Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? (FIRST IMPRESSIONS)

Mondaiji tachi anime wallpaper
Badass and extremely enjoyable.

Why now? Because Kurousagi and Izayoi are amazing.
Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? 1-6 Review

Well, we’re past the half-way point of the season and I decide to do a first impressions?!?! What is this? Still, I can’t overlook the fact that I disregarded Mondaiji when it first came out. At first, I thought it was a plain-old harem anime that had nothing of value and… I’m wrong.


Kudou Asuka gift


Sakamaki Izayoi kick

Instead of going over everything episode by episode, let’s just talk about everything up until episode 6. Firstly, check what we’ve got so far. A well endowed bunny that was the primary factor for me ignoring the show in the first place as I thought it was full of random fan-service that I am now taking a liking to, a rich Ojou who has the power of putting anyone under her command, a girl that would make Aquaman proud, and a freaking badass motherf- Then, we have a world called Little Garden where people fight for special powers, land, prestige, and so on. So, after the first episode, I smacked my head for not watching this earlier and jumped on the Mondaiji-train.

Kasukabe You owns tiger


Kuro Usagi bath cleavage

Dem boobies.

This anime reminds me of Highschool DxD and anime of that kind due to how it feels. It has a solid story that’s coherent, interesting characters and has some nice action. It doesn’t take itself too seriously which is probably the major point. While Izayoi’s powers are blown out of proportions, it’s portrayed in an acceptable way. There’s a thin line to tread between being stupid and awesome when it comes to overpowered characters. If it’s too serious, it feels as if it’s a mishmash of ass-pulls and deus ex machina. However, in this case, it’s just plain awesome how Izayoi demolishes everyone he faces without much of a hitch. It also helps that he’s arrogant but also knows to tone it down when the situation calls for it.

Kudou Asuka bath

Asuka’s not bad either.

Kurousagi Mondaiji


Leticia Drakurea

The other characters also have charming traits of their own. Kudou Asuka isn’t a rich and arrogant girl but just one who wants to find a challenge in this world. Although she isn’t as developed as I would like her to be, just not being overly haughty is a plus. Kasukabe You isn’t the quiet person who has absolutely no emotions. She has a firm liking towards animals and it really shows in when she cooperates with her team and undertakes various challenges.

Kudou Asuka

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?


Kurousagi crying


Kurousagi. I underestimated you. Seriously, I thought she was going to be another annoying tsundere but she’s actually not! In fact, no one really is so far and that’s worth something in and of itself. She may be just an excuse to have fan-service at first, but she plays a critical role in the story without being the target for fan-service. Actually, I’m surprised at how little fan-service there actually is. I mean, having skirts that doesn’t show panties is the complete opposite of fan-service! The anime doesn’t really sacrifice the story and the developments for fan-service nonsense. Oh, did I mention that there’s a tad bit of comedy that’s not half-bad?

Perseus Laius Sakamaki Izayoi laser Mondaiji-Tachi Kuro usagi Izayoi and Black rabbit

Of course, the anime is not without its faults. The biggest complaint I have is its short length. With 10 episodes, there isn’t much room for growth with regards to the characters and the story. And while I like most of the aspects of this anime, it doesn’t excel at anything. It has a healthy mix that’s best described to be entertaining. Mondaiji quickly became my most look forwarded to show this season for that very reason. If you like shounen, a badass main character, a coherent story and a now-very-appealing-bunny, give this anime a shot. You might like it more than you think.

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  • Redice

    Im in the minority for not liking this anime all that much.

    • Entrav

      I wouldn’t say that you are in the minority; there are many who might not like this show. Certainly, I wouldn’t it find it hard to believe for someone to not like it. It’s just that Mondaiji is better than I thought initially and it’s a pleasant surprise in this bland season.

  • Casey Lee

    10 episodes, seriously. Biggest letdown of the year. With that grand setting and all, they could throw much more. But oh well, good sale would call for another season.

    • Entrav

      Yeah, since the “Little Garden” is the size of a star and everything seems to be large in scale, it’s sad. However, the LN is still going and by the looks of things, we might get a second season.