Monogatari Series: Second Season Episode 20 – Onimonogatari

Monogatari series hachikuji mayoi

“I bit your tongue.”
Monogatari Series: Second Season Episode 20 Review
Onimonogatari Episode 4 Review
Shinobu Time Episode 4 Review
“Shinobu Time, Part Four”
“Shinobu Taimu Sono Yon”
(しのぶタイム 其ノ肆)

Interestingly enough, while Shinobu has some involvement in this arc, the name of this arc is more than just a bit deceptive. Reaching the end of the line, after months and months of enduring the perverted Arararararagi, it’s finally for the wandering ghost of a ghost to move on.

Monogatari Series: Second Season Episode 20 Impressions

Gaen Izuko

The all-knowing molester.

Ononoki Yotsugi shivers


Senjougahara Hitagi



Araragi koyomi hair

His hair.

Huh. Interesting…


He’s got to have it all.

Oshino Shinobu


The darkness is totally perverted.

I’ve never liked Gaen’s haughty attitude, but I admit that she’s a bit more acceptable this time around without spouting her “I know everything” lines all over the place and is actually getting straight to the point. Seriously, though her character irritates me. Anyways, her demands don’t play that big of a role as Araragi says, he really doesn’t have a choice in accepting it or not. Little does he know, as we draw closer to the truth, he’ll be more and more reluctant to accept it. Indeed, the circumstances in Shinobu’s story gives plenty of subtle pieces of evidence pointing in the direction of the meaning behind the darkness that haunts Hachikuji. If oddities exist outside of destiny’s framework as discussed in episode 8, then there needs to be something to moderate these beings. The darkness is then one such moderator of the universe of oddities just like how we have laws in our universe.


Oh man, the way she just dashes for help.

Hachikuji Mayoi sad


Gaen Izuko lips

Dem lips.

Always by your side.

Ononoki Yotsugi and Izuko

Araragi koyomi shocked

How does it feel to be completely powerless for once?

Hachikuji Mayoi disappear

Hachikuji Mayoi let go



Araragi Koyomi sad




If there’s anything to like about Araragi, it’s his devotion to the people around him. It’s clear that he’d go to extreme lengths for anyone close to him. There is also his more subtle behavior of caring for the individual that he’s with that he pushes everything else aside. This is conflicting for the viewer as well because you’d expect him to care for those closest to him like his girlfriend, Senjougahara, or his family first, but in these circumstances, he is completely focused on the individual at hand. Not a single thought of another person goes by in his mind as he says he’d spend more time with Mayoi, being lost even though just a few minutes ago he was worrying over Shinobu. You can say that this is a bit thoughtless of him to switch from one person to the other, but you have to understand this huge conflict of desire in his head. He wants to keep all the happy times that he’s had with every single individual. He tries to maintain all of these relationships as best as he can, and even though he may be burdened a lot, he just loves everyone too damn much which is why it hurts so much for him to have even a single one leave. You can view it as a fault, or you can view it as a strength. Unlike the other times when he struggled to maintain everything as is, it just so happens that this time, it is inevitable. There is no way out, and he’s desperate.

Araragi Koyomi surprised Mayoi kisses Araragi

Ononoki doing work.

Monogatari Series kiss

Hachikuji Mayoi bit your tongue

“I bit your tongue.” If there’s any way to end her journey with Araragi, this would be the most suitable. It’s characteristic of her, and it utilizes those simple scenes we’ve seen many times into something emotional. And it’s not just a repetition of the phrase either as she literally bites on his tongue which is a very interesting and creative way to let a character pass away. While I don’t know the facial expression that Araragi held as Hachikuji said her final lines, I do know that he was speechless, and I’m no different. But that’s not all. Ononoki carrying Hachikuji on her shoulders is the perfect cherry on top that adds a tad bit of humor to this scene. I had a smile on my face, but I felt sadness as well. Truly, it is a wonderful scene.

Yeah… “normal.”


Sayonara, Hachikuji Mayoi.

With all that said and done, it appears that everything ended up in the best way it could have. I’m sure many people can probably relate to Araragi’s relief after he talked about it with someone else. Don’t you feel a void kind of like an emptiness inside of you when you finish watching a great show that you got attached to? I’m sure he feels the same, and of course it’s hard to move on, but we can’t linger on that one moment forever because there are more things to experience, there are more people to talk to, there are more journeys to be had, and there will be experiences similar to this one. Still, a significant experience stays at the back of our minds no matter what we do or where we go. We may not remember every single part of it. We may sometimes find ourselves forgetting about it for a long period of time, but sooner or later, it’ll come rushing back once more. That’s what makes some of our experiences in our life phenomenal. Sayonara, Hachikuji Mayoi. We’ll remember that tongue biting moment.

Monogatari Series: Second Season – Onimonogatari Review

This episode was completely unexpected. At first, my natural instinct is to think that this would be Shinobu’s arc where she’s the center of the show. However, as we have now seen, the focus has completely shifted away with this episode with Mayoi becoming the centerpiece. While I have my issues with the previous episodes in this arc, this final episode is a pleasant surprise. I did not cry, but I could feel the emotions within me as the episode gradually built up to Mayoi’s final moments. The execution in this episode is just spot on. From the mysterious beginning where we don’t know exactly what’s happening, things get more and more serious for Mayoi, and through the eyes of Araragi who feels increasing amounts of tension, I was also taken in to feel a similar way. By the end, with the well placed soundtrack, I couldn’t help but feel the emotion of sadness within me. Even though it’s a character I didn’t really care about, that didn’t matter by the time I finished. Truly, this episode is an example of remarkable execution, and how essential it really is.

As for the arc as a whole, I cannot voice the same praises. I don’t find Ononoki that entertaining in comparison with someone like Senjougahara who has been missing for many, many painful months now. Well, it’s a bit unfair to compare to the almighty goddess as almost all would pale in comparison, but I found her character as bland as she acts. Yes, there are a few times where she contradicts her unwavering neutral facial expressions and says something different though it still left me wanting more. And as awesome as Shinobu can be, I’m really more of a fan of KISS-SHOT ACEROLA-ORION HEART-UNDER-BLADE so while her story about her past is interesting, it didn’t really have the depth I was looking for. Comparing it to Hanekawa’s development throughout or Nadeko’s, it really pales in comparison. I think this is mostly due to the fact that this arc focuses on the darkness so much. As a result, the character building that we usually see suffers.

Still, as lackluster as some of the episodes are in this arc, I would still recommend people to watch it if it’s just for the last episode alone. It’s an example of execution done right, and it can be used as a standard to compare other emotional scenes in future anime. Don’t get me wrong. It is not the best scene ever. Not to mention, the way they fit both Mayoi and Shinobu in this arc makes it more awkward than if they just focused on one character. It’s just an extremely solid representation of proper execution. There are no cheesy lines. The dialogue is characteristic of each character which is a huge component as that’s what makes the characters themselves, and that’s why we feel something towards them. Then, there’s the added little spice that can only be done with the author’s imagination as the possibilities are endless. In this case, it is the bite on the tongue that tops everything off beautifully. All that with the gradual build-up until the revelation and the internal struggles in the characters’ minds make this episode quite a great one. It definitely makes watching some of the other more uninteresting episodes worth it.

Hachikuji Mayoi Monogatari Wallpaper


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  • Ian Porterfield

    Well done Entrav! Well done!

    The next episode is NOT a recap! We’re diving right into Koi!

    • Entrav

      Haha, thanks!


      • George Ivascu

        Would U please review all episodes from the next arc? Was really disappointed when U decided to only review end of arcs. Please do an effort ;) I mean.. its Gahara for gods sake :( she needs full attention . Thank you

        • Entrav

          Well, as much as I’d like to, the timing makes it very, very difficult. I can probably do the first two, but I am not sure about the rest. I haven’t made any announcements yet, but I am going on vacation after the first week of December until the end of December so it’ll be very hard for me to do reviews like I am doing right now.

    • MegaAnimeFreak7

      I liked JUST for that gif XDD

  • MgMaster

    As someone who’s interest in this show has been steadily dropping ever since Hanekawa’s arc ended(yea,I’m one of those people who needs his dose of Hitagi to really enjoy the monogatari series)I was surprised at how much I liked this episode.

    Besides the good execution,it got me anticipating future episodes where we can finally see what’s up with Ougi,Of course I don’t like her(does anyone?) but I just want to know!!!Also,I wouldn’t mind seeing some of Gaen’s work,probably because I’m still feeling the absence of a pro to help deal with oddities ever since Oshino left the picture.

    But enough of that,my dose of Gahara-san is long overdue.For someone like me who hasn’t found the last 3 arcs all that great(okay I enjoyed Sengoku’s but not it’s ending as opposed to Mayoi’s where it’s final episode was it’s most interesting),this will be like a god-sent.Hopefully it won’t disappoint.

    • Entrav

      Yep, I expect Ougi’s role to be more important in the future along with Ononoki’s as they are the two new characters that have been getting quite some screen-time.

      At least they’re going straight to the next arc that way we can enjoy the final arc of the season to the fullest. Finally, we get some SENJOUGAHARA GOODNESS. God, it’s been pretty painful without her to be honest. It’s just not the same.

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    Sayonara, Hachikuji Mayoi. You’ll always be in our heart.

    This arc is not on the same level as the ones Hanekawa and Nadeko had but that doesn’t mean it’s weak. The execution of the last episode was flawless and even if the twist was a bit predictable, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a very emotional moment. And it sure was.

    Shinobu and Hachikuji’s arcs were intertwined with the supposed main heroine of one being the catalyst to set things in motion for the other. The way the focus switches from Shinobu towards Mayoi and vice-versa combined with the elegant plot twist at the end of each arc, make this one of the best Anime I’ve ever watched.

    Some episodes might feel as fillers but there are small elements that keep you watching, be it Shinobu in a yukata (HNGGG!!!) or the adventures of the Kiss-Maniac Lolicon King Araragi (3 lolis in 2 eps, he’s on fire!).

    And that leaves me thinking.. There is absolutely no way Senjougahara will leave him be after all of this. I wonder what kind of punishment she has in store for him. As for Ougi, well… she’s still a complete mistery to me…

    Anyways fantastic review man.

    • Entrav

      Senjougahara would never leave him period. She would gladly die for him if need be. IT’S THE GAHARA GODDESS AFTER ALL. But yeah, this next arc is my most anticipated one, and should be the “best” one as I believe it follows the Nadeko arc. Don’t worry, you’ll see the amazing back and forth between the sadistic SENJOUGAHARA and the masochistic Koyomin.

      Thanks a lot! :D

      • The Atomic Dwarf

        Sry I didn’t mean it as in dump him. What I meant to say was not punish him after his little loli escapade :p But hey! I guess some of his pervertedness wore off on her as well. I mean think about that steamy episode with her and Hanekawa. Can’t wait to see what she has in store for him next!

  • Ian Porterfield

    Speaking of the next art, ZE TRAILER!

    • Entrav

      IS THAT GAHARA WITH LONG HAIR?! Jesus Christ, my heart.

      • Ian Porterfield


      • Ian Porterfield

        Just finished the first episode. I have never laughed so hard this season. You’ve gotta review it man! You gotta!!!

        • Entrav

          Yeah, don’t worry. I’ll finish that in the next 24 hours.

  • Gamematio

    Heartbroken ….

  • neko

    this was kind of funny