Monogatari Series: Second Season Episode 15 – Otorimonogatari

Sengoku Nadeko otorimonogatari

Sengoku Nadeko’s just a bit crazy.
Monogatari Series: Second Season Episode 15 Review
Otorimonogatari Episode 4 Review
“Nadeko Medusa, Part Four”
“Nadeko Medūsa Sono Yon”
(なでこメドゥーサ 其ノ肆)

Just like all the other arcs in the Monogatari Series, Otorimonogatari targets a set of deeper questions and morals that the character of the respective arc tackles. It never ceases to amaze me that the Monogatari Series has been both meaningful and entertaining. This time, we take a look at Sengoku Nadeko, a cute victim of the curse of the snake that almost killed her had it not been for her beloved “Koyomi onii-chan.” However, as one of the main points of the story is the position of the victim and the aggressor and how quickly the two can switch places, we see that Nadeko herself is not solely a victim of her deplorable state.

Note: I will probably only do the climax episodes of each arc due to this season being very busy.

Monogatari Series: Second Season Episode 15 Impressions



Shinobu bitten by snake



Araragi Koyomi

How does it feel being stabbed by a cute girl?


From the interactions between Shinobu and Nadeko in previous episodes of this arc, you can tell that there is a berating tone in the way Shinobu talks to her. Unlike Araragi Koyomi who takes the softer approach, she is extremely direct with her words that, while they may be right, may have been inappropriately timed for it only serves to agitate the already restless Nadeko even further. Nonetheless, the chances of the talisman not being swallowed is actually very low once we realize the true meaning of the snake that “possesses” Nadeko. The fact is that it has happened and her ruthless stabbing signals the end of her once sane mind.

Wow, she has the power of a whole cult.

Sengoku head tilt


Sengoku Nadeko

So pretty :O

Slowly, it is becoming more clear who is really the victim and the aggressor. It seems at the heart of these arcs is Koyomi as he’s been the prime reason for all these events happening. The trouble of an impossible love spurred her on to create this snake. No, it’d be more accurate to say that the trouble of an impossible love is her excuse for the creation of such a snake. Quite simply, she has become the aggressor that is responsible for all of what has happened, and was hiding behind a veil of being the victim so she can protect herself. Being the victim is easy with many benefits that take the burden away from being the one responsible for his or her actions. Should one be called the aggressor if the intent is an unconscious one or should he or she be called the victim of the unconscious mind?

To yourself.

Monogatari Nadeko





Oshino Shinobu

Just play dead already. She’ll sta-

WHOOOOOOOAAAAAAAA… Chill out there, Nadeko…

Araragi Koyomi nearly dead

He looks so dead.

Praying to God seems to be such an innocent thing to do, but do we ever wonder what people really pray for? Some hope for health and prosperity to loved ones, others hope to find love, and the prayers of people continue even when we don’t even realize that we are praying. However, the contents of a prayer, while seemingly pure, can have quite the malicious consequences if twisted just a little. Take Nadeko’s love for Koyomi for example. Not that she wants her “love” to be requited anyways, but suppose she wishes to be his girlfriend, then what of Senjougahara? What of everyone else? What’s especially alarming is if one truly has the power of making one’s wishes come true or if he or she found out that making wishes to God actually worked. Nadeko’s wish of reviving the snake, and ultimately becoming an all powerful being has come true, and nothing but insanity awaits her as she is forced to make everyone her enemy. In actuality, her wish stemmed from her attraction to Koyomi and the impossibility of it, but she yearned for more. Instead of relying on her own abilities, she became dependent on an external force that has led her to this point where now she has taken her love for Koyomi to a ludicrous extent.

Sengoku Nadeko cute moe

Man, that hair is just…

Totally forgot about that.

Heh, it’s implying that God needs people and not the other way around.


Sengoku Nadeko crazy

She’s completely lost it now.

Farewell to humanity?


Koyomi, just sacrifice yourself and let KISS SHOT ACEROLA ORION HEART UNDER BLADE take her on.


Leave it up to Senjougahara to clear up everything and give them half a year to sort things out. There are many interesting parts to this conversation that I will first bring up the impossibility of their friendship because Sengoku Nadeko is “cute.” But how true it is! Think of it, would you not be more inclined to help someone who is as adorable as her? Isn’t it easier to sympathize and to treat her like a spoiled little brat and naming her as the victim? In doing so, the very people who label her to be a victim can be called aggressors for it is they who are putting the idea in her head, encouraging her to continue behaving in such a way. And yet, her very appearance is enough to credit her with such a privilege that others struggle to have.

Even if she has become a God, Senjougahara is twisting her around her finger so easily that it’s almost ridiculous. You can feel the manipulation going on, and the tone of her voice is definitely not a tone one should have while talking to a God. It’s as if she’s just talking to another individual. The last line Senjougahara throws out is incredibly significant in that it deals the final blow in a multitude of ways. Nadeko’s cuteness being the prime reason many people treat her the way they do is verified. Just as it is one of her prime weapons in life, her cuteness has also been, at the same time, completely shut down. We could also say that Nadeko’s cuteness is most of what she is. If we take that perspective, then it’s an even more devastating blow. From the insane look in her eyes to the crazy trailer that shows just how psychotic she’s become,

Monogatari Series: Second Season Episode 15 Review

Seeing Sengoku Nadeko go absolutely crazy against Koyomi and Shinobu is one thing, but the episode also deals with some profound questions that has been touched upon throughout the arc. While sometimes the anime tries to force an opinion on the audience, I still can’t deny that if any anime makes me think a bit deeper than usual, it’s the Monogatari Series. I would love to see more of Senjougahara since she hasn’t been around for quite some time, but Nadeko has her own quirks that make her interesting. Not to mention, the state she’s in fits the profound questions very nicely with regards to being the victim or the aggressor.

It’s quite something for the show to just dismantle these characters and portray them in a different light. Sure, there are moments in the past that has done the same, but it in this season, the extent to which it is done is on a different level. Because the arc focuses on a few core themes around a single character, it makes way for some deep characterization unlike most shows I’ve seen. The topics such as victimization, and appearances playing a key role in social interactions are not subjects that are completely foreign to us. We must have thought about it one time or another, but the key lies in its presentation where it is both enthralling and thought-provoking. I’m sure that many people, had they tackled these topics themselves, would become bored quickly. The Monogatari Series, however, makes it a joy to contemplate deeper ideas that we otherwise may have thrown aside due to the lack of interest. Shows like this move the medium of anime forward in not just an entertaining fashion, but a profound one as well, and I love the series for it.

Monogatari Series Wallpaper

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  • The Atomic Dwarf

    What made this arc even more interesting is the fact that there are people behaving just like Nadeko, pretending to be the victim and relying on a trait like “cuteness” or “clumsiness” to help them manipulate other. Yes manipulate, because that’s what she’s been all her life.

    Despite that there were people who saw straight through her facade like Shinobu, Ougi and that forced her to be more defensive and act in even more irrational ways. The moment she snapped at school last episode was the turning point and in the final moments of this arc she finally realized her own hypocrisy. In the end this is what she deserved from the start. You could call it atonement, I’d rather say it’s retribution.

    She was too afraid to change the status quo relying on her love for Araragi and when she found he got a girlfriend that’s when all her world started crumbling. It would have happened sooner or later so what Ougi did by telling her the location of the talisman, in my opinion is the best option.

    I still believe this will end well or at least with our heroic trio surviving the fight if there will be any fight at all. For me Oshino Ougi is still a mystery and perhaps the final obstacle they must overcome. Is she good, is she evil? Is she just an observer or maybe she’s just at the beginning of her training to become like her uncle? Honestly I’m not sure myself.

    There are so many things to say and I’m not sure I even said them properly. Complex shows like this are exactly like you say, they ” the medium of anime forward”. This is truly a masterpiece.

    • Entrav

      Exactly, the key thing is that Monogatari touches upon aspects of our real lives more than anything else. All these themes surrounding these characters can be put to use in real life and may open our eyes to something we just ignored in the past. Honestly, writing about Monogatari kind of reminds me of writing actual graded papers as the material goes deep enough to be at least somewhat comparable to the material you’d read in introductory humanities courses. Though, I do admit that I don’t put in the same effort as there are just so many episodes and writing 3+ hours for each of them would be very tiring.

      You’re totally right about there being so many things to talk about. It’s hard to separate them into parts that relate to each part of the story and I was just thinking about just writing deeper about the overall conflicts instead of following the episode from beginning to end. I think the series deserves a deeper look, and I’ll try to get around to doing that sometime in the future. (Every time I say that I always delay :/) Anyways, so far it has shown that it has the capability to become Anime of the Year, and I think things get even more intense in the future so it’s very possible that it may take that title.

      • Gamematio

        Entrav … give The Atomic Dwarf and Oscar.

    • Gamematio

      :’) *claps*

  • Ian Porterfield

    Just to relieve you of any undue stress, the trailer at the ending is fake. It’s revealed to be just Nadeko’s delusions, and what she was hoping for. All will end well for our heroes this season come Koi. ;)

    • Entrav

      I thought that would be the case as the story wouldn’t be able to continue, but some relief nonetheless. :)

  • Disky

    I think I kinda made a connection from this with the opening to Nadeko’s Arc. If you read the lyrics to the song, you’ll notice that it’s incredibly disturbing, yet strangely cute. I mean Nadeko is adorable, but the opening hinted that this arc would be a touch… darker. And damn did it do it’s job. This was a most enjoyable arc… or will there be one more episode?

    Seriously, these are the reasons I keep coming back to Monogatari. This is so good~ Hanekawa’s arc was great, Mayoi’s Arc was more like Shinobu Arc and kinda not good. Nadeko is one of my favorite characters, although the next arc should be Kanbaru’s arc. Kanbaru is the best IMO and I cannot wait to see how much awesome she will bring.

    • Entrav

      Ah, thanks for telling me that about the opening. I think I even skipped it as it was only in episode 10 and 12. By the way, there is a color difference in the opening in the 10th and the 12th. Pretty interesting. But yes, the song reflects Nadeko’s character extremely well, and this arc also does a fantastic job.

      Definitely looking forward to more Monogatari. There are some people who just don’t like Monogatari though for its presentation style and other factors like being too pretentious or whatever. Though, I bet if they see this season they’ll probably like it as it does go deeper than it’s ever gone in a not-so-pretentious way most of the time.

  • Ketsu

    Hearing Nadeko’s seiyuu transition from her usual sweet voice that she has used for so many characters, to what appeared to be a demented Kuroneko was amazing. Had to keep rewinding as I imagined Kyousuke getting stabbed instead of Araragi.