Log Horizon Episode 23 – Unseen conflict

Log Horizon shiroe and akatsuki
It's never too much.

Shiroe certainly see Akatsuki.
Log Horizon Episode 23 Review
“Student of the Mage”
“Mahōtsukai no Deshi”

After the rallying of Adventurers, the discovery of a new type of magic that will shape the world of Elder Tale, and the bonding between the People of the Land and Adventurers, we are nearing the end of this 25 episode adventure. But where there’s peace there will always be some kind of conflict, and this time, it looks to be the first major internal conflict that Shiroe will struggle with.

Log Horizon Episode 23 Impressions

Minori smacks herself

Everyone sure likes smacking themselves recently.

Do you have any weird eating habits?

Would you feast on Akatsuki’s leg?

Now if she’ll just get some glasses.

Akatsuki and Naotsugu

How adorable.

Can’t do that in town, Akatsuki.
The Guardian is there.


It’s that storytelling girl from before.
Shit’s about to go down again.

Rudy Rundelhouse

Such stuff.



Oh shit. The anime explicitly states this.
It was implied last episode and I thought it would just overlook it for the most part.

Henrietta, you got dis.
You got dat mature wife quality.

Crusty and Lenessia

So many ships.

Moving a bit closer to show her affection when she’s too shy to do anything else. How cute.

Shiroe sure has it tough.

Log Horizon minori scribe


Man, what I would do with multiple arms…


Learn the NYAAA~

So NPCs are scamming players.

If you’re a strategist, then you’re going to have to gamble at times.


Crusty commander

That I can agree with.

Log Horizon Akatsuki and Henrietta

I don’t want to imagine what their relationship will be like if Akatsuki found out that Henrietta has feelings for Shiroe…



Shiroe strategist anime


It’s growing.


Lord Marves

This is what happens when you don’t take the character creation screen seriously.
When you get trapped in it, you look retarded.

The disparity between Adventurers and the People of the Land is still far too big to be simply overlooked. Just imagine how current western culture would mix with European culture in the middle ages. That… wouldn’t work out well at all would it? However, this is still quite different from even that given that it is not real life and Adventurers can’t die. Moreover, the anime hasn’t explicitly mentioned this, but Adventurers cannot attack others within town or else a guard will show up to punish the perpetrator. What this means is that everyone is forced to deal with one another in a more peaceful manner. The People of the Land cannot simply purge the Adventurers, and the Adventurers, when established like the Round Table is, will not act rashly against the People of the Land for it is to their benefit to not. Quests, knowledge of the world, and so on are important things that Adventurers need after being trapped. These two different cultures are clashing with one another because of their differences, but there is mediation due to these game mechanics that allow things to progress more smoothly than they would otherwise.

The man who controls Akihabara behind the scenes is none other than the magnificent Shiroe, but what’s especially interesting that is noted about him is how Crusty describes him as a “cursed sword” and not a strategist. Indeed, when given freedom like this, Shiroe truly shines. He is capable of grasping the bigger picture and his intelligence allows him to execute what he envisions. At the same time, he is unpredictable like a cursed sword should be. You never know what kind of grand design he’s scheming inside his mind or exactly what he’ll do next. He is a person that surprises. He is a person that amazes, and that can be quite frightening for many to see. Nonetheless, it’s still fitting to see Shiroe as a strategist. He united Akihabara through clever planning, and he was the one who oversaw the grand conflict with the Goblin King. One doesn’t need to always be a strategist to be one. Shiroe’s mental capabilities and his tendency to look at the bigger picture makes him quite a superb strategist in my book. Is Shiroe a gambler though? Well, when Shiroe is playing the game on such a macroscopic level, it’s impossible to avoid risk. That doesn’t mean Shiroe will leave things to chance; he’ll try to grasp as much as he can with his own hands, but there’s a limit to what one can foresee and do on such a huge level. Unlike isolated instances where, for example, one is fighting, planning the bigger picture has difficulties of external issues that are either very difficult or sometimes impossible to prepare for. There will always be something that an individual will overlook and that can be called chance. Let me give you a concrete example from the anime itself. Remember back to before Shiroe bought the entire Guild Hall. He used the method of making food to realize his ambitions in the hopes that no one else would have figured out by then. He’s betting on the fact that no one would find out within that time frame. It is outside of his control, and you could most definitely consider this a gamble.

What about Lord Marves who is bringing a huge group of Adventurers along? Remember that similar magic to what Shiroe used to save Rudy was used elsewhere. I’m not certain how related that is to what happens at the end with the People of the Land, but this is most likely going to be an economic war more than anything else. Are the invaders using magic to make the People of the Land uneasy? Perhaps, they are manipulating the numbers so that money will be extracted from Akihabara or are somehow breaking the ties between Akihabara and the People of the Land. Maybe they are working with a large number of People of the Land to create economic chaos within Akihabara. Those very simple number errors in huge volume can be disastrous on a macroscopic level. What this also brings into attention is the dynamism of the Adventurers. As none can be truly killed, everyone has to literally deal with it. If a large group of foreign people invade a town, there’s a limit to what Shiroe can do. Assimilation would be very possible with how the game is currently structured. If you enjoy some macroeconomics, it looks like you’ll be getting a nice supply of that along with some brilliant Shiroe strategic planning next episode.

Log Horizon Anime Wallpaper Shiroe and Henrietta


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  • The Atomic Dwarf

    The epic military campaign was nothing compared to an economical and political conflict. It’s dirty, unethical, disorganized and most of the times you get the feeling that you’re fighting with shadows. It’s a lot easier to just sink your axe into a goblin general isn’t it Krusty? :D.

    You praised Shiroe and for good reason. But his next enemy is a bit more tricky and definitely on par with him in terms of strategy and cunning. Still there is one small difference. Shiroe the “cursed sword” is held in his sheath by his allies and sometimes by the rules of the world (need high level materials for the contracts), but the new enemy isn’t. He/she is free to do anything without hesitation. You will definitely love the next 2 episodes.

    It’s the beginning of a new arc and unfortunately this season will only cover the prologue.

    Oh man, the ships! Needles to say i think the ShiroXHenrietta fanbase is actually bigger than the others. But only as a second option. I’m still rooting for Akatsuki!

    Btw have you noticed this?

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      I love the mind games so I’m sure I’ll enjoy what’s to come. Not to mention I am interested in economics and have studied it in the past on a basic level.

      You’re definitely right, Shiroe is a lot more limited in comparison to what this invader looks like he can do. It’ll be interesting to see how Shiroe adapts to the situation.


    • James Du


  • Yam

    I’m waiting the review of episode 10 from Chuunibyou Ren… you know you want to do one (?)

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Sorry, but I’ve just been really busy recently. I haven’t watched Chuunibyou for a few weeks now even. :/

  • Josh Herbert

    entrav where is the spring anime 2014 preview!!!!!!!!!

    • Josh Herbert

      it looks like there will potentially be some good ones, some great ones, and some EPIC ONES (for example: captain earth (BONES!), knights of sidionia, black bullet, etc…)

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Please be patient. I have been extremely busy the past few weeks. I do know how packed this next season is going to be.

      • James Du
        • The Atomic Dwarf

          Wohoo! JoJo season 2! *reads synopsis*… school? really?

          Mahouka Kokou no Rettousei. Boy receives title of Weed. Sister loves said boy. Can’t wait for the puns to start.

          Hitsugi no Chaika. Her name is Trabant… What the hell is wrong with this season? Are they just slapping random names on the characters now?

          Mushishi season 2 !!!!! nuff said.

          Sidonia no Kishi. Looks promising. If they add the Muse song in the OST it’d be awesome.

          Also, a movie for Sora no Otoshimono? Nice!

          • James Du

            I, er, personally find this season relatively weak…


          • Ian Anthony

            Gonna wait if Mekaku will be the dark horse this season. “If” Shaft pulls it off.

          • Lim Cheng Yi

            Screw that, i cant wait for kindaichi to return, i just hope that it would be as epic as the old series with 100 over episodes, with around 4-5 dedicated to a case. I still remember watching those episodes and find myself wondering how did that person pull this off and in the end, it was reveal and when u do watch the previous episodes, you will realized that they did in fact put clues in the show. Which was why i prefer kindaichi to conan, since i feel that conan relied more on asspull and wall of text too often to smoke their audiences while kindaichi was more witty and believable..

          • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

            Weak? Well, you probably would find it weak if you didn’t see Mushishi or Jojo as those two alone make this season pretty damn good.

            Mushishi S2
            No Game, No Life.
            FUCKING PING PONG.
            Mekaku City Actors (apparently has good source material)
            And plenty of other random things like Isshuukan Friends that hold promise.

            Compared to other Spring and Fall seasons in past years, this season is far from weak. Though, if this season didn’t have Mushishi or Jojo then it would be far less exciting.

          • James Du

            NGNL is on my list.

            MkNR is also on my list.

            Kagerou Project/Mekaku City Actors seems like a depressing as fuck story from what I’ve heard, but its ultra hyped on the forum I main.

            Outside of these though, it doesn’t have a Urobutcher show or something outrageous. Where is my Eru-Erfu?

          • Ian Anthony

            Watching first hand the vocaloid videos of KageroPro/Mekaku I’d say it has an interesting story. Just hope they’d have both worlds present to make things epic.

  • Gamematio

    Great episode. I can’t help but to say that this Season is ending (as in Anime Season). It had certainly amazing anime, but for me there is this one anime that stand out the the most, it was Nagi no Asukara. I simply love this anime, it has everything perfectly planned, now with the 24th episode everything is falling into place, I’m hoping for one hell of an ending. But in close second is Log Horizon of course, it was amazingly well-paced and well constructed anime, I loved it, it sometimes made me feel like I was in the game, It is amazing.

    Great Review!

  • The Atomic Dwarf
    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav


      • James Du

        Go and review ep 25!

  • كايتو لص

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