Maoyuu Maou Yuusha (FIRST IMPRESSIONS)

Maoyuu hero and demon king

Let the economics begin.
Uhh boobs.
Maoyuu Maou Yuusha (FIRST IMPRESSIONS): “You will be mine Hero! I Refuse!”

Fantasy, adventure, romance, boobs, educational, economics?!?! That’s right, Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is a mix of those elements, and maybe comedy as well. This anime actually originated from 2chan in a play format. People decided to make this a LN and it worked out great! There are also plenty of manga adaptations. With Arms at the helm of this, many people are afraid of what it can bring to the table. Nonetheless, the director is no other than Takeo Takahashi who brought us Spice and Wolf. With this first look, let’s see if it has potential or if it falls flat.
Alright, for a better explanation of why wars do not benefit the economy, refer to THIS VIDEO.

Face off + Boobs

Mao Yuusha

It’s time for the hero to make things right. After fifteen years of bloodshed, everything will come to an end as he slays the Demon King. Dashing in with ferocity, he raises his arms and the sword begins to slash across the air. That is, until he’s met by a busty beautiful, red-headed woman. Are you all still with me? Or did your jaws drop to the floor and your nose bleed shot you across the room? In all seriousness though, those knockers are ginormous. Even the hero is fazed by her presence.

Yuusha anime

It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman or bouncy. I’m the Hero!

Ah, Jun Fukuyama and Koshimizu Ami always make for an interesting combo. Their conversations are always intriguing. Anyways, things get a little bit deeper as they delve into… war’s benefits.

The Misconception about War (My opinion)

Maoyū Maō Yūsha

Alright, I’m going to straighten this up right now before anyone gets any misconceptions. War does NOT bring prosperity to the nations involved. Correction, War ITSELF does not bring PROLONGED prosperity to the nations involved. If you want to read further, please refer to this simple post. To simplify things, it’s a broken window fallacy. The one thing that could be true is the uniting of mankind. Against a greater common enemy, it’s likely that humanity will be gathered to face the greater threat. Well, as long as the war is continuing which is probably one of the only pros to this war. Now, I’m not saying that this the author’s mistake. This could be exactly why Maou wants to end this war in the most discreet way possible. Firstly, however, let’s see if what they’re detailing is true about the human world.

Here is where things get even more sketchy. Apparently, the people farther away from the war are living in prosperity while still giving resources to those at war. In other words, they proclaim that the consumption from the war, all of the weaponry and exports to support the war effort, are helping the nations become wealthy. However, this doesn’t actually work out if you think about it.

EDIT: The guy saying that famine and plague are at an all time low in 500 years is not right. Diverting resources to support the war lowers the living conditions of those people giving resources to the war. The lower class will have less rations and resources.

The kingdom shown in this anime is apparently at war and because of it is able to survive. It has received funds from the Central Nations and is the border of safety. Being that it had no fertile land, they depend on this war to fuel their basic needs.

The kingdom receives aid in two possible ways. One, they receive money so that they may buy the materials and weapons from other nations to support the war effort. Two, they receive the necessary equipment directly. Either way, it does not change the fact that the kingdom is inherently poor and that almost all of its resources came from elsewhere, most notably the Central Nations. In other words, the output and the input is not from the nation itself. The Central Nations are the ones that are exporting the resources for the war. The Central Nations are losing resources because of the war. This is not a situation where the defending nation has the wealth to purchase the equipment without the Central Nation’s. If that were the case, then the Central Nations would have an economic boost. Economically speaking, there may be prosperity in a few parts of the Central Nations but overall, the situation is not beneficial.

The other problem lies in Maou’s misconception of consumption and employment. She says that if the war is to be stopped, then people would be out of jobs and the exporters would be in ruin. There is some truth to this; the exporters responsible for making weapons and things related only to war might fall when the war ends. It seems rational at first that if these exporters were to be shut down then the labor would have nowhere to go!

Nonetheless, the labor and the resources used for the war can and will go somewhere else. Inventions during wartime may be developed further into commercial products capable of being manufactured, consumed and therefore, making jobs. Also, because people are not as devoted to war, they are able to focus on other industries. Consumption would continue in other areas of the economy. Anyways, just look at the Post-World War II economic expansion.

EDIT: Forgot to mention. You see how the nobles are partying and being all lavish and everything? Yeah, that’s a very small portion of people. Since Maou is arguing for the economy as a whole, this is seeing only the smaller picture. Economics is the big picture. This depiction of the wealthy here does not mean that the nation is prosperous.

As for food… I don’t understand how the situation is worse off if the war ends. During both World Wars, people had decreased rations to support the war effort. Then again, this war is basically a facade and not a total war. If it is just a facade, however, there is no economic benefit in continuing it. They are merely destroying resources. The few may gain from the plenty but this is not what the anime is portraying.

Beyond the Hill


Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Maoyu anime Maou and Yuusha Maoyu Maou

Personally, Yuusha’s conversion is a bit fast but the humor is there underneath the romance.
Maou: “I will never leave your side, Hero!”
Yuusha: “Naturally!”
Maou: *gasp* *blush*
Haha, that scene is well done. The soundtrack is sounding pretty good already and the voice actors are just top-notch. And the hugging. Let’s not forget the hugging.

Maou and Yuusha Demon King and Hero

Realistically though, rolling around in those horns don’t really— LOLTHEHORNSCAMEOFF. Probably came as a shock for those of you who didn’t read the manga. Well, I read it and it was still kind of sudden. I will be looking forward to how comedic and economical this gets!

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha First Impressions (Episode 1) Review

Where to start… If you read through my economic analysis, thanks for enduring my almost non-existent economics knowledge. I did read a few Thomas Sowell‘s books and looked up some info. I know that there will be others who disagree and have facts to back it up. I’m just iterating what I read so I could very well be wrong. It’s nice to put the knowledge to use and even if Maoyuu Maou Yuusha makes fallacies, I’ll still enjoy putting myself to the test!

As for the characters, they are still developing so I can’t comment too much about them. Many people are probably annoyed at the gigantic breasts but it’s really just a joke. Whatever, don’t pay too much heed to that because things will almost certainly get interesting. If you think the characters are a little boring, fear not, they will develop more and more in their adventures. I will definitely do more reviews on this series so stay tuned for those! Thank you very much for reading!

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  • Gerty

    “War does NOT bring prosperity to the nations involved”

    Well, sure it does, just look at the most bloodthirsty and scummy nations of today : USia and Israel. As if USia was so prosperous if they didnt occupy half the world nations. I very much doubt USian scumbags would just up and leave if, say, Germany would ask them to get their base the fuck out.

    “As for food… I don’t understand how the situation is worse off if the war ends.”

    People stop dying en masse = growth = more mouths to feed.

    • Entravity

      USA did not become prosperous by taking hold of other nations. In fact, them policing the world is exactly why USA is in an economic crisis. At the very least, the citizens and the majority of the people are not gaining from this ordeal. Refer to Ron Paul and more of his ideas.

      There are many reasons why USA is prosperous today. However, it’s not because of their occupation of various nations around the world today. A combination of capitalism, rich resources in the country itself, focus on scientific and educational advancement during the 30s and 40s are some of the reasons why USA is prosperous. It’s actually expensive for them to be putting all these troops overseas and having military bases in those places.

      I’m not exactly sure by your sentence structure what you mean though by the lines, “I very much doubt USian scumbags would just up and leave if, say, Germany would ask them to get their base the fuck out.”

      The problem is, when there is war there is a need to stop the enemy’s supplies. This will cause destruction of food and infrastructure. Although the population may grow quickly, the stopping of the war will divert more resources into increasing the food supply or whatever the economy needs at the time. It’s not as if after the war USA went into a hunger crisis. They actually helped the nations which were most affected by the conflict the most.

      There’s probably some mistakes but it’s early in the morning. Maybe I’ll correct myself later. Thanks for the comment though :)

  • Anon

    I believe that maou’s reason for war is the reason behind Hitler’s popularity. With exception of the “food resources” part which is a bit vague, the whole idea was a reflection of pre world war 2 ( post world war 1) Germany.

    • Entravity

      It could be. I always refer to the lines, “War is delightful to those who have had no experience of it” – Erasmus.

      The prospect of a war only seems to be positive for the involved parties. It’s much like how politicians proclaim certain things only to appease the public. They plan all these projects that at first sounds great. Later… after they moved up to some higher position, the effects are shown and they are free from blame. And who can we blame? The politicians? No way. We can only blame the masses for electing and believing in it. Anyways, that’s another little rant. Well, this season should be fun. I’ll enjoy discussing every episode with you all :) Thanks for the comment.

  • Flyboy

    It seems to me, given the set up of this first episode, that this anime may involve an arrangement between certain parties on both sides which are propagating and profiting from this war while the rest of the people suffer. I know that is not how it’s being portrayed by Maou but she may be just repeating what she has been told – as a figurehead she may not know the truth. Obviously those that are the tools of the established power structure know nothing of it. I can imagine that “What lies beyond that hill?” is a lot of corruption and misinformation. I see the Hero’s mad rush by himself to defeat the Demon King as outside the plans of those in power, and their subsequent agreement fact-finding mission to cause lots of trouble for themselves and those around them.

    One thing: I sincerely hope this discussion doesn’t degrade into rude political battles. That can be found plenty of other places. It’s refreshing to be able to have a place to discuss the elements of a series in a civil manner.

    I haven’t read this manga, do you think it’s entertaining?

    • Entravity

      It certainly does seem like there are some puppeteers behind the Demon King and the Hero. It’s possible that, like you said, Maou is repeating what she said because I don’t think she has any ill intent towards anyone. However, I don’t think this is what the anime intends to portray. I think the goal is to just have Maou and Yuusha collaborate to bring an end to the war that will not subsequently create disaster.

      Maou is highlighting the fact that the war brings prosperity to humanity and demons. I believe that the writers think this to be actually true. Therefore, the hero joins her in maintaining the prosperity but ending the bloodshed. Maou is saying that if the war does end, it will be disastrous. So, they must team up together to end the war in the best way possible.

      The problem is that, ending the war right here and now will not have disastrous consequences (at least in reality). But in that world, the economics apparently work the other way so the story gets a lot more complicated because you think that she is getting deceived and that our economic rules still apply. I think it’s a lot more simple than that; it’s just the two teaming up to make society into a better place and subsequently making peace without disastrous consequences.

      Then again, since the manga only went on for so long, I’m not sure if the economics gets straightened up later and she is actually being deceived. I don’t think it’s the case though. It certainly would make for an interesting twist.

      There are many versions of manga for this and they are all at least… entertaining if you like some economics and some other “realistic” details. For example, they explain how to increase agricultural productivity and so on. None of them have gone more than 11 chapters or so. That’s partially the reason why I’m excited for the anime, so that the story can develop beyond the manga. There is a Light Novel but it’s not translated so there’s no hope for me to read it. Give each of the mangas a shot for a couple of chapters, you might like them. If not, stick around for another episode and see if you like how it develops.

      • Flyboy

        I will definitely stick around. It never occurred to me that the economics being portrayed in the anime are just as contrived as the story. I’ve got a lot a lot to learn about thinking outside of the box. After re-reading your review I understand it better. Thanks!

        At least boobage was something I could understand from an early age. #B^)