Monogatari Series: Second Season Episode 10 – O SHI-

Monogatari kiss shot crazy
Be afraid.

Not bad, but below my expectations.
Monogatari Series: Second Season Episode 10 Review
Kabukimonogatari Episode 4 Review
“Mayoi Jiangshi, Part Four”
“Mayoi Kyonshī Sono Yon”
(まよいキョンシー 其ノ貳)

Anyone who’s been following my reviews of Monogatari know that I have been wanting to see KISS SHOT ACEROLA ORION HEART UNDER BLADE for quite some time now. The fact that this episode has that alone makes me fairly biased, however, surprisingly enough, I actually have quite a few complaints about this episode. A lot more complaints than what I had with the previous arc’s concluding episode which is absolutely fantastic. I try to stay away from complaints in the impressions section so the review section will include almost all of my complaints.

Monogatari Series: Second Season Episode 10 Impressions

Rice is your friend.

Hachikuji Mayoi adult



Hachikuji Mayoi grown up

Well, I bet Araragi is glad he kept her alive.

Kabukimonogatari Mayoi


Now you know what to bring with you should a zombie/vampire army rises from the ground to eat your… drink your… Uhh… RICE IS THE ANSWER. Anyways, I’m obviously ignoring the most important fact that is the grown up Hachikuji Mayoi standing right in front of the lolicon Araragi. I knew she was going to appear sooner or later, and the grown up version is a nice surprise though looking back, I should have expected as much. Too bad he’s not going to flip her skirt or anythi- Oh God, I’m becoming infected with Araragi’s perverted nature. QUICK, LET’S TALK ABOUT SOME TIME TRAVEL NONSENSE AND OSHINO MEME GOODNESS TO CONFUSE OURSELVES.



Kiss shot monogatari


That’s the case in all routes.

Oshino Meme


Oshino Meme is one of my favorite characters of the entire series combining a teacherly attitude and the calm demeanor of someone who doesn’t give a damn, but still strangely does. As for the time travel… it’s a very hollow explanation of how time travel actually works in their universe. If they can’t change the destiny of their route by travelling back in time because it moves them to another line, then what about the people in route X? Aren’t their destinies essentially changed by Araragi’s time travel? Unless, the destiny of route X is to have Araragi from route A travel back in time to their time? Whatever the case, I guess we can’t expect too much as it’s not a show focusing on time travel as a major plot device.

If you were younger, he’d be all for it.

Araragi Koyomi kimono

Dat Araragi fabulousness.

Oshino Shinobu

Shinobu moe.


Yep, but how good is the twist?

Oshino Shinobu kimono laugh

Dat laugh.

Araragi fabulous


What an interesting bunch of moments. Araragi probably realizes that his pursuits were successful to some extent as Mayoi is still alive and well. That must have quelled some uncertainty in his heart about his pursuit of helping her live on. Moreover, this is route X’s Mayoi so she’ll still be alive after he’s moved on to route A. What’s also intriguing is Araragi and Shinobu’s relationship, or how it’s actually portrayed here. There’s something about it that is completely different from other relationships Araragi has had. Not even Senjougahara could be a suitable replacement as the two have pledged that they will die together which, as Shinobu says, entails that while living, they are even more inseparable. Their binding certainly is-

Heart span dual wield bakemonogatari

See, Kirito, this is dual wielding.

Oshino yelling


Araragi Koyomi sword


Monogatari Kiss shot


Kiss shot acerola orion

Dem OPPAI- Sorry, waiting for DxD.


From the bewbies?

LOL. This animation…


Oshino Shinobu bite


Monogatari series


OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YEEEEESSSSS FINALLY. A crazy supposedly half-burnt KISS SHOT ACEROLA ORION HEART UNDER BLADE at that though it’s not clearly portrayed here. The thing is that this is supposed to be Shinobu had Araragi not come get her which is truly frightening considering how inconsequential it was and how the have dead KISS SHOT ACEROLA ORION HEART UNDER BLADE can have even a thunderous laugh. It’s a bit saddening that they didn’t get the opportunity to fight, but in all honesty it would be too one-sided. Kiss-shot probably realized that there’s no point in her continuing to survive after Araragi of that world has passed and the fact that she’s half-dead.



Hachikuji Mayoi lick tongue


Araragi Koyomi

You should be rejoicing.




Dem puns I don’t really understand.

And look what happened…


Finally, we can’t ignore the fact that it is Mayoi’s arc. But it did seem like the landed on route C or something like that for the Mayoi we know would never harass Araragi as he did to her right?!?! Or maybe, she’s been hiding that side of her this whole time? Sorry, I meant Perararagi. Perarararararararagi? Perarararararawrgi. Puns that I can’t understand aside, Mayoi seems to have taken a liking to being a ghost because of Araragi. Heck, in the long run, Mayoi and Shinobu will be the only ones left for they don’t age. It’ll be something he’ll be happy for, but that’s a depressing thought as that means Senjou- AAAAAAAAAA. But that’s it. That’s the end of Mayoi’s arc and next week we’ll have another re-cap episode which I will undoubtedly not review because that’d be a huge waste of time. Onto the complaints and praises!

Monogatari Series: Second Season Episode 10 Review

First thing I want to say is that I am an anime only viewer, but I have read around on what this episode was supposed to show. Apparently, the portrayal of KISS SHOT ACEROLA ORION HEART UNDER BLADE isn’t what it’s supposed to be. She’s supposed to be rotten, and actually half-burnt. That may have been enticing, and it would certainly add another layer to the already crazy Kiss-shot. Even though SHAFT will probably fix this in the BD, I still cannot overlook it for the purpose of reviewing.

Next is the fact that this episode didn’t really hit me as hard as the last arc’s finale did emotionally and it also didn’t hit upon any deeper themes as much as the last arc did either. Heck, what is the theme of this arc anyways? The fact that every choice has a consequence? Some things are better left untouched? I’m not really sure and that in and of itself is an indicator of perhaps a lack of direction by the anime. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy this episode quite a bit even if some things are amiss, but I find that the way the Monogatari Series has been so far and in all its profundity has been a bit lacking.

Emotionally speaking, I am sure they wanted me to feel sadness at the forlorn Kiss-shot as Araragi pats her on the head. How did I really feel? The worst thing. Indifference. Actually, my apathetic reaction surprised me which was more emotional than the scene itself. It really didn’t have the proper build-up and if you couple that with my high expectations… it didn’t end up so well. There are also little bits of animation issues here and there, but my major complaints are as I have stated.

I’m actually a bit disappointed with how this arc turned out to be mainly due to the fact that the last one’s concluding episode is just fantastic. Granted, seeing grown up Mayoi and KISS SHOT ACEROLA ORION HEART UNDER BLADE helps in making this episode more acceptable, but it does not make it exceptional. I do find it nice how we get more Araragi and Shinobu interactions and how this arc differs greatly in terms of plot with time travelling and so on. I think that another episode would have helped a lot in setting everything up to be a bit more impactful. As it stands, it’s pretty good, but it’s not as great as I thought it would be.

Monogatari Series Second Season Mayoi and Shinobu


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  • The Atomic Dwarf

    I was hoping to see some badass Vampire vs Vampire action but in the end solving things through violence is not the main porpouse of this anime and it never was. The way it ended is a lot better than expected.

    It wasn’t as disappointing as you make it be. I actually liked it. The main theme isn’t consequences and living with them. It’s death and accepting the fact that someone dear to you has died and you cannot change that. You should have paid more attention to that traffic light talk he had with Oshino’s relative in the first ep of the arc. It basically sums up the entire plot.

    In the end they were glad that they met each other and Araragi accepted that Hachikuji’s death was inevitable all the while strengtening his bond with Shinobu. A bond where they decided that they would share the same fate. Talk about tension building up for Shinobu’s arc.

    It’s a lot more deep than the previous coming of age story and more subtle. Perhaps that’s why Shaft didn’t know how to exactly portray it despite hacing experience working with such themes (Madoka).

    As for the LN’s, I suggest you stop reading them at least until the anime ends. I stopped at Hanekawa’s arc as it was breaking my immersion a bit.

    • Entrav

      Yeah, sorry about not mentioning what you mentioned about accepting death. That’s my fault as I should have mentioned that. However, I can’t necessarily say the execution was too much to my liking. I think the pat on the head was supposed to be the epitome of that feeling and it really didn’t hit home for me. That supposedly important moment was really lacking. I’m honestly not sure why, but it just didn’t pack enough of a punch.

      I did touch upon Oshino’s part quite a bit, but in hindsight it wasn’t really for the right reasons. Regardless, it’s not so much that this episode is bad. No way, I did enjoy it. It’s just that when they’re talking about something like fate and the inevitability of it, which is a fairly common theme, it has to stand out among the crowd to make me feel like it’s not trite because I’ve seen it so many times. They had them save a life and then come to a time where the world is destroy hinting that it’s impossible to change fate. Adding on top of that is the fact that Shinobu and Araragi both die nearly at the same time. You can say that even though Kiss-shot is a vampire, something not tied to destiny, she’s still bound to it.

      However, they don’t portray it very well to feel significant. Kiss-shot’s death didn’t pack a punch which would have helped in making me feel like her death with Araragi were to be inevitable. The grown up Mayoi shows up in that timeline so… what is it really trying to say? Is destiny really unchangeable? If it’s the part about him being on Route X, that’s too simple of an explanation for a theme that has to dig deeper.

      It makes it seem like, “Oh, you travelled back in time to change destiny but you failed because you can’t and have to land on another route. Therefore, fate is set!” That is the impression I got from the theme of fate being inevitable which is pretty weak. Not to mention the explanation of the different routes are barely passable at best as it doesn’t go into detail. Something like Mawaru does a far better job of exploring fate though at times it is more pretentious than profound.

      • The Atomic Dwarf

        You’re right about the pat on the head. It didn’t have any impact, or at least it wasn’t that meaningful if she isn’t in that half rotten state you said she is in the LN’s.

        It does seem a bit weak but then again I guess the author didn’t have anything else to use as a conclusion for Hachikuji .Her story was supposed to be over in S1 and he could’ve used the whole alt universe part in Shinobu’s arc. For someone who was supposed to be the main heroine she doesn’t get a lot of screen time does she?

        • Entrav

          Just to be clear, I forgot to say in my last comment that I never read the LNs. I’m only stating what people are saying in forums.

          I really can’t see a better way to have concluded Mayoi’s story, but then again, I’m not a writer. I’m just a bit disappointed as Monogatari has been great so far this season and I expected the arc ending episode to be as impactful as the previous one. If you are to look at it from a normal anime standpoint, this episode would still be pretty good.

          Then again, what I do as a reviewer is to not only compliment the show, but also point out its flaws as much as I can. Others may not have a problem with what I’m saying and that’s fine.

          • The Atomic Dwarf

            Hey, as long as the opinions differ for the sake of discussion and there are no insults involved it’s a good thing right?

            And the fact that others may have a problem, I really don’t see why? You’re doing a great job.

          • Entrav

            Totally, if people are discussing in a civil way, that’s great by me.

            I just mean that others may not have the particular complaints as I’m a critic and I criticize more harshly on aspects that others can overlook for valid reasons as well.

            Thanks for both the compliment and the discussion :)

  • Pararagi-san

    Man… at least they explained everything about time travel. Don’t you think it feels like: “OHBOI, we need to fill the gaphole on to why all of this happened. Let’s spam Oshino for 4 minutes and leave.” His voice kinda seem rushed and everything. It’s part of the somehow funny sense of humor of this series. Loved this episode, gave closure to many things and opened the way for more development.

    • Entrav

      I wouldn’t say that they explained everything about time travel as I think there’s still things left out. I like Oshino Meme so… It was a plus for me, but I can see it in that way too.

      The ending isn’t as carefully crafted as I’d have liked, but it does a good job of developing Shinobu and Araragi’s relationship which may be extremely useful in the future.