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Nagi no Asukara

Nagi no Asukara Episode 14 Review
Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea Episode 14 Review
“The Promised Day”
“Yakusoku no Hi”

A lustrum has passed, people have grown, and others have remained beneath the waters unchanging. As much as people want to remain the way they are, time waits for no one, and change is inevitable whether it be feelings, relationships or one’s perspective of life. But what happens between a group of people when the time that aided their moments together has become the rift that tears them apart?

Nagi no Asukara Episode 14 Impressions

Hiradaira chisaki 5 year time skip








Older women win.


Always trust in the Miuna.

Akari and Itaru


Nonononononononononono none of this drama.

She’s going to create a new shitstorm though.

Shiodome Miuna

Can’t say no to that.

Hiradaira Chisaki and Sakishima Akari are the only two people from Shioshishio who got left behind by everyone, and they are both taking this separation in their own ways. For Akari, she left her home behind to be with Miuna and Itaru. She wanted to be the woman that filled the family with as much love as Miori did. However, no matter how strong that feeling is, she cannot separate herself from the place where she was born and all others who are dear to her without feeling some form of emotional breakdown. It’s not so much that Akari is worried about the safety of Hikari and her father; it’s a combination of the uncertainty of the time of their return, not being able to see them everyday, and the feeling of guilt for not being with her family. How much will she have changed when Hikari returns as his young, unchanged self? Will he still view her as his sister all the same or will the difference in this time gap separate them? Will things be different from how they were before? Should she have done what she did? All those questions probably sprung into her mind at the realization that everyone really is hibernating for an unknown period of time and caused her to think that it wasn’t an appropriate time to have a baby be born. Nevertheless, just like how Miuna was a pivotal reason for her decision to move to the surface, Miuna once again plays a crucial part of convincing her to keep the baby. Everyone needs solace somewhere, and for Akari it is within Miuna.

Nagiasu Chisaki blushing



Can’t hate dem butts.

Shiodome Miuna sleeping face



It’s okay, Miuna. You got a chance now…
Until Manaka shows up and ruins everything for you.


Hisanuma sayu grown up


Hisanuma sayu going to city

Until Kaname comes back.

Then Hikari happens.


Good thing that didn’t happen or else Miuna would have 0 chance.

Kihara Tsumugu eating

Got to feel sorry for Tsumugu too. He can’t do anything.

Of course not, he’s got this.


Kihara Tsumugu serious

No point in seeing it with just Tsumugu?


Kihara Isamu


Tsumugu pain.

Kihara Tsumugu waving

He’s going to end up all alone isn’t he?

Nagi no Asukara chisaki


Kihara Isamu grandpa

Best gramps.

Tsumugu and Chisaki

I’m so conflicted.


Everyone taken away from you because LIFE SUCKS.

This is one of the few moments that this show made me have the “feels.” At least a bit. I don’t know why, but I usually don’t have “feels” watching this anime. Not that it’s bad but…

Nagiasu tsumugu and chisaki

He’s got this.

Commando just for you.


Hiradaira chisaki smiling

This smile won’t last long.

Then of course there is Chisaki and Tsumugu. Complicated would be an understatement to state their relationship and their state of mind after this time skip. Let’s start off with Chisaki. Unlike Akari, she did not voluntarily want to be at the surface away from Hikari and the others. She would have been fine staying at the surface with them, but the damn Sea God has torn them away from her. This, of course, is one of the worse scenarios, and she tries to endure it. With the help of Kihara Isamu, Tsumugu’s grandfather, she found her solace on the surface. It helped her cope with this unbelievable situation where none of her friends from Shioshishio stayed with her. Still, we know that she is merely trying to cope with it. Her mind still lives in the past, and Tsumugu realizes this with his statement that Chisaki “has someone else she’s liked for a long time.” But the major question is, does she really still like Hikari or is she just stuck in the past? Her feelings for him were clear before, but it’s been five years. She wanted to be with the others. She wanted to be with them if it meant hibernating or living on the surface. That is probably how she currently feels, and it wouldn’t surprise me if her longing for those times has convinced her that she still likes Hikari because she wants things to be the way they were before. However, she will probably realize when Hikari comes back that times have changed. She has changed in these five years and she can no longer be the same way she was to him before. The age gap will only separate his heart further from her’s. In fact, there is a pretty decent chance that she may not even like Hikari anymore or will at least think so after the surprise of his return wears off.

As for Tsumugu, how he truly feels is still a mystery, but one thing is for certain, he really cares about the four from Shioshishio. He loves the sea in the first place, and moreover, Chisaki is emotionally hurt from this mess so he’s made it his duty to set things straight by figuring out what is going on beneath the surface. Add on the fact that Hikari, Kaname, and Manaka are still missing and there’s plenty incentive for him to become an oceanographer. But man, if one thing stands out in this five year gap it’s just how conflicting everything is. Tsumugu is caught in the middle of everything and even if he likes Chisaki, he can’t do a thing about it because he is a nice guy. He doesn’t want to stir Chisaki’s heart even further. Then we have the whole deal with Kaname which is arguably even more despairing. Seeing the girl he loves embrace another man while he plunges deep into the sea… Who knows how he’ll act when he returns? Who knows how Chisaki will act when he returns? The thing is that, they didn’t separate happily. Before they went into hibernation, everything was a huge mess. Feelings were thrown out one after the next, and nothing was properly resolved. After five years, there’s only room for more tasty drama between all of them.

And get your heart crushed.



A guy that likes another girl.





Holy shit, Hikari gained some weight.

Miuna is a fucking prophet. She knows exactly where to go without any technical assistance.

Sakishima Hikari returns after time skip



Nagi no Asukara miuna kisses hikari



Shiodome Miuna crying




Sakishima Hikari nagi


Tomoebi hikari



Wait, it’s not over yet. Remember that Miuna is grown up now, and she’s at the age where she can really be with Hikari. As if we didn’t have enough of the love pentagon, now we have a love foaijdafisgon. But wait! It’s still not over yet. They’re only reappearing one by one. Who knows how long it’ll take for the rest of them to show up? They’ll probably come back at the worst possible times. But back to talking about Hikari, the time skip will undoubtedly hit him. It’ll hit him very hard. It’s not just the fact that Chisaki and Tsumugu have grown up. Oh no, it won’t be just that. It’ll be the fact that he’ll grow up and Manaka will not. He will think that he may not be able to be with her because he’ll grow up first. The show may use Chisaki’s growth in these five years as an example of the difference between those who wake up first and those who wake up later. He will see Chisaki differently, and he’ll be scared of how Manaka will view him. He’ll be desperate and you can bet that Miuna will be a part of all of this as well in dramatic ways. I think that Hikari will be unable to view Miuna as a woman because… Well, he just saw her as a kid before. Miuna will continuously try, and Hikari will continuously reach out to Manaka until more drama ensues and feelings are all over the place until someone else returns or a way to reach Manaka is found. Regardless, there’s a ton of potential here, and I could write more, but it’s probably wiser to wait until the next episode before speculating and analyzing any further.

Nagi no Asukara Episode 14 Review

Holy. Shit. It happened. I watched this series week to week with some of my friends, and we all thought that the setting itself was one of the best aspects of this anime. Instead of taking a normal school approach, it freshens things up and adds supernatural elements that allow this kind of time skip to happen. And yes, many of us saw it coming, and we’re glad that it did happen because otherwise it’d be a huge waste of potential with how they were building up the whole Sea God and hibernating thing. Nagi no Asukara has diverged from the typical school romance to something different. It’s now incorporating the difference of age as another theme to relationships, and it’s added in a tasteful and imaginative way as well. Heck, when has this theme been touched upon like this? They built upon the relationships between people of similar ages like any other romance show, but that’s smashed to bits now there is a huge age difference which will add another side to the romance we usually don’t see. I don’t see how anyone cannot appreciate how they executed this time skip and just how much potential this series has.

Actually, the overall execution of these past few episodes are just superb. Since Okada Mari is responsible for the series composition, I thought this was going to get melodramatic quick. To my surprise, few moments in this show are melodramatic, and most are perfectly fine. In this episode, there’s no crappy dialogue or unnecessary screaming. For example, when Chisaki is crying at the fact that she doesn’t want anyone else to be taken away from her, I felt that to be very well done because of how it was set up. Indeed, people really were taken away from her, and the person who helped her was at risk of doing the same to her. It feels natural. It feels real. Moreover, we may not know too much about Tsumugu, but through his calm demeanor, we are able to pick up small bits of how he truly feels through his actions. I find that how he doesn’t say too much adds quite a bit to his character and lets writers avoid the common pitfalls of drama-based shows. There’s really nothing major to complain about in this episode. The pacing, the characterization, the drama, and most importantly, the potential is all there. That last fact, the potential, is what startles me. This could truly become an amazing show. Really, there are just so many routes this anime could go, but it is also difficult for writers to deliver when there is so much potential and so many possibilities. I have a feeling this will either be one of my top five anime of 2014 or it’ll be one of the most disappointing anime of 2014. With how the staff is handling this show so far, I’m leaning towards the former. Nevertheless, here is where the real challenge for the staff starts, and the second half of this show is either going to make Nagi no Asukara shine as brightly as the Tomoebi or fall deep into the darkness of the sea. Oh, and DAT OPENING.

NagiAsu Anime Wallpaper

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  • Ian Porterfield

    What the hell happening here?! You’d rather show some not-too-interesting slice-of-life anime over the likes of Noragami or Nobunaga the Fool for your next review? Without your new writing style no less? I’m very confused.

    • Entrav

      With all due respect, there is far more to analyze in something like Nagi no Asukara (at least this episode) than there is in Noragami or Nobunaga the Fool. You have to look at it from my perspective. What do I even write about in those two shows? I always knew that my episodic reviews weren’t that insightful, but I try to make them so. Upon reading my older reviews, I’ve realized that I was trying to do the impossible. If shows do not have enough substance, then my analysis will be very shallow as well.

      I think I didn’t explain my comment about changing the way I do reviews properly. I don’t mean a brand new “writing style.” It’s more like a new approach to my usual episodic reviews because after reading some of my older reviews, I’m ashamed of a lot of the posts I put out. One of my goals for making this site was to provide a place for insightful discussion about anime. I don’t think I managed to do that very well at all. Granted, some others may be able to write about Noragami or Nobunaga the Fool to a great degree, but I cannot find much to write about aside from adding fluff that contributes nothing. Yes, it’s interesting to watch those shows, and I can definitely do the pictures, but I don’t want to just make those kinds of reviews anymore. I don’t want to just entertain you guys. I want to give proper analysis and make the reviews more worthwhile for readers. I want to make both my time and your time on my site more worthwhile. I think if you compare this review to most of my other ones I’ve done in the past, you can agree that while this one isn’t a superb review, it’s definitely not as shallow as most others I’ve done.

      I understand that you want the shows that you watch to be reviewed and trust me, if a show or episode pops up that I can write a decent amount about, I will do so. If there is a future episode of Noragami or Nobunaga the Fool that is worth talking about in detail, then I will try my best to. However, I do not want to churn out episode by episode of pictures and reactions with barely any analysis and some shallow critique. I will probably not end up doing all episodes of Nagi no Asukara for that reason because sometimes there’s just not that much to talk about. I honestly should have done this a lot sooner, but I was caught up in the enthusiasm I have when I watch anime.

      Sorry if you don’t like this, and I hope you understand why I am doing this. I’d argue that Nagi no Asukara is far more than just a “not-too-interesting slice-of-life anime.” One thing is for certain for this episode is that it has far more depth than something like Nobunaga the Fool for now. Maybe not later. Maybe I will review many episodes of Nobunaga the Fool, and maybe I won’t review any. It all depends on the show and whether I can write something insightful. Otherwise, what am I even here for? Anyways, a post will be coming up later addressing this change.

    • Claziranon

      Woah mate did you just call Nagi no Asukara a “not-too-interesting slice-of-life” anime? You high man? The show is really amazing. Sure it might not suit your taste, but just because you don’t like something don’t be so quick to judge and force your perspective on others.

    • Irenesharda

      Nagi no Asukara is no “simple” slice of life. I can attest to that. I’m not a fan of SoL/school drama and I only watch the ones that present themselves with a unique with a touch of deeper meaning to it. One big example of something like that is Fruits Basket, which I adore! :D
      I love action and mecha, but I would take Nagi-Asu over Nobunaga the Fool any day of the week. And while I know nothing on the source material and Noragami has potential, it’s still not up there with Nagi no Asukara. Also, if you had paid attention to the site you would know that Entrav has expressed liking Nagi-Asu before when it premiered last season. Also, isn’t it up to HIM, what he wishes to blog about?

    • some1

      Shut up. Don’t be a douche.

      • Entrav

        Alright, alright, let’s keep it civil. You won’t get your point across to him if you just call him a “douche.”

        • some1

          Ops :p

  • DreamDrop♥

    Someone is jumping the age gap. Someone is.

    Place your bets on who.

    • Entrav

      Jumping the age gap? Sorry, I don’t quite understand what you mean by that.

      • DreamDrop♥

        Some adult will end up romantically with a kid.

        • Entrav

          At this point, I don’t see Chisaki ending up with Kaname or Hikari, and I don’t see Tsumugu ending up with Manak either, but who really knows with this show?

          • Gamematio

            Wait dude I get it … HOLLY SHIT, so basically Miuna can be with Hikari because Hikari hasn’t aged so maybe they’re the same age now? Though, I think he “has” aged, just his appearance hasn’t changed … and probably the way that he feels about Miuna either … you know … he sees her as a little sister. I JUST WANT TO FUCKING SEE HIS FACE WHEN HE SEES CHISAKI AND CHISAKI SEES HIM!

          • Entrav

            Yeah, pretty much. You’ll get to see that next episode and it’ll be glorious. :)

      • DreamDrop♥

        Also, you need to mainline Golden Time immediately.

        • Entrav

          There is a good amount to discuss in that show so I’ll probably do one eventually.

  • Gamematio

    I’m extremely excited for this, this looks like it has a lot more power than the first half of the season, a lot of conflicts spawn again and now … they’re 5 year older. This is probably one of the best anime I’ve seen, I mean the beauty of it is just petrifying and the well constructed it is.

    Who with who section:
    First of all, I think Chisaki should be with the one she truly loves, though I’m not quite sure that she knows that either, everyone knows she has the feels for Hikari though, I think she’ll develop probably into liking another character like maybe Tsumugu or Kaname (Even though I’m going all out on Chisaki I think she should be the one who stays with Hikari because she loved him first, though I guess it comes out into happiness at the end). Also, gotta lend it to you, Kaname has balls. This guy confessed to a girl even though he had a 100% chance of rejection … -respects- Also, I like how Tsumugu is quite hidden a little bit now on the sentimental problems, indicating that he might have glowing feeling for Chisaki (I used glowing to tell you the he likes her “more”, though it was quite simple to know that he had some kinds of feeling for her before this) Also … Hikari … even though you love Manaka … she’s hurting you deep inside … imagine feeling a love struggle inside knowing that Manaka would probably say no, even though she thought of it, and we all the thought she was gonna say yes … I think she needs to put further thought to it but as for Hikari … do as the butterflies and let her go, I know you love her, though it hurts inside … it’s not good, though I guess we could say the same things about the love pentagon here (Just used pentagon for association … I’m really not sure if it’s accurate). Anyway looking forward to it, loved the review and loved the reactions, awesome Entrav. CHISAKI TEAM ALL THE WAY!!!

    • Entrav

      Totally, this episode is very impactful, and it’s only going to be more so from here on out. I’m just very happy that they decided to utilize the setting like this. I’ve been waiting for a show to do that.

      The major thing about this development is that we don’t know where everyone’s feelings are now. Everything is in disarray because of this time skip and you can expect feelings to be mixed up and misunderstandings to happen because of it as well. This will lead to some very, very interesting drama in the future which will hopefully differentiate this anime from the crowd of other romance anime out there. Huge potential right here.

      Thanks a lot for reading! :) Chisaki is pretty damn awesome. Heck, everyone is pretty damn awesome in this anime.

      • Gamematio

        Hehe I agree with you :D

  • Irenesharda

    I’m really glad you blogged this. When this show first aired, I wasn’t going to watch it since it appeared to be your average slice of life with moe school kids why lived by the sea. But then they revealed the PV with the fish who seemed to be swimming in midair and it caught my attention. I finally got a complete summary for the show and the very though of a modern fairy tale with “mer people” and a sea god trying to live alongside land people was very interesting and had me hooked. It was original and interesting and I’m extremely glad that I did decide to check it out. I love this series!

    As for this episode: Wow, what a return to the series!

    They DID do a time skip, but they ended up doing one that I actually liked! They clear shot right over high school and now have at least a third of the main characters as 18-20 year olds in college! Wow, that was a pretty big jump! Funny how so much growth is in only 5 years time. Chisaki and Tsumugu are now adults with burgeoning careers in oceanography and nursing. I am so happy and yet also stunned at the new maturity we now have in all the characters we saw as only kids a couple of weeks ago.

    Miuna and Sayu have grown up well, and Akari now has a little boy of her own. However, the sea is frozen over and the sea god protects his sleeping people well, not allowing anyone near the village or any of the other 14 villages we find are in hibernation as well .

    Hikari and Kaname were in hibernation as well, but I guess since they were away from the village proper they awoke earlier. We haven’t see Kaname yet, but the OP shows him coming back. Hikari awakens at the end of this episode. And for him not a moment has passed since he tried to save Manaka. However, time has gone by without him, and now his childhood friends Chisaki and Tsumugu are adults, and Miuna is now his age.

    It’s now obvious since she’s middle school age now that she really liked him, however, I’d hate that she would be the rebound girl since Hikari is obviously still in love with Manaka. However, now that they are the same age both mentally and physically because of the suspended animation, I can go along with the two of them as a future couple. Did anyone notice that Miuna when her hair is down, looks a bit like a black-haired Manaka from the back? In fact, that was my first thought when I saw her take it down was that she looks like Manaka.
    I’m wondering if she did that on purpose, like other girls in anime she sees that a guy they like likes a girl with long hair so they grow theirs long too? I especially noticed when Sayu brought it up. I can see a moment where she takes it down and Hikari mistake her from afar, which would be a pretty painful scene for them both. How is Miuna ever going to get from under Manaka’s shadow? Or does she even have a chance?
    Kaname and Sayu will also probably be an item and I’m hoping both poor Hikari and Kaname, now officially fish out of water, can find a new beginning with all the time that’s gone by and learn to love again.

    Chisaki is now too old for both Hikari and Kaname and I think despite Tsumugu’s thought that she pines for another, she will eventually turn to him. It’s was subtle before, but now it’s really obvious that Tsumugu likes Chisaki. How he looks at her, how he didn’t deny liking her when his professor asked, how he stood outside her room when she was crying, helpless to do anything. Actually, with him trying to find Hikari and the others, it’s like he took Hikari’s role in trying to do whatever he can to help the girl he loves be happy, even if it’s not with him.

    Chisaki also cares for Tsumugu, but she doesn’t show the explosive love of a teenager, but the steady love a woman who’s ready for the next stage in her life. The way she cooks for him, packs his clothes, worries over him, and the fact that they no longer use honorifics are all things that a traditional wife would do. However, there is just that last obstacle of the past that they don’t want to hurtle. Again, like when she was young, I think Chisaki doesn’t notice that these true feelings she has because she’s distracted. When she was a kid, it was her childhood crush for Hikari. Now, it the guilt and sadness of being separated from her friends, family, and people. However, the distraction can’t last forever, and she will eventually have to face the truth. The two are practically a couple already as the professor mentioned. They just don’t go by the titles of boyfriend and girlfriend.

    I really feel sorry for Chisaki’s parents who waited up for her and everything. They’ll wake up and find their little girl is now a very adult woman, who they never got to see on her first date, or first day of high school, or all those other milestones parents live for. And Chisaki’s got to be homesick for her people and family after all this time.

    This is a pretty interesting dilemma here, and a pretty mature subject matter involving everyone and their perceptions both past and present. The idea of family and the idea of friendship and coming of age.

    As for poor Manaka, I have a feeling that the girl might not show up again, or at least not as she was. That ED had some pretty heavy symbolism with the fact that we never see her face and her one white paper airplane is separated from the 6 others in the sky that represent her 4 friends and Sayu and Miuna. If she returns as the wife of the sea god, I wouldn’t be surprised. In this new world they’ve made, I can’t really see her fitting in anywhere. Maybe she’ll show up later and be the one that awakens the village and says a last farewell to her friends before returning to the sea god?

    Anyway, this was a time skip done right and I’m excited to see what happens next!

    • Entrav

      I’m not sure if Miuna tried to look like Manaka on purpose because I’m not 100% certain if she even knew Hikari likes her. I don’t really have good memory so you can correct me on that. She seems shocked when Akari mentions that fact so I thought that she wasn’t fully aware. If she was, then yes, that could have definitely been a source of inspiration for Miuna to change her appearance in an effort to appeal to Hikari.

      As for Chisaki and Tsumugu, I agree to an extent. They feel more like brothers and sisters or just good friends because Tsumugu has always maintained his distance from her. Moreover, Chisaki is still distracted by her past as you mentioned, and I don’t think they see each other as romantic partners too much. No doubt that the thought has appeared in their minds, but I just don’t think the bond between them has quite crossed that line. However, once she does realize that she is older, I have no doubts that she will Tsumugu in a different light and things may progress very quickly between them so… I suppose I see them as two people who can hit it off very well once some things are sorted.

      It’ll be surprising if Manaka never shows up again, but I don’t know if the writers want to miss the opportunity for some tasty drama especially when Okada Mari is part of this. It could be a bit melodramatic when it does happen so they may very well avoid it. I just think that if they don’t, it’d be a bit of a waste.

      Indeed, this is a very well done time skip. I’m more excited for this series than any other this week.


    Yeeaaaahhh!!! You know I’ve been looking forward to your review of this! :)
    I really enjoyed reading it. I didn’t really think about it, but it’s true that this second half is the real challenge. The show can go either way, but I believe this show will do good – and keeping bringing THEM FEELSSSS.

    I just love this anime. I don’t normally get feels for characters the way I have with show. Hikari and Kaname certainly have it very hard. With Manaka gone, and everyone else having aged we just know it’s not going to be easy for him to cope. To him everyone is different from 5 years ago and he might feel out of place. Even worse, after seeing Manaka get taken by the sea god (omg that was BRUTAL) right before the hibernation – he’ll feel even more despair with the thought that he probably/really won’t ever see her again.

    And OMG Kaname. He always just watched Chisaki silently, seemingly satisfied with just being able to spend time with her even while knowing that she was in love with Hikari. Realizing the big sleep really was coming he finally tells her how he feels. Chisaki’s surprised, but is finally realizes that she should tell Hikari. But things are still in the grey zone between Hikari and Manaka. And Kaname’s had enough of that. If it wasn’t for him calling Hikari out on his feelings, Hikari would have never properly told Manaka how he feels, Chisaki wouldn’t confess to Hikari and Manaka would never realize how she really feels about Hikari or Tsumugu.
    Yet all Kaname gets for it is angry outburst from Chisaki. And the last time he sees her, she’s hugging Tsumugu. D:
    I’m sure his feelings for Chisaki won’t change, but 5 years is a huge gap and can’t be easily ignored because everyone has changed so much. And the timing of his return will definitly make things more complicated between them: He loves her, BUT does she still love Hikari? But she still likes Kaname – as a ffdsvgf- friend.. She’s living with Tsumugu ohmygod… Does she like Tsumugu??? WHAT ABOUT TSUMUGU?!?!.
    …I expect Kaname to come back when Tsumugu finally makes a move on Chisaki or something like that (that would be dcahVCvBFVchGF)

    Even though Hikari and Kaname has it rough, I can’t say it’s not like that for the others. It’s just as hard for the characters as well.
    And Miuna GOES IN FOR DAT KISS – TWICE! TWICE! And Hikari doesn’t recognise her. And she knows he loves Manaka… who may well be dead (maybe?). Miuna and Chisaki have some hard times ahead. And Tsumugu being the nice guy, will he just quietly watch? Hopefully not. But we don’t yet know he feels about Chisaki – though I’m pretty sure there’s something there…

    I really wonder who will end up with who at the end of this. It’s been great so far and I can’t wait to see where this ride of feels go.

    • Entrav

      I can already taste the despair on every single character. These developments are going to be so very dramatic, so very entertaining, and so easy to screw up. I pretty much feel sorry for everyone. This situation is just a huge mess without any sign of clearing in the near future.

      DEM MIUNA KISSES. It didn’t even look like CPR. She didn’t even turn his body and all that. She just wanted to kiss him and I think it was very well done in that it shows her feelings in a straight-forward way. And yes, the visuals are just fantastic. P.A. Works is really doing a great job animating this show.

      Thanks for reading my review! More of them will definitely come for this anime though of course I can’t guarantee which episodes.

  • Akizaki Ranho

    I won’t lie, I wasn’t feeling this show for its first half mainly because the superior White Album 2 dominated romance anime in terms of characters you could actually relate to (I couldn’t relate to a bunch of middle-school-ers…also Golden Time was the weakest of the three romance shows that season).
    But then episode 13 happened and then the promo poster revealing some characters as grown happened and then I happened to realize that a lot of things could happen and this show just became happening in my eyes. As it so happens…nothing just wanted to sneak one more “happen” in there.
    But yeah, things have officially been shaken up.
    I think Chisaki will probably end up with Tsumugu. Kaname (when he returns) was just destined to lose. His quiet, understanding character showed resignation to that fate long before any Chisaki aging happened.
    And that just sucks.

    • Entrav

      In the first few episodes, I felt that way too, but as soon as they started using the setting, I saw a huge amount of potential in the series and stuck with it to see how it would end. I am very glad that they decided to do things the way they did.

      Ah, I can totally see that happening with Kaname. Man, that’s just… going to suck. Holy crap. BUT IT’S OKAY. YOU KNOW WHO HAS GROWN UP NOW. SHE’LL BE THERE TO COMFORT HIM.

      • WindWave

        Haha you mean Sayu right?

        • Entrav

          The soon-to-be city girl until KANAME COMES BACK AND RUINS HER DREAMS.

          • WindWave

            Kaname will go up to her and be like

  • sweN

    I agree with you, I don’t know who is going to end up with anymore because of this 5 years time skip :/ and she dared to say “only”.
    As always, opening and ending are superb ! Miuna and the other one (I forgot her name) are too cute lol.
    I really don’t know how this anime is going to end…

    • Entrav

      The opening is definitely very well done. Dat song. Dem visuals. All dat incoming despair. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

      • sweN

        Do not be so pessimistic ! I keep hoping the end will be a happy-ending.

        • Entrav

          So you’re optimistic about how this will end? Man, I think I’d advise you against that because you will get your heart torn out by the angry Sea God at this rate.

          • sweN

            I’m not that optimistic. I just don’t know how they are going to end this soanime so… Everyone loves everyone, this is actually a mess !

  • niknasr

    What a review that is!!! Actually I have dropped this show a long time ago, not because this show isn’t good but at that time my hands already full with other shows.. Wow, there is one hell of a development out there that I miss.. I will be sure to check it out once I’m free..

    Talk about development, Tokyo Ravens too have undergone development that worth mentioning and getting reviewed, I think.. The shit already getting real every second I watch the episode, And when I heard ‘something’ will happen to Natsume and Harutora in the latter episodes, I feel excited waiting for it..

    • Entrav

      Yeah, it’s gotten to the point where I can recommend people to watch the show if they haven’t already. Even if it doesn’t turn out to be great, it’s still a good show to watch for it shows how to properly utilize the setting in a story.

      As for Tokyo Ravens, shit is going down, but not too much happened this time around aside from the ending. The next episode may be worth talking about in more detail though. Not sure yet. Though serious, Bakatora and Natsume need to settle that Hokuto stuff soon or else I’m going to give a rant about it. >.>

      • niknasr

        Yeah, I will be sure to finish it.. Didn’t expect the time skip, though.. Hopefully, the ending will be a satisfying one..

        About Tokyo Ravens, if I’m not mistaken, the arc right now cover volume 6 of the light novel.. Oh, I think you will have to wait a while longer for that though.. But if I were you, I will be damn if I take this series lightly.. After all, the light novel got 7th place in the Kono Light Novel Sugoi 2014 ranking (, and I think the latest volume of the novel (vol. 7 and above) contribute to that ranking.. So, the shit will get real on this second half of the anime.. I hope it did not disappoint..

        p/s: Sorry entrav, my excitement just went through the roof again.. :)

        • MgMaster

          The way the time skip was handled was great. I too,had mixed feelings about it a while ago but I secretly wanted one done right and this was definitely it. I wanted to like Nagi more than I did so I was looking for some sort of “combo breaker” to get me more interested in it. Granted,it there was a risk of failing in doing so and maybe causing me to nearly drop it but hey,playing safe all the time won’t get you too far with some viewers(story of KyoAni’s life in 2013).

          • niknasr

            Man, I felt really stupid for dropped it halfway.. I’m glad it doesn’t have time limit though.. I will be sure to watch it.. It’s dramatime..

          • MgMaster

            Not enough drama break since White Album 2? :D Don’t worry though,it doesn’t have THAT many feels(although to some people it does),despite having more drama…a bit too much if you ask me. It’s still a good show though,even if it becomes a bit melodramatic at times,and it aproaches the romance aspect in a different way,making it harder to compare to two.

            For instance,I’ve had trouble watching Golden Time when WA2 was airing(and I still do if I think about it) since they had a similar type of romance(Kouko = Setsuna? Banri = Haruki? Linda = Kazusa?) making it impossible for me not to compare them and it goes without saying that the later did everything MUCH better. While those focus entirely on the relationships between the main characters,Nagi handles it’s romance by adding some coming-of-age and culture elements to the mix.

            I won’t say it’s as good,but that’s just a personal opinion. Some people like it more.

        • Entrav

          Wow, okay. That sounds pretty good for Tokyo Ravens. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for it until the very end.

  • Crackin355

    “Hikari gained some weight”. Are you trying to kill me here?

    But seriously, I’m so glad the time skip happened how it did. All the relationships we thought were set in stone and had figured out just got jumbled up and messed with. Now I want to see more romantic stuff to find it out again. I’m shipping Hikari and Miuna now that it’s a possibility but it won’t happen. This show is like one clusterfuck of unrequited love. And right when it slightly implied that Manaka and Hikari might just break that, bam, one of them is ‘killed off’.

    No doubt we’ll see Manaka again though. There is no way they won’t use ‘Manaka coming back’ as a way to make suffering occur once the couples seem set again.

    • Entrav


      It sure is going to be awkward between Hikari and Chisaki now. I can’t wait to see the look on their faces when the realization hits them both. MWAHAHAHAH. DESPAIRRR. TASTY DRAMA. YESSSSSSSS.

  • MgMaster

    Good to see Nagi blogged here. I didn’t know what to think about a possible time skip a few weeks ago but this one definitely worked and it was a great way to start off the 2nd-cour. To be honest,despite liking it,I wasn’t really THAT much into this one(the usual reasons…such as Okada going wild with the crying/melodrama) as much as I am now,with the recent developments.

    But like you said,it also has a chance of becoming one of the most disappointing anime of the year. It has to be very careful not to set itself up for more than it can handle(like a certain other show did in it’s 2nd half) with it’s remaining 12 episodes. It’ll probably still be a few more weeks until we can see whether a potential trainwreck is coming or not.

    • Entrav

      I’m still very worried about Okada Mari. I just hope the director can rein in her melodrama for the whole series.

  • Flaiboy

    Sigh . . .

    I’ll probably continue to watch this even though I am not a fan of the high school/romance genre. I just don’t find it interesting to watch multiple characters work through complicated multiple romantic entanglements. I thought that at the end of last year the show was already becoming mired down in the love polygon plot device and that detracted from the overall themes of community and forgiveness and acceptance.

    I find the story which centers on Akari to be the most compelling in the series, and how the shock waves of events concerning her and her family reach into both communities, the one above and the one below the surface.

    • Irenesharda

      Actually, the fact that it wasn’t “high school” romance was what attracted me in the first place. The fact that all these were preteens was unique and it also allowed it to sort of show how a child at the beginning of puberty begins to deal with seeing the opposite sex in a different light for the first time. This show of growing up isn’t done often, because as you said, high school dramas are a dime a dozen.

      And also, likewise, i’m glad the time skip jumped them up to adult age, completely bypassing that overdone teenage time period. It’s a really welcome change

      • MgMaster

        They’re a dime a dozen all right but very few are actually good :P

  • Truna

    And here I was wondering how they were going to resolve a love pentagon. Whelp, here’s the answer.

  • Psychopatito

    Geez, I hadn’t realized you were reviewing this anime too. I like it a lot although I can’t stand Manaka at all. I just keep thinking she’s totally without brains. BTW, why are several anime stories not finished? I really enjoyed Legend of the Legendary Heroes but was left hanging as it didn’t continue. I understand some come from ongoing manga, but even so, they could manage a sorta ending for the anime (Hakkenden—Eight Dogs of the East did a very good job of closing that part of the story even when indicating there was more.) Anyway, I’ll check these reviews from now on. It’s nice to hear what a friend thought of the episode.

    • Entrav


      In all seriousness, there are a lot of series like that where they don’t make any more sequels. I believe Legend of the Legendary Heroes sold really badly. Indeed, they could have closed the season off way better than what they did. Oh well, we can always hope. HOPE AND THEN BE DRIVEN INTO DESPAIR.

      • EvilNemesis

        It’s a good thing the anime ended here, I don’t think people are ready for the DESPAIR of the LN.

        • Entrav


      • MgMaster

        On that note: Darker than Black sequel or even better,prequel pls BONES >.>

        • Entrav