Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 10-12 (FINALE) – Review and the end

Maoyu maou yuusha handshake
The end?

Overall review and some thoughts.
Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 10-12 Review
10: “So now their plans are finally coming to fruition?”
11: “I can just destroy and kill, without creating anything.”
12: “— I’m back, my Hero. — You sleep too much, my Demon King.”

So, this is the end eh? To be honest, it doesn’t feel like much of an end and more like the first part of a fairly lengthy series. However, with that said, it’s questionable whether this season delivers what it needed to deliver. I will be reviewing a bit of every episode, but mostly focusing on the overall picture which will substitute for the need of a review.


Things are a mess in the anime. There are various trade agreements, manipulation of currency, war, Maou overcoming her trial to become the Demon King once more, and so on. For what we’re given, it really feels like the studio realized that there was way too much information and not enough time. Well, episode 10 and 11 are paced decently, but episode 12 is really a bombardment of everything that the anime has been going over. It feels like it’s less of an end and more of the beginning of a long series.

Shitei Shounen


Karyuu and Merchant

Still, I have to give the anime credit for being able to cram in a lot of what’s going on into something that’s still coherent enough for us to understand. Some of the new developments are nice such as Maou reclaiming her throne and trying to ratify connections with the human realm, but others, like the new antagonist hellbent on destroying everything is quite disappointing. Oooo you’re those faceless evil dudes that…… does evil things and says them in completely pretentious ways. Still, one has to consider that the very story itself, containing a generic story of a Hero trying to defeat a Demon and then turning it around to something completely different is interesting. It’s just that I hoped to have stronger antagonist to match, but so far, we haven’t been given anything of the sort.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Karyuu Koujo

The economic conflicts between the merchants and the Central Nations along with some of the mind games that are going on are a nice change of pace. That was originally what made me interested in the first place, although, overall, I would still say that some of the economics and the like got downplayed more and more as the series went on. Eventually, it became fairly linear except on a few occasions. I was hoping that the anime would portray such things in more depth, but it turned into straight up action and romance. The action, while there, is nothing to be astounded by and the romance, while they tried to make it seem like it’s actually something, did not get the development it needed. There was a lot of potential with this one in the first episode, but it looks like it fell short.

Maoyuu Maou

Another thing I must criticize is how Maou returns to her normal self. Really? Some words, a hug, and they’re gone? Just how weak are the Demon Kings of old anyways? There weren’t even any flashbacks or a struggle inside of Maou’s mind. This moment of terrible execution of deus ex machina makes me wonder why such an important moment, one that is even the episode name, is done with such shallowness. This only lessened the impact of the reunion and made it feel cheap.

My thoughts exactly.


From the first few episodes and the inventions that were getting churned out along with some interesting deals between characters, I was hoping for a more profound approach. However, it strangely mixes everything together and everything became less than mediocre. It’s really a shame as I was hoping for some thought provoking ideas relatable to real life situations. I feel like they could have done more with the way the inventions impacted civilization, or better yet, how they could really create a better society.

Maoyu Yuusha plasma annihilator


Perhaps I was hoping for too much, and I guess some parts were done fairly well. For example, the merchant conflict concerning profit and loss, and some of the large scale occurrences are not bad. Even so, it’s hit or miss with a lot of what has happened. From the last episode, it really is open for a second season. Hopefully, they can take what they learned from this season to better their focus next time around. Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is not terrible, but I wouldn’t put it much more above average at most.


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  • Flaiboy

    I must say that it took a lot of discipline for me to see this one through. I really really really wanted it to succeed, but in the end I was let down. I had the mistaken belief that it would travel down a path similar to Spice and Wolf but it was nothing like that. I really enjoyed Spice and Wolf . . . it had strong central characters, an over-arching plot, interesting sub-plots, romance!, wonderful soundtrack, and even though it was fantasy it was believable. Maoyuu had none of those things. If I’m correct the plot was for the two antagonists to “see what was over that hill.” I don’t think they got there. It felt random, disjointed, for me non-linear, and difficult to follow. That’s not to say that there weren’t some good episodes when taken on their own merit, but nothing fit together.

    Why remove one of your central characters from the storyline for several episodes? And why bring him back and then remove your other central character?

    I guess the thing that bugs me the most about it was that they teased the romance for the first two or three episodes and then left it there. Every now and then they would come back to it, but there was never any development, and the tension between Hero and the knight felt contrived and didn’t really fit into any greater growth of the story. The mini-harem thing was cute, but cliche’.

    I gave this anime 3/10 on MAL which was downgraded from a 6/10 when I first started to watch it.

    • Entrav

      Maoyuu tries to accomplish a lot, but its ambitions may have gotten the better of it. The studio focused on romance, economics, politics, personal conflicts and all these things, but they might have been better off focusing on just a few at a time to make things feel less disjointed. I’m not saying that it’s impossible to have all these elements, but I think the studio is too inexperienced (Arms) when it comes to doing this and ended up with too much on their hands.

      I totally agree with you on the romance. It really left me hanging. Since it is the same two voice actors, perhaps I got a little ahead of myself and had the preconception that the romance was going to flesh out more. Nope, it didn’t. Sad too as there was a lot of potential. The conflict with the Knight is just half-heartedly done. Actually, almost everything in this anime is half-heartedly done. It’s really a shame. Since I read the manga, I was hoping for a lot more. Not to mention, we got a teaser of the other blue (or was it dark?) skinned demon looking prince, but we never got any more development. Same with the Heroes of old that were seen in one episode. Oh well, if it gets another season, I just hope they do better than they did this time.

      • Flaiboy

        If it does get another season, I won’t be wasting any bandwidth on it.

        • Entrav

          I don’t have any bandwidth issues. I guess for me it’s more about the time. I probably won’t bother if it’s Arms, but maybe if it’s another studio I will try it for a few episodes.

          Sidenote: Do you watch Game of Thrones?

  • AvoidedDoughnut

    I liked you anime itself the theme was good, The only problem I had was that in the end it left us on a cliff hanger of whether or not her plan worked or if she and the hero get together. So many questions for a so called finished anime.

    • AvoidedDoughnut

      Sorry anyone who gains cancer from the first three words of my post. I meant to wright “I liked the anime, the theme itself was good…” Once again sorry and Thank you for reading.

      • Entrav

        You can’t edit your post? :/ You might have to register for Disqus or maybe you don’t. Try to see if you have an edit button or something.

    • Entrav

      Well, it’s just like what Flaiboy and I said below that we have problems with. I mean, overall, their idea was good, but their execution is poor. We’re just being a tad bit more critical than the average viewer. I actually didn’t go all-out criticism this time, but I try my best to enjoy the show without too much criticism in most of my posts. I usually just post the real criticism at the bottom.