Nagi no Asukara Episode 15 – Change

nagi no asukara chisaki
Reflecting change.

Changing times.
Nagi no Asukara Episode 15 Review
“Protector Of The Smile”
“Egao no Mamoribito”

Nagi no Asukara Episode 15 Impressions

Kihara Tsumugu

It’s time.

Shiodome Akira

Chill out, Miuna. He’s just trying to see his uncle.

Sakishima Hikari peeking


It’ll take a while before he sees her as a woman.



I wonder if he’s irritated because what that guy said or if he’s irritated because of this situation in general?


Sakishima Hikari kancho

Taking up his role as an uncle quite well.



Sakishima Akari

Dat Engrish.

Sayama Jun and Hikari bromance


Don’t worry, Kaname is coming back. Soon.


Sakishima Hikari disturbed

That’s not usually my reaction when I get hit by a flashbang.

Cheek pinching hurts. Can they just not?


Mukaido Manaka


Nagiasu Miuna

Soon. Soon the drama will escalate… Soon MOAR KISSES SHALL BE HAD. AHAHAHAAHAHAA.


Kihara Tsumugu

Would you?

Hiradaira Chisaki changing clothes


Your wish sure came true.



Nagi no Asukara anime

Alright, that’s great and all, so are you going to have some sexy time or what?

He sure doesn’t view you that way.


Sakishima Hikari swimming


Oh, day before yesterday? God dammit, I’m not going to fix all the times I wrote “yesterday.” So uhh… yeah…

Well yeah, the Sea God is a dick.

Trust me, when you see how much Chisaki’s assets have grown, you’ll want to see more.


Kihara Tsumugu sad

What a shitty position he’s in.


NagiAsu hikari

There’s no way she’ll still like him after seeing how young he is compared to her… right?

Hikari and Chisaki after time skip

Nagi no Asukara Chisaki and Hikari time skip

There’s the chance that Hikari will like Chisaki and then things will just be even more ridiculous when Kaname returns.


Nagi no Asukara

You won’t just be crying tears of relief.


Implying that she gained weight.

Sakishima Hikari see it all




Miuna want to protect hikari's smile

You may want to protect your own smile first.


Kihara Tsumugu

Don’t tell me he’s doing the same thing Kaname did.

This episode actually reminded me of something that happened to me in the past, so I guess it’s story time! I had a very good friend in elementary school. We did plenty of things that you’d expect some kids in their early teens to do. They were silly things, but we strengthened our relationship over time doing those silly things. Eventually, he had to move away, and I got to see him again in Kumon, a place you’re better off not going as you can do better studying by yourself, many years later. I’m talking about something like seven years here. I recognized him, and I thought he recognized me, but I wasn’t too sure. I ended up playing it safe and just pretended that I didn’t know him. There wasn’t too much I could do at the time because he was engaged in a conversation with his friends. Still, I wondered what he was like now. How much did he change? How much did I change? I began to be more hesitant to talk to him as I thought these things because things simply aren’t the same between us anymore. If we both knew each other when we were adults and then we didn’t see each other for a few years, I think we would still be mostly on the same page because people don’t change as much when they are older compared to when they are younger. Eventually, we did talk to each other, but the strange thing is that, we didn’t have a friendship anymore. It was one from long ago that we were trying to dig up, but since we have grown up, we can’t really talk about the same things and the conversation became awkward. Sure enough, there is the small talk that all of us are used to, but that small talk startled me because it was no different from talking to a stranger when I was supposed to be talking to a friend. We had both changed so much, and so many years have passed that we weren’t on the same page anymore. There was just this awkwardness of attaching the past to the present when things could no longer work that way. In the end, we didn’t talk to each other much at all and we went our separate ways. Change can be strange, awkward, and quite frightening at times.

Interestingly enough, Hikari says that Chisaki hasn’t really changed, at least not on the inside. While I have my doubts, I can see some truth in that. As stated in the flashback, Chisaki is afraid of people changing. She is the type of person who clings on to the good old times. In a sense, she’s locked herself in the past so much that she still thinks the same way that she used to. Moreover, the environment around her is allowing all of this to happen. Tsumugu stands idly and doesn’t force her to move on, and it’s also important to note that Chisaki knows that someday everyone will be back. This gives her the strength to continue to cling on to the past unlike a situation where if Hikari, Kaname, and Manaka are all dead because then she wouldn’t have that kind of an excuse to hold on to her past. Actually, it would be a deterrent and I’m sure Tsumugu would help her move on if that were the case. Nevertheless, I still have my doubts about her being the same as before. Chisaki was 14 and now she’s 19. This five year gap is not the same as, say, a five year gap between 30 and 35. Those early years give rise to great change whether one realizes it or not. Just look back to those years of your life. Better yet, if you’re in your late-teens or early twenties, you can probably remember some of the ridiculous things you did and thought in your mid-teens. Just the passage of those five years should be enough to change Chisaki. Though, the main reason that Hikari says that she hasn’t changed is most likely to make her feel at ease with his sudden return. By saying that she hasn’t changed, they can at least move on from the awkward first point where they are afraid of even seeing each other.

For the moment, things are fine between Hikari and Chisaki, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the age disparity between the two slowly affect their relationship negatively. Whether it be maturity or just appearances, the more time they spend together, the more both Hikari and Chisaki will realize that Chisaki has changed. This rift will probably be the main source of conflict even when Kaname comes back. It’s also best not to exclude Miuna from the picture as she is now part of this lovegodknowshowmanygons. I haven’t really talked too much about her, but you can see from Hikari’s attitude towards her than he still views her the same way he did before the time skip. You have to realize that to Hikari, the disaster that was the Boat Ceremony was yesterday. For him, this is an incredible situation that he all has to take in at once whereas Miuna and Chisaki have had five years to sort out some of their feelings. Soon enough, Hikari will realize that Miuna has also grown up and you can expect the turmoil inside his mind to continue even further because it’s not easy to throw away the idea that Miuna was five years younger than him just a day ago. This turmoil may lead him wanting to go back to how things were before and he will more eagerly search for Manaka because she hasn’t changed yet. There is also the fear in his mind that he too will change. Of course, Miuna too will be affected by this, and you can see how this will all spiral out of control. Since all the relationships are just ticking time bombs, it’ll be very interesting to see how the writers conclude this whether it be a happy or a sad ending because each ending has its own difficulties. A happy ending will require the writers to somehow address this age gap positively perhaps in a way so they move on, but it has the problem of being unrealistic. A sad ending will require the writers to highlight this age gap tearing them apart, but it has the problem of being melodramatic. Whatever the case, It’ll be fascinating to see how this ends either way.

Nagi no Asukara Characters Wallpaper

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  • DreamDrop♥

    This and Golden Time airing on the same day gives me hypertension.

    • Entrav

      Thursdays are always pretty crazy.

      • DreamDrop♥

        You on the USS Heartbreak yet? (have you started GT?)

        • Entrav

          Yep, I follow it every week.

          • DreamDrop♥

            Where’s my write up?! :<

          • Entrav


            In all seriousness, I’ll probably do a few before the season is over.

          • MgMaster

            It kind’s of turning into a trainwreck though…and I had fairly high hopes for it too.

          • Entrav

            The pacing is really messed up too for some episodes. I have serious problems with episode 13’s pacing. It’s all over the place. I’ll have to think more about it though.


    ERUFUMUGU!!!! :D

    I’m really rooting for Miuna for some strange reason. I can’t explain it – maybe it was DEM BOLD MOVES last week.
    Really proud of Hikari. He took seeing Chisaki again really well and he’s totally pump to see it through. What’s sad is Hikari’s still not entirely sure what happened during the Ofunehiki so he’s hesitant to tell the others that Manaka sacrificed herself. He probably fears that if he does, then his relationship with Chisaki in particular will turn sour. She’s waiting for everyone to return, and learning Manaka probably won’t come back will have her thinking that she can never get out of Manaka’s shadow. But we’re not even sure if she’ll still love Hikari as in TRUE LOVE or just love him as a friend after finally seeing him again.

    Chisaki also saw what last happened to Kaname. HOW CAN SHE BE WORRYING ABOUT BEING DIFFERENT WHEN KANAME GOT DOUBLE SUCKER-PUNCHED by the pillar from the bridge and by that painful moment when he saw Chisaki and Tsumugu in a (one-sided) moment?!!!? When Kaname comes back, the last thing he’ll have seen if ChisakixTsumugu time and Chisaki obviously completely forgetting HE WAS THERE – STILL TRYING TO GET INTO THE BOAT. But he will come back, he will be well pissed, and he will fight Tsumu. (mwahaha) And Chisaki will probably feel worse – if she doesn’t already – because she’ll realize she never thought about or thought little of the boy that LOVES HER. And then SAYU WILL ENTER THE FRAY.
    I don’t hate Chisaki, but I can’t believe she just forgot about him when they rescued Tsumugu instead of helping him get on the !$$%#^$%@$% boat. She’s been too preoccupied with thoughts of Hikari mostly. And when Kaname returns, all that extra pain she hasn’t thought about will come rushing back.

    And after that episode, I’m starting to feel bad for Tsumugu… the poor guy can’t do anything but watch. And he may be getting fed up with it (slowly, but surely). Lets have some more SUAVEMUGU and ERUFUMUGU!

    This lovetangled mess will become a cholera-gon – one very bad crapstorm. NO. It’ll be a very BLOODY KANCHOSTORM.

    • Entrav

      I don’t blame Chisaki for not pulling up Kaname because first of all, it was extremely sudden and the whole event is completely unexpected. She was just embracing Tsumugu because there was no one else around, but Kaname finally came up a bit and then saw them. It’s not as if she had to choose one or the other. There wasn’t even enough time for her to stand up and try to get Kaname up anyways and she was crying with her eyes basically closed. You can’t expect her to see her surroundings that clearly in that situation.

      • MACHA

        True. Everything that could possible go wrong, went wrong really fast. Chisaki was hugging Tsumugu simply because she was worried. But it’s clear that when she got on the boat she went straight to him. Kaname obviously helped her up because he came up after she did. Of course there’s no time for her to stand up and try to help Kaname – not when she’s already in the middle of the deck by Tsumugu. That’s just impossible. However, once she got onto the boat, it doesn’t take much to look back and make sure her friend was coming. There was more than enough time for that. Kaname could’ve gotten on that boat in time if he got some help up. He froze because he saw her hugging Tsumugu. Freezing up like that cost him some valuable seconds to get onto the boat.

        “It’s not as if she had to choose one or the other”- I agree that wasn’t even in play but, it did feel like she forgot him. Logical, because she’s busy crying her eyes out. She wasn’t thinking about him period.
        I know I’m asking for a lot from someone who was panicking in the middle of a fast paced crapstorm. :p

  • Ranho

    Haha two very funny comments.
    What a sad but common story you told there,…
    Usually when you meet people from your past they want to bring up embarrassing sh** that happened to you. Jerks.
    Everyone thought Manaka was the baby of the group but that position has been stolen by one of the supposedly mature group members. Good change in character dynamic there. Smooth-mugu still bores the crabby patties out of me, though. He really is his grandpa’s grandchild.
    As for the Super Sweet Fourteen duo, Miuna and Sayu, I can’t help but see them as lambs for slaughter: “Wow we’re the same age now, let’s-u romance-u!” Uh, no, Japanese writing logic dictates that you two will come up with nothing. Owned, pwned, dismissed, over-er-er-er!
    Here’s what I think: Hikari will end up with ghost Manaka. Tsumugu with Chisaki. Tabun. Everyone else will be left with nothing. Why? Because the head writer for this show is one evil bitch, yo! For reals.
    Ano Hana, anyone?
    But seriously, those two 14 y/o girls will NOT get what they want. As for the rest of the cast, only Miss Okada knows.
    One thing I do know I’ll be sticking around to find out. (funny Golden Time seems to be picking up as well, what with Kyoko becoming more aware)

    • Entrav

      Tsumugu should be taking some action pretty soon with the way these past two episodes have been going. I’m not completely convinced that Miuna and Saya will get absolutely nothing. We simply haven’t seen enough just yet, and there’s a whole season left to go. It’s too early to make a call.

  • WindWave

    Don’t forget that in the preview to the next episode, it is revealed that Hikari will be returning to school. Which means MORE HIKARIXMIUNA YEAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!
    But this might also mean that the Minegishi kid who likes Miuna will get more involved in the
    love-whathefuckishappening-gon than what many people originally thought. This probably means that Hikari will eventually find out about Miuna’s true feelings and he will have an emotional shitstorm trying to understand his situation and whether he should move on from Manaka or try to play the waiting game and hope for Manaka’s return.

    Also, I wonder how Akari will react if she finds out (and she probably eventually will find out) about Miuna’s feelings for Hikari. Will Akari try to support Miuna or ask her to rethink her feelings since Hikari is her uncle? And from Miuna’s recent behavior, Akari will probably figure it out soon since she IS pretty observant. And how will Miuna’s father react? Damn, there’s so many issues with Miuna loving her uncle even though there isn’t any blood relation.

    Also in the preview, the show hints at Sayu’s hidden despair over the past 5 years as she is heard in the preview saying “Must be nice! The person you like woke up!”, she is most probably saying this to Miuna (since Hikari, the guy Miuna likes, woke up). This might mean that Sayu had secretly been feeling pain and sadness over the past 5 years and this might be the reason why she wanted to be a “independent woman” as she probably doesn’t want to betray her feelings for Kaname. This probably does hint that Kaname might return in the next episode or maybe the one after.

    Also, by the off chance that Smooth-mugu does confess to Chisaki, Kaname will experience ultimate despair… until Sayu comes in and gives Kaname some nice luv. oh and those Chisaki assets :)

    • Entrav

      That’s a pretty interesting point about Akari and Miuna. They are in a more awkward situation now that they’re actually related now. Not to mention how Miuna was a lot younger than Hikari. This’ll definitely be another source of conflict in the development of the relationship between Miuna and Hikari.


  • Ian Porterfield

    Entrav, please have as much fun writing subs for Nisekoi 2 as you did for the episode prior! Make it a priority!

    • Entrav

      Well, I can’t just force myself to have fun. It just doesn’t work that way, haha. I’m not even sure if I’m going to do a review of this episode. I’m just not really feeling it.

  • Drig

    Golden Time should learn from this show about execution.

    Super episode once again. And more shipping! :D