Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 7-8

Maoyu Yuusha and Maou farewell

Everyone’s struggles.
Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 7 Review: “I’ll be back soon. We’ll see each other soon.”
“Sugu ni Modoreru. Sugu ni Mata Aeru sa.”
8 Review: “Take this sword my Lord.”
“Ken o Totte, Waga Aruji.” (「剣を取って、我が主」)


Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 7

Maoyu onna kishi

Whether it be crops or education, Maou is trying to change the world in a dramatic way. The first of many steps into realizing true growth is definitely the printing press. The need for people to understand the world around them and the need for them to think in a more profound way will pave the path to modernity. Moreover, the demons and humans are seeing eye to eye for perhaps the first time in Gate City. This will undoubtedly bring prosperity to both races and be a central town of influence in the future.

Maoyu hero and demon

However, even though everything seems to be going in the right direction, Maou is having trouble of her own. As her “Demon License” runs out, she needs to travel into the grave of the Demon Lords, and as the next episode will portray, it is not a mirthful occassion. Even Onna Kishi is having her own issues with regards with where she stands; she understands that becoming Yuusha’s lover is futile, but how can she help but feel the need to be beside him? Yuusha is also trying to come to terms with how he can only fight and that’s what he will continue to do. The path may not be clear but the way he will walk it is.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 8

Seinen Shounin



The two people who are greatly affected by Maou meet face to face telling each other of how a certain someone changed them. Yuusha and Seinen Shounin may be rivals but they see eye to eye to some extent now. Indeed, being that merchants are the ones who think the hardest and longest about gain and loss, they may be the first to see what cannot be quantified in such terms. In the end, giving Gate City over to the merchants is a small price to pay for seeing over the hill. The merchants can’t and won’t discriminate because if they do, they will be losing out on potential profit. Just like the invisible hand, the world will become self-regulating, and while it may have few truly benevolent intentions, the people will see over the hill even if most might not have had the goodwill in the first place.

Demon King and Hero

Onna Kishi sword


Maou is entering dangerous territory that might change her very being. While I doubt we’ll see what happens inside, this may lead to some interesting twists later on. Will Maou remain herself? Will she see the world in a different light? If she does, what will Yuushah do to accommodate for that change? Onna Kishi is also trudging past her inferiority and trying to become as useful as she can to Yuusha.

This episode is full of unfavorable events. Maou is declared a heretic because “the potato is a demon crop.” Of course, Yuusha isn’t going to let them have their way even if it means being on the run for his entire life. While it may seem unreasonable, there’s much politics involved for this to slide for the higher ups. What this will lead to is a hopefully inspiring speech made by Maid Ane in Maou form. Since I read the manga, I am pumped for the next episode as there’s nothing like seeing a motivating scenario in animated form.

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