Monogatari Series: Second Season Episode 8 – Changing fate

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Ignore what I write in this episode.
Monogatari Series: Second Season Episode 8 Review
Kabukimonogatari Episode 2 Review
“Mayoi Jiangshi, Part Two”
“Mayoi Kyonshī Sono Ni”
(まよいキョンシー 其ノ貳)

There comes a time when messing with time, fate, destiny, or whatever you want to call it is not something you should do. Well, by “there comes a time” I really just mean don’t mess with it unless you are absolutely certain of the outcome for the instance of even a little girl’s death being prevented can lead to the world’s destruction.

Monogatari Series: Second Season Episode 8 Impressions

Kiss shot acerola orion heart under blade

Fucking beautiful. Just. Beautiful.

Araragi kid


Oshino Shinobu crazy



Oh yeah you will. Don’t worry about it.

There isn’t the regular amount of random ponderings here and there akin to the previous episode. Instead, it’s more focused on the very moment and the fascination that comes with traveling back in time. To say I was excited to see a more “grown up” Shinobu would be an understatement and seeing the little Koyomi is quite a delight as well. But seeing people is nice and all, but we all know what Koyomi loves to do the most. Help others whenever he can even if it means he has to sacrifice something himself. And while they take into consideration what other things they can solve, the idea that a small change in the past could lead to a gargantuan change in the future seems to have escaped them.

Koyomi Araragi light

I like how he’s still reasonable.

Hachikuji Mayoi

In normal situations, Araragi’s yearning to save others would be mostly positive. In this situation, as it is the past, the situation is different as he has to consider not only the present, but also the future. He’s so wrapped up in the thought of saving Mayoi and who could really blame him? The very fact that the uncertainty of what will happen in the future and the unknown nature of it is not enough to offset his will to save her. Just as it may turn out to be “bad,” it may turn out to be “good.” It’s not like he could have predicted that the world would really be destroyed anyways. As for the others, saving anyone else is out of the question as mentioned in the anime due to various reasons, but a single incident is far easier than family tension that takes forever to erode.

Isn’t everything within destiny’s framework?

Oshino Shinobu cute


The idea of oddities being outside the realm of destiny is an interesting notion and is worth being touched upon in further detail. Actually, the whole ordeal with time travel is worth talking about and we’ll do so here. Now, if they really do save Mayoi in the past, then wouldn’t she not exist in the future, or rather, in the present that was the previous season? Well, that’s only if you’re looking at it in a linear world scenario and not one that has multiple timelines. For example, if they are on line A and traveled back in time on line A to change something, as soon as that change occurs, the line splits into two where an instance of them making the change and the instance of them not making the change both exist. Then, it is possible for them to have Mayoi still on line A while not having her on line B. Of course, that brings up the problem of what happens to Araragi in line A. He would have traveled back to time and actually disappeared from that world forever as he would have gone to the timeline of B.

The question is, will Araragi always make the choice to go back in time on line A and make the choice to save Mayoi? I’m not sure. Some quantum mechanics interpretations state that “microscopic phenomena are objectifiably random.” It may be possible then, that Araragi would make the choice to not go and stay on line A. Then comes the problem of repetition of the choice. If we live in the present, and lived in the past, do our past selves live in the past? We can only see the perspective of the present, but it may be possible that there are an infinite amount of us in every hour, minute, second, and nanosecond living just the way we are living except in tiny or large differences in time. Okay, I don’t even know what the fuck I wrote so just take whatever I’m saying with a giant Mt. Everest sized grain of salt. What am I talking about again?… Ugh. I’m confusing myself now. Uhh… Yeah, so, about the idea of oddities being outside the realm of destiny, I’m not exactly sure how that’s going to work out because wouldn’t saving Hachikuji for a day part of the destiny? Thus, the oddity that would possess Mayoi in line A would not exist in line B which means that it is still within the realm of destiny.

Holy crap, I probably have a million contradictions. I don’t even know why I started it, but it was pretty interesting pounding my head against the ideas of time, multiverse, and random theories that may very well be absolutely mistaken and be the laughing matter of our great great great great great great x 1000000 grandalienbabies. Right, I’m losing it now. Okay, I’m really hungry and that doesn’t work out well when you’re trying to explain what I’m do- TIME FOR SOME CUTE HANEKAWA TO SOOTH MY CONFUSED SOUL.


Araragi Koyomi


Hanekawa Tsubasa



Koyomi perverted


Araragi mother


Oshino Shinobu uniform


Mayoi Hachikuji and Koyomi


Kabukimonogatari anime



Araragi Koyomi fabulous rainbows


That must be really sad to be called perverted by an innocent little girl. You know you’re corrupt when that happens. Poor Araragi. Man, he should have gone to see Senjougahara after flipping the skirt of a little girl and finished his duties as the obsessed people-helper that he is. I can just imagine the tiny Senjougahara looking down upon this poor excuse of a perverted animal. I wonder if her sadistic side has awoken yet? Well, it definitely will if she were to see him. *SIGH. BUT WE DON’T. AND IT GETS WORSE.


Oh man, just imagine another Kiss-shot acerola… OH GAWD MY HEART.

That’s hot.


Monogatari araragi and Shinobu


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… No, I mean, not about the destruction of the world but the fact that we didn’t get to see Kiss-shot AcerolaOrion Heart-Under-Blade or something close to that. God dammit and I was so excited for that too. Anyways, I’m not too surprised by the ending as it is the fairly often used butterfly effect we’re talking about. I’m not good at math and chaos theory is far beyond me so instead of embarrassing myself, I’ll just… ANTICIPATE THE NEXT EPISODE AND EAGERLY WAIT FOR FO- Oh crap, I have to do the review section.

Monogatari Series: Second Season Episode 8 Review

Sorry for my random rambling and please don’t hang me for my idiocy. If you have anything to say about timelines, chaos theory, or whatever, you can definitely contribute. That, or a normal comment would be perfectly fine. Anyways, enough rambling. Overall, this episode is yet another set-up one that ends on yet another cliffhanger. What can I really say about this episode? It’s a fairly ordinary episode of Monogatari. Looking back, I shouldn’t have said “there isn’t the regular amount of ponderings” as I think I did the complete opposite of that. Regardless, it’s interesting to see Monogatari take this approach and trying to almost take on multiple genres at once. It helps that it’s distinctly separated into arcs instead of all mushed up into one.

I didn’t touch upon the perverted humor at all, but that was pretty entertaining to watch Araragi be… himself under these circumstances. Maybe if his mom arrested him that would have been even better. From what I’ve heard, it seems that this episode has skipped a lot of important scenes from the LN so for those interested on having the full experience, you can go read that. As a pure anime viewer, I can’t say that it’s badly done. The contemplation is there, the humor is, so is the random supernatural time travel which adds another layer of interest and seeing child versions of everyone is quite something. This season has seriously impressed me by being consistently good the whole way through and being absolutely fantastic by the end of the arc. We’ll see if they can do it again this time as it looks like the destruction of the world will be yet another predicament suitable only for the world’s most perverted vampire to handle.

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  • The Atomic Dwarf

    Ah Araragi, a true lolicon. I don’t think Senjougahara will ever be able fix his “little” condition. Unless she turns into a loli herself. Hot dang!

    Btw his reaction when 8 year old Hanekawa called him a pervert was priceless!

    • Entrav

      He’ll be a lolicon for life. It’s quite infectious so Senjougahara should be careful.

  • Ararararagi

    There is nothing that could be truly said about how time works on Monogatari, given it has oddities in it, and their existence as entities outside of time makes it even harder to distinguish. Changing Hachikuji’s fate probably set off a fulla-despair chain of events or it could have not. “Only time will tell” can be a pretty accurate phrase to conclude this thought. Anyway, this episode was merely a bridge between the introduction and the main event of this arc, but it also brings some interesting facts to the table about the series. Looking forward to the next episode.

    • Entrav

      Yep, I’m not sure how time works in Monogatari as they have never explained it and we may not even need an explanation.

  • 咒純討厭

    so much got cut!

    • Entrav

      :/ That’s what I heard too. I guess I’ll read the LN when I have the time.

  • GEODJO96

    Dat Hanekawa doe… shits kawwai

    • Entrav

      Too strong. Restraint is too difficult.

  • Ketsu

    I can’t that after I see a new episode instinctively come to read your reviews! Its become apart of my anime routine >.<!! As for the episode I loved the mini Hanekawa, just FABULOUS! She doesn't know everything but she sure knows that he is a lolicon. As for saving Hachikuji… WHAT THE HELL TRIGGERED THE DESTRUCTION OF THE WORLD!

    • Ketsu

      For whatever reason my entire comment didn’t come out :o!

      Hanekawa doesn’t know everything, but she knows Koyomi is a pervert!
      This episode really has me pumped for the next, I am so enamored how saving Hachikuji triggered the end of the world!! Only a few more days T-T. Great review as always!

      • Entrav

        Even as a child, she’s got the instincts to know that this guy is a total pervert.

        Thanks a lot for your support! :)