Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? (REVIEW)

Mondaiji-tachi review anime

Fun and enjoyable.
Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? (REVIEW)

NOTE: This review does not meet my standards any longer and will be updated sometime in the future.

“Bunnies? What? This is probably the same crap that we should all avoid supporting to prevent further contamination of in the anime industry.” That was my first impression upon seeing a picture of the anime at first glance. Sadly, I didn’t look into any previews or even the first episode. Looking back, that was probably a mistake.

Kaskuabe pulling Kurousagi's ears Little Garden gift game

Sakamaki Izayoi

After getting through half the season, it came to me that people were actually saying that this “thing” was good! I was at first thinking that they must be trolling new viewers, but went ahead anyways and watched the first episode. To my surprise, it wasn’t a disaster, and while the premise was not the best, it’s definitely not as bad as I made it out to be when I first saw the picture. So, I continued, and for one reason or another, I began to like the anime more and more. Oh and by the way, if you have a badass male lead, don’t have him being pushed into the corner of the picture and instead display a voluptuous bunny. People get the wrong idea.

Mondaiji Tachi izayoi and Kurousagi Kurousagi Kasukabe and Asuka bath

What’s so great about this anime? Well, I wouldn’t put it so far as to say that it’s “great” or “fantastic” as the anime is by no means something that breaks boundaries or is something that everyone should watch before they die. However, it does everything that it tries to do at least moderately well. Mondaiji has action, adventure, humor, badassery (yep, this deserves its own category), and the much needed fan-service. It’s a mixed bag and more often than not, it’s hard to pull everything off without something in the mix being a deadweight to the anime. Mondaiji, however, manages to pull this off fairly successfully. The mix of the random bits of humor with Shiroyasha and Izayoi’s pervertedness with the well delivered battles certainly makes this anime extremely enjoyable. Let’s not forget the fan-service. We’ve all seen pantie shots and those typical things, but have we seen skirts that deliberately hide what’s underneath?

Shiroyasha Leticia Drakurea

There’s just some quirky elements like I mentioned above amongst others that make this just a bit more entertaining than the typical shounen anime. I guess the best way to summarize this show is not in terms of excellence, but rather with enjoyment. After all, the plot while it is there, is nothing “great,” but it serves its purpose of propelling the characters forward to meet new frontiers where the battles and character interactions can shine. Even on a tight budget (I assume as it is only 10 episodes), Mondaiji allows for some flashy fights that are a joy to watch when the cast of characters is taken into consideration.

Shiroyasha and Izayoi Perseus Laius

Ah yes, the characters. So, we have Kurousagi, a rabbit that basically has ears begging to be pulled out, Izayoi, a stock badass character that is nonetheless enjoyable to watch accompanied by Shiroyasha, a female perverted demon lord hellbent on making Kurousagi as sexually appealing as possible, Kasukabe, a silent and unexplored character, and finally, Asuka, who’s a rich ojou-sama who has trouble leading her new life. We have the typical otaku bait with the large breasted females, but the character interactions that drive the humor are truly entertaining to watch. Kurousagi’s voice actor, Nomizu Iori nails the character down. A mix of cute, and downright serious makes her character one of the most interesting to watch.

Asuka is the character who in the second half finds herself troubled and goes through a small character progression. Still, the character progressions aren’t really all there, and they don’t develop all too much throughout. While it’s a shame that it’s only ten episodes long and that could be the cause, it’s still no excuse. Now, enough of the positives, let’s get to the negatives.

Mondaiji Kurousagi and Asuka Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?

What this anime attempts to do it does moderately well, and that’s its major flaw. Nothing really truly stands out in this anime. Everything is done well enough, but not to the extent that I can talk to someone and convince him or her that the story is excellent or the characters are incredible because they’re not. Moreover, the short number of episodes really hinders the movement of the story and the development of the characters. (Though, I still have to say that the story with all the legends and puzzle solving are nice.) Like I mentioned, there are a few quirks here and there, but it’s not enough to make any one part stand out. Therefore, it’s difficult for me to say that this anime is any more than average in except one regard, enjoyment.

Mondaiji-tachi Review Recommendation

Mondaiji-tachi Kurousagi

Enjoyment is a very subjective area and, as a result, I would suggest that you try out the first 1-2 episodes to see if you like it even moderately (if you think what I said above interests you). If so, stick around until episode 5 as that’s where the first real fight occurs. If you don’t like how that episode turns out, then stop watching. If you don’t like the first two episodes… just skip this anime altogether as nothing drastically different happens at any one point in the anime.

Mondaiji-tachi Review Conclusion

Kudou Asuka

Overall, Mondaiji is an enjoyable ride that has a fairly wide range of elements that are sometimes quirky, and sometimes ordinary. Nothing is fantastic, but nothing is terrible. Completely average? Maybe, but depending on who watches it, there is something nice to be found in all the action, adventure, badassery, and fan-service. There’s plenty of enjoyment to be had here as I certainly didn’t expect it. If you’re still unsure, but don’t utterly despise shounen, it’s probably a good idea to try it out. I hope you enjoyed this review, and stay tuned for more reviews soon!

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