Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 6

Maoyu Onna Kishi or Female Knight sword

War and conflict.
Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 6: “— Welcome back, Hero! — Yeah, Old Man. I’m Back!”

While we get the action that we have been waiting for, Maoyuu tries to approach the topic of war and why it exists.


War is an idea that is materialized into physical conflicts. Maid Ane asks a fundamental question that we all ask in our lives, “why is there war?” The answer is a multi-faceted one that includes insatiable desires that human beings have, differences in both outward appearance, the inner nature of humans, and various other traits and ideas. Indeed, some may fight for freedom when negotiations do not pass but there are undoubtedly conflicts that could have been resolved in more peaceful manners. Nonetheless, the government is not at fault for instigating war as much as it is the citizen’s duty to remain vigilant and protect themselves from being fooled by pretense. After all, small, but powerful groups of people are strong only because the majority allow it.

Conflict occurs every second on different scales. Maou and Yuusha are trying to prevent the larger conflict to save the most number of lives. I understand that Maid Ane is inexperienced when it comes to these topics but I feel that the way she speaks her mind could be portrayed in a less here-we-go-again-another-person-whining about-this-topic kind of way. However, it might be too harsh to put it that way as involving the audience in a coherent, but non-cliche way is difficult.

Maou and Yuusha’s plan

What Maoyuu excels at is the cohesive representation of strategies on a large scale. From Maou’s plans to expand agriculture to the planning of taking over Bright Light Island, everything fits together clearly. Seeing the armies battle it out across a stretch of land they made is quite the scene as it takes me back to when I played the Total War series.

Onna Kishi

Maoyuu knight onna kishi

Yuusha’s tinkering within the Gate City led to the marvelously executed plan of sandwiching the demon army. To close things off, we get a much needed fight scene between Knight and the Ice General. There’s not much to comment about regarding the animations as it’s a fairly ordinary duel, but it’s entertaining nonetheless. Still, we haven’t seen Yuusha fight against anything yet, so it’s a bit of a downer not witnessing his power. (Damn them for skipping the dragon fight D:)


Maoyu Maou Maou and Yuusha

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Maoyu anime

Even though the battle is won, Maou must feel a tinge of guilt in her heart as she is a demon herself and she basically betrayed them. But she knows that if she wishes to see over the hill, sacrifices must be made. At least there’s still a person to support her… though I don’t know where their development is really going so far. Rou Yumihei, the old man, is a nice addition to the cast as he is voiced by Ginga Banjou.


So far, I really enjoy the series, but being the wannabe-critical person that I am, I’m not sure how to rate this anime. It has some clever aspects with the politics and the bigger picture (kind of), but it’s nothing astounding and it definitely doesn’t make up for the lack of development between Maou and Yuusha. Moreover, there is always something missing about this show, but I just don’t know what it is.

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