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      While they are two different types of shows, I do agree nonetheless. This show is just far more well written.

  • James Du



    Glad to have you on the bandwagon.

    • some1

      Sooo kawaii~ ^_^

  • some1

    When I saw the the summary I was a little sceptical. It seemed kinda like SAO, nut after I saw the first episode I was like, I know I’m gonna like it. To be honest I think the anime is a little too slow for me. I like the story plot and characters but I feel like its kinda dragged out a little. I like dark Shiroe too :) I don’t know about anyone else but I kinda wanna see what he’s like when he get pissed off. A evil, mad Shiroe :):)
    I also have lots of questions about the plot to. Sometimes you feel like you know where the plot is going and then other times its like… what just happened? I wonder how their going to explain the plot. I mean it doesn’t feel like a game but it really is a game. Its not like SAO or 1/2 Prince where it is your minds in a game. It kind of reminds me of the manga The Gamer. Also I’ve never seen any of the characters get freaked out or scared while battling the monsters. Maybe its because they know they won’t die? I’m also wondering why only a couple of people ended up in that world. What happened to all the other players? Also if you die enough times, will you forget how to eat and stuff? Can they even starve to death in the game? Ops I’m rambling. Well, finally, I wonder if they age normaly in the game. When playing online, the time passed by much quicker so in the time of the game they are much older. Is it still the same or not? Oh, one last question. I wonder what will happen when they confront other towns and leaders. I think it might turn into one of those friend or foe situations.

    • The Atomic Dwarf

      I’ll try and answer some of you questions without spoiling too much. If my info is wrong please correct me guys.

      They show people who are scared/depressed but not the main characters. A part of it could be attributed to the fact that most of them are adults 20-23 years old, not whiny teenagers like in SAO. So they’re more calm and analytical about this. Krusty is the best example.

      They’ve only been trapped in the game for 2-3 months (game time not sure home many RL days that is) when the events of this episode happen. So we’re not sure if they age or not yet. Also there is a bit of a difference between the LN’s and the Anime. In the LN’s the monsters don’t just turn into bubbles but leave corpses after they die, blood and all.

      The part about starving has been mentioned in the Europe/Asia arc, a set of short stories on Mamare’s website. Apparently you can die if you starve and just respawn at the nearest Cathedral. That won’t solve your hunger issues though. Food is the most traded commodity in Akiba in exchange for services provided by the Adventurers.

      You could already see the differences between Akiba and Suskino. A conflict between players in different towns is a possibility. That’s all I can say for now ;) Also there are 13 separate servers in Elder Tale categorized on regions (see WoW or LoL servers) and roughly 50k people got trapped in each one. Akiba is one of the most densely populated towns on the Yamato server. You’ll see their numbers soon enough.

      Dying and forgetting how to eat. There is that possibility hmm. Nothing said about it yet. This world has a huge potential and surprises keep on coming.I’m at vol 6 of the LN’s and surprises keep on coming.

      The Gamer eh? Love it. Now that’s a grindfest on another level.

      • Some1

        Thx a lot :)

  • Gamematio

    This has been one heck of a fun series so far, I’m enjoying every minute of it. The quality of the script and the pace is just so well constructed … it gives me the chills XD. Anyway, I at least expect that in the end of the series they answer some important questions, even though they’ll probably make room for expanding the plot as it is expected that they will not barely finish with 25 or so episodes (the full story I mean – they most likely won’t finish it).

    Great review Entrav! Also –>
    Request: If you haven’t already done it I would like if you’d post a list of your favorite anime that you’ve watched with the reasons why you loved them. I think it would be great relate to what you like to watch (sorry for wanting to know a little more about the person who writes amazing reviews XD)

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav


      I haven’t seen enough anime to put out a favorite list. Though… You’ll be seeing my top 10 for 2013 later… That’s all I’ll say for now. :)

      • Gamematio

        Thanks XD