Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 9 – Maid Ane’s Speech: Being a Human

Maoyuu maou i am human
As a human being.

A powerful speech.
Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 9 Review: “I am human.”
“Watashi wa “Ningen” dakara”

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 9 Impressions

A marvelous speech can sometimes reveal universal truths behind people and give everyone inspirations hidden within the toils of everyday life. Whether it be from a saint or a heretic, the overall message from Maid Ane is one of great power.

Have you ever felt completely powerless? Have you ever felt the anger and uselessness in your very being when the world seems to be against what you stand for, and that you are powerless to change anything? Even if you haven’t, you will, and while some may wallow in despair, Maid Ane, in the form of Maou, makes herself heard. Reflecting upon her life, she realizes that with all the blessings she has received from life, it would be unfair to leave it like this and for her to accept the world as is.

Maoyuu maou yuusha speech

The speech itself does not come from a king, a noble, an aristocrat or one of high standings. It comes from an individual who has suffered the world’s cruelty and survived with the gracious help of others. It is not one that aggrandizes oneself of glory or purpose, but is a simple approach of being a human that is within all of us. The impact that comes from the speech is from everything that she has been through. Although she may not have the knowledge of Maou or the might of Yuusha, she holds a down to earth approach to the facts that make her human.

It’s definitely not the most profound speech, it’s not the most thought-provoking, and one can argue that it’s not all too inspiring. But it does excel it extracting the feelings of being a human being. What does it mean to be human? To obey others? To follow oneself? To be aware of the surroundings and do whatever one can to promote the betterment of society? Is it to just to be able to feel the five senses? Maid Ane is trying to sear into the minds of nobles, merchants, and serfs alike that they must not lose the essences that make them human to begin with because being human is a valuable gift that has been bestowed upon them.

Maoyu church stoned

Onna Kishi

Everything has turned against the church.

Throw them if you wish!
Perhaps you must, to protect yourself and your family in this cruel world.
I will not blame you for that.
The freedom to choose also belongs to you, as a human.
I will shed blood in equal measures to that which is flowing in your heart!
But if you would stone me because someone else has ordered it, then you are an insect!
You are an insect without a will of your own, for you have given the Light’s precious gift to another, and you have ceased to think!
No matter how much peace that brings you, anyone who abandons those treasures is no better than an insect.
I despise insects.
I refuse to become one.
I am human!

Cliche or not, the speech must have had impact on even the most stone-hearted people. At this point, it might have been more fitting for her to be executed so that she may become a true martyr, but nevertheless, the people will not stand for this atrociousness any longer. Garnering the support of the king and even given the title of a saint, the Crimson Scholar has turned everything against the church and used this to her advantage. From the depths of her heart, Maid Ane has convinced everyone to stand for themselves instead of others. While few will ever know that it was her who did the speech, a part of her will remain among the people and will be passed on for generations to come.

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[captionpix imgsrc=”” captiontext=”They are not alone.” imgalt=”The Light spirit?”]

As for the extra portion after the ending, it’s up to anyone’s guess as to what it means. One thing we do know is that this mission that Yuusha and Maou are undertaking is not exactly the first. After all, they don’t have names but titles. Much like the title Zero in Code Geass, the names “Maou” and “Yuusha” can be assigned to anyone and serve as symbols.


This episode is, hands down, the best episode so far. A moving speech with a hopeful preview of more developments in the story. Heck, even the title of the next episode is awesome. It’ll be difficult to top this episode before the anime ends. The anime adaptation, while missing some things, still manages to nail the speech fabulously even if the rest of the series is average at best.

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